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Hip hop


Officer, I have to see you layin in a coffin, sir, in the

Chronic and F the police, from And. W. A., are handful of lyrics from your

music genre gangsta rap.

This type of music is being sold to young

children without any thought of matter. When a large number of children listen to this kind

of music they presume that was being said inside the songs is definitely not wrong or resistant to the

law. The lyrics to these songs in many tunes contain chaotic and precise lyrics that usually

talk about killing someone along with sounds of gunshots in the background. It

is also music that identifies women since bitches, whores

and sex-dispensing hos(Saunders B29).

Gangsta rap features

been criticized and discussed over because of its graphic intimate content, chaotic imagery

and misogyny. When ever rappers were asked for what reason they label women as bitches and hos

their replies were similar. Snoop says, that it must be just for

the ladies who are just like that and in the event that youre an actual women, they are classy and

elegant. That song lyric wouldnt always affect you.

Youd just groove to

the music (Farley 78). Richard Shaw, Bushwick Expenses, says: My spouse and i call

females bitches and hos since all the women Ive fulfilled since Ive been away here

will be bitches and hos. When asked, at the National Association of Dark

Journalists meeting, what he calls his mother he says, I phone her awoman, but Im or her not fing my mother. If I was fing you, youd certainly be a


He then apologized for what this individual said to the reporter. (Raspberry

A21) If you dont give a f in regards to a bitch/ After that youre moving with the

line, are words of the tune from Oral. If everybody were to believe like this

what respect would women have got. Some claim, if we dont have respect intended for our

women, why should other people? (Raspberry A21).

Do these young kids think

that they own women and can take care of them in whatever way they want to. If it is the way

some people think, that the own women and can dis respect all of them then what

footsteps are the children going to follow in. Young children and adults, 16, 15

and 16 years old, who listen closely and remember these hiphop songs feel that it is

suitable behavior. Gangsta rap is usually hardly the only source of

violence, but it is a potent 1.

Not simply is the music violent but the rappers

lifestyle is also. Many rappers possess rap sheets and young people see that and

say, whats up, their rich and money talks. Today most teenagers think

that if a person is wealthy and popular they can go away with anything at all. Not all

rappers have run-ins with the law, but the ones which in turn are very well well-known.

Tupac Shakur, who just lately was murdered this year, has already established many run-ins with the

legislation. Shakur was arrested to get aggravated attack, charged with shooting two off

duty police officers in Atlanta in 1993, but the charges had been later decreased. He

was accused of beating a limousine rider in Oregon and found guilty of

threatening a fellow artist with a football bat in Michigan. Having been also found

doing sexual maltreatment in 1994 and was serving time up to 4 years in

penitentiary (Sims E3).

In a few raps he glamorized the life of a crapule and fun

gunplay. He lived the life span tattooed on his stomach, Thug Life, and

died executing it. Gangsta Hip hop has fascinated a high-quality of foes and

nobody may at any time know who also really wiped out Tupak. The police are still unsure of

who shot and killed Tupak, but they think that it may have been linked to Death

Row Records ties with rival bande.

You will discover no witnesses who can identify the

new driver or present shooter in the The cadillac that opened up next to Tupak and driver

Marion Knight. Calvin Broadus, better known as Spy Doggy Dogg, was imprisoned in

1993 on murder-conspiracy charges. This individual pleaded simple and was acquitted. He

also has a police data file that Hawkins 3 identifies him as a member of Extended Beach

Outrageous Crips, a notorious road gang (Cheevers A1).

He was the drug seller

and end user. His music also glorifies violence and demeans females. Andre Fresh

a. k.

a. Dr . Dre, offered five weeks in a midway house in 1993 to get violating his

probation to get breaking another rap suppliers jaw in 1992. Having been also found guilty

of reaching a New Orleans police officer in a hotel brawl and of slamming a TELEVISION SET

talk-show sponsor into a wall at a Hollywood team

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