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Genre theory presents a useful ways of classifying motion pictures according for their tropes and conventions. Although films created purposely to adjust to into a particular genre could be criticized internet marketing overly commercial, genre theory does expose how American audiences carry out react positively towards familiar themes, actors, directorial designs, plots, and imagery (Movie Genres). Furthermore, genres uncover the power of archetypes in storytelling. Even when a film does not fit neatly inside one and only 1 genre, or perhaps when a film straddles a large number of genres at once, the plot and characterization may nonetheless reveal familiar themes. Dream can be considered a universal genre in that almost all cultures have got a collective body of myths and storytelling about superhuman or otherworldly animals. Therefore , dream films are about a lot more than escapism. Fantasy is actually a genre that provides filmmakers and audiences as well a great level of flexibility regarding symbols and motifs. People are free to interpret a fantasy film and its protagonists motives liberally. However , the cornerstone of the fantasy genre is circumstances that break the limitations of the real world, (Movie Genres, s. 12). In The Wizard of Oz, the constraints of the real-world are split up after a typical farm woman named Dorothy is bumped unconscious after having a tornado. The directors make profit on the fresh Technicolor technology, using color film to render the fantasy/dream series and grayscale white intended for the Kansas sections. Ironically, Dorothys fantasy world is definitely realer plus more vivid than her actual life. The Sorcerer of Oz therefore epitomizes the way the imagination genre shows how the creative imagination is the best way of solving actual problems.

One of many tropes from the fantasy genre is that the alternative reality portrayed in the film either permits the protagonist to solve real world problems or perhaps temporarily just forget about those problems. As such, the audience vicariously solves personal psychological problems or confronts creative methods to broader socio-political problems through interacting with the protagonist and the fantasy universe. Fantasy allows one to gain insights into social problems and disputes and to assess the prominent socio-political problems and downturn of the modern-day moment, (Kellner, 2016, g. 1). In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy does fix an immediate trouble: the nuisance of a mean member of the city whose your life consists simply in meddling in other lenders affairs. The woman finds Dorothys unfortunate dog Toto to be a difficulty and instead of resolving the matter kindly with a preadolescent young lady, she goes on the unpleasant and tries to use her power to get rid of an blameless creature. Dorothy, old enough to learn the difference between genuine ethical conduct and the senseless meaningful framework constructed by the old woman, endeavors first to hightail it, and your woman fails. Since she does try to run away, an work of Gyrius tornadotransports the protagonist into a genuine universe apart. Dorothy finds herself in Oz, and is now on a illusion quest to look for the Emerald green City. As luck would have it, after planning to escape her home, Dorothy now discovers herself ready where she wants nothing at all more

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