For or against racial profiling Essay Essay

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Create an dissertation that shows your thoughts and opinions on ethnic profiling. Commence with a arguable thesis affirmation. Then the actual guidelines to get writing an argument essay.

As you write your essay, be sure you support your opinions with reasons. ESSAY OUTLINE COME UP WITH IDEAS ARGUMENTS *In persuasion, we use the term arguments to mean factors. Which quarrels do you find most powerful?

Which area will you claim in your essay? I will believe __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________. My own 2 disputes will be (choose 2 from your table above): The best debate for the opposing area is ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________. FINDING EVIDENCE Now that you’ve got your thesis statement as well as your arguments organized, you need to discover evidence to support those quarrels.

EVIDENCE CONSIST OF: Personal activities or observations Go through the articles in the racial profiling packet make an arrow next to any evidence you may plan to use for your two main fights and your disagreement for the opposing area. Write the range of the body section (1, two, 3) up coming the evidence you intend to use in the essay. TWO SAMPLE MLA IN-TEXT CITATIONS 1 . Expose the source and author In If You Pitch This, They Will Eat Davis Barboza argues, Television, of course , remains the most effective medium for selling to children (39). installment payments on your Put whole citation after the quote (author and site number) The article says, Television, of course , is still the most strong medium to get selling to children (Barboza 39). Never ever create (pg.

39)!! MLA MAGAZINE CITATION A works mentioned page usually puts the sources in alphabetical purchase by the author’s last name and is also double-spaced. ETHNIC PROFILING DISSERTATION: BODY SECTION 1 FORMAT TOPIC SENTENCE IN YOUR ESSAY EVIDENCE/QUOTE you with source (article title and author) COMMENTARY (Why is this facts important? How can it correspond with the thesis? ) EVIDENCE/QUOTE 2 with source (article title and author) COMMENTARY (Why is this evidence crucial? How does that relate to the thesis? ) TRANSITION/ CONCLUDING SENTENCE RACIAL PROFILING ESSAY: BODY SECTION 2 OUTLINE TOPIC PHRASE EVIDENCE/QUOTE one particular with supply (article title and author) COMMENTARY (Why is this proof important?

How exactly does it connect with the thesis? ) EVIDENCE/QUOTE 2 with source (article title and author) COMMENTS (Why is this evidence crucial? How does this relate to the thesis? ) TRANSITION/ SHUTTING SENTENCE BODY SYSTEM PARAGRAPH three or more COUNTERARGUMENT AND REFUTATION The subject sentence pertaining to body passage 3 is definitely the opposing side’s argument and will include one particular piece of evidence to support their claim (the opposite of your thesis). For your two refutations you will explain why the opposing area is incorrect.


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