For what reason did the english detrimental war

The English civil war shattered out in 1642 between King Charles 2 and legislative house. In the pursuing essay Let me state many of the most important factors of how the conflict broke away. In my bottom line I will several up what actually the main component was that shattered out battle between the Full and legislative house. There were significant political views between king and parliament. Charles wanted to do whatever he wanted as they thought that was what the ruler could carry out.

He brought in unnecessary taxes into Britain, such as deliver tax which wasn’t required because the region was not within a war with another region.

The sailors did not just like ship tax because it supposed they had to pay money that didn’t need to be paid that might be spent on the king’s luxurious luxurious life-style. Parliament however wanted to include as much electricity as possible and wanted to overthrow Charles. Parliament introduced the Grand Remonstrance which was a document in spite of this all of the mistakes that Charles had done.

They also introduced the 19 propositions.

They got power from Charles, and so Charles dominated without parliament for a time period. This produced parliament and Charles furious at each different causing the nation to split into two groups. Parliament plus the king were each building up their own armies. They both equally knew that the only method to solve the challenge was to have a city war. It is because without one another the country probably would not be correct. Charles were required to face many financial concerns. He lots of arguments with parliament regarding these problems and a lot of of them had been linked to spiritual and personal issues. He needed money to deal with wars against Spain and France.

He also required to control the uprisings in Scotland and he had to pay of his individual expenses by his treat lifestyle. He was only having only a seventh from the money he requested by parliament and so he made a decision to rule without them. This lasted from 1629 to 1640. This don’t help him with his funds raising even though because he had not been being paid out at all simply by parliament at this point. One of the ways this individual tried to raise money was going to fine people. He would good poor people that had pulled down residences saying that this encouraged cowboys to move to the city.

Charles likewise introduced deliver tax that meant sailors had to pay out to ship goods in the country. Charles wasted a lot of cash on different wars which will he didn’t win and therefore he dropped men and lots of money. I think that this aspect is very important because it gave parliament a chance to see one of Charles’ weaknesses. Everyone thought that Charles was changing the country catholic. This is because hemarried Henrietta Helen who was a Catholic and French. Parliament were very strong protestants and were not pleased with Charles getting married to Henrietta.

Parliament were very concerned with wedding because it resulted in if the king and Henrietta had kids they would become Catholic meaning the country could possibly be converted into Catholicism. Although Charles was a member of the Chapel of England he enjoyed churches that had music and figurines and desired that way of worship. This was what Legislative house (the Puritans) were campaigning against leading to even more concern. Charles released the plea book in to all of the chapels in Ireland. The Scottish people were certainly not in favour of this kind of and rebelled against Charles.

Overall I think this aspect was extremely important because the complete country could have rebelled resistant to the king, going out of parliament really strong position. In conclusion I believe that the most essential aspect that pennyless out the detrimental war was Charles’ spiritual problems. He made the whole region think that he was going to turn the country Catholic and they might have been influenced by the Scottish revolt and rebelled against the california king. This would have given Charles no different decision but for surrender.


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