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Living in the Faroe Island destinations means that you have experienced Greenpeace in action.

In addition, it means that your opinion with regards to Greenpeace is usually not as great as it

has been, without the impact of your other countrymen. Credit rating

where credit due. Greenpeace has done a wonderful work in terms of

preserving the environment, even though their particular methods happen to be questionable and

sometimes impolite and immoral. From Greenpeaces campaigns resistant to the Faroe

Island destinations, where initial whale hunting has been the subject, we know them and their

strategies of argumentation to get detestable. Images and video-recordings were

manipulated with and information, that individuals can only chuckle at, had been feeded to the

public. The questionable methods that have been used in the campaigns against

the Faroe Island destinations however is not a standard perspective of Greenpeace and the

actions. But the keyword for Greenpeace and what is prevalent for almost every single

venture that Greenpeace will take, is that they happen to be active. Greenpeace does not

trust in bureaucracy, which is that something which we should respect. Taking on

a action for Greenpeace occasionally means that you will need to break the law or by

least fold it just a little. In UNITED STATES where that they protested against some industrial facilities

which deliberately lead their particular toxic squander to lakes nearby, Greenpeace sealed the

pipes, that the harmful waste was coming from and furtermore the activists

refused to leave. A up-to-date case in point could be Mururoa, where the French

government held a series of underground nuclear assessments and prohibited all nearby

sailing activities meanwhile. Greenpeace had no hesitation, traveled the world right to

Mururoa and stayed at there till they were forced to leave with a commando team.

Even though straight on action, seems to be their game, Greenpeace also has the

own exploration center, via where the ozone-friendly refrigerators was designed.

But direct action remains what Greenpeace stands for. One could say that within a

world where bureaucracy blooms and people usually do not seem to proper care Greenpeace is

the rebel.


Dab Hanson 875 Green Road Seattle, WA98116 USA

Greenpeace Denmark Linnsgade 25 1361 Kbenhavn T 1 Oct 1995

Dear Sirs

As being a environmentalist just like myself and having followed Greenpeaces undertakings

with curiosity and targets, I have gained respect and admirations to your

organization plus the work it is often doing pertaining to the environment.

Therefore, it is I compose to you, now that I am going to begin my own store in the

centre of Copenhagen. The brand which I possess chosen to my personal shop is usually GREEN MACHINE

The goods will certainly consist of environmental literature and environmental articles to

begin with. To mention nevertheless a few environmental articles, We am about to sell

happen to be: Clothes Limits Bags Toiletries

I believe which the shop can be quite a success and my level in business

supervision will be a trusted help to make that happen. My own financial status

is also very good and I want to spare not any expense inside the making from the GREEN EQUIPMENT

shop. Personally it would an honour and a advantage to sell Greenpeace articles in

my store and I hereby ask for the permission for this.

I believe a business package between all of us would be good for both parts

since your goal obviously is to reach as many customers as is feasible with your


I appear ahead hearing from the and to at some point do business with you in the

long term.

Yours consistently

Pat Hanson


GREENPEACE Greenpeace Denmark Linnsgade 25 1361 Kbenhavn K

Terry Hanson 875 Green Avenue Seattle, WA98116 USA 12 October 95

Thanks for your page to Greenpeace in Denmark and your interest for our


We now have rather large administration her in the country, in Copenhagen and

in rhus, and besides that we have shops in the two towns. Our goods are purchased

in these outlets and through mail buy via each of our members publication.

As you observe, we have comprehensive sale of Greenpeace-merchandises and as a

multinational affiliation we have surten obligations and restrictions. For that reason

we are sorry to inform you that you may certainly not sell Greenpeace-merchandises in the

shop, which your are planning to open in Copenhagen.

On the other side we all naturally always are interested to encourage the sale of

ecological articles, though this gives our own shops increased competition.

Therefore we would like to assist you getting started with your shop by sharing

each of our experience with you. Greenpeace will know to aggressive marketing

campaigns, and we could perhaps help you in this area. We all therefore request you to

contact Henrik Green, which is the leader of the marketing section.

We hope that you might succeed in creating a shop in Copenhagen.

Your own faithfully Greenpeace Denmark

Philip Smith

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