Finding the Leader in You Essay

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A conference was held on the Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno upon October twenty-two, 2008 with an objective training the audience where to find the leader in them. I should note that this was the the majority of informative and enlightening seminar that I include ever went to. Stephanie Brown, the 1st speaker from the conference, is definitely the director of the Nursing Department of California university of fresno.

Robinson began her spiel by providing a few statistical info regarding numerous topics which include how medicine errors take a cost on the hospital’s financial resources in terms of lawsuits, restoration fees, and also other expenses which have been associated with these errors. However, these problems have induced hospitals to lose large amounts involving, and, to make sure that they regain these types of losses, they started to consider every measure necessary to lessen those costs and add that to their earnings. The actions that Robinson described included effective scheduling of the staff, preventive measures intended for medical problems, as well as a good, effective, and standardized affected person charting.

Being a leader, is it doesn’t nurse’s responsibility to make sure that they will chart just about every procedure done to and advice about the patient. This will protect them against any legal responsibility issue that may arise, and to help them have a better planning documentation simultaneously. Another way of reducing medication problems can be an idea that some of the nurse leaders have come up with, which include e-charting and medication dispensing devices with code readers and bar code technology.

This would require nursing staff to double check their orders and the prescription drugs before giving it to the sufferers. All those statistical data that had been presented indicated that all the mistakes committed had been preventative, and in addition they could considerably be decreased if correct safety measures had been taken. According to the speaker, education is the most important adding factor in order to avoid these extra high costs. Because she was saying, we all have been living in an electronic world where we have use of many solutions, yet the busy schedules and everyday problems may not let us study or go to any gatherings.

Here, the speaker employed a very interesting example indicating that we work with places just like airports, shopping malls, and even gasoline stations to provide health-related and other health-related information to the people, but we refuse to take the time and provide fundamental education to the own persons at their own personal work areas. As liable leaders, it is their obligation to provide regular education for their staff. Fortunately they are required to take notice of the activities with their staff at all times.

Again because the statistics present, the large number of avoidable medical conditions such as content operative attacks, medication mistakes, and other issues happens in hospitals configurations, and unfortunately these generate hospitals appearance very unsafely and defeats their prime purpose, which is to heal and provide medical care. We could use technology to provide education to our healthcare professionals, as well as to make them prevent these kinds of errors simply by developing better, more standard, simple to use medical equipments, electronic digital order entry and charting, wireless and bar-coding systems, and other quite a few ways.

Again, she emphasized on the need for having registered nurse leaders to supply constant, up-to-date education to help nurses preventing future medical errors. The other speaker was Pilar De La Cruz-Reyes and she basically continued where the last audio left away by saying that just like any other place, nurses’ range of practice will be governed by the medical center and the plank of registered nurses. The board describes registered nurses’ role because giving reliant and impartial care such as providing safety, comfort, personal hygiene and protection to assist patients go through their daily activity. By doing this, we would be able to know any normal and abnormal results and employ our reasoning to query anything that seems to be abnormal.

After attending this conference and having the probability to hear the actual speakers had to say, I learned that becoming a nurse innovator is a very important task in terms of providing the very best care to patients, as well as the best education to the personnel. I as well learned that as being a nurse quickly makes me a leader which realization makes me experience obligated and responsible to everything that I really do as a health professional. Lastly, We learned that like a patient counsel should always be my personal priority.

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