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Whatever kind they take, relatives relationships are a central feature of most of the lives (Wyse and Hawtin, 2000). The family is the fundamental social unity of a world.

A family is made up of members and there exists a marriage between people of a family. A family plays a very important function in the life of an person. It is that is why that it becomes very important for folks to enhance great relations with members of their family. With regards to the type of family, people in a family will be related both by blood or matrimony.

One thing that cannot be questioned however is the fact that although family members will be related relatives relations at times can be challenging as people of a family members attempt to get along with each other. This paper takes an specific look at the changing nature of family existence and the functions and responsibilities of people in the family. Since already mentioned though a family consists of people who are close sometimes handling relationships in a family may be challenging.

The saying that it takes two to tango’ is very relevant in a family relationship. Just one individual will not have charge of family relationship solely. Family member plays a role either in building or doing damage to family relationships. Many a times family experience inner wrangles extremely caused by diverse interests by members.

During such occasions the best way frontward is to attempt to understand one other and change is key to ensure that this kind of wrangles will be solved. Sometimes family members try to change other folks so that they can go along. But this is not always easy and when you realize that you cannot change the personality of another family member then it is actually best to appreciate them. Another alterative is always to change and adjust your self in a manner that will allow you to get along with different members of the family (Pryor, 2001).

Relatives life is dynamic. This means that it keeps changing with time and the kind of transform that takes place are dependent upon the circumstances that surround a person family member because years pass by. For instance the partnership that a person has with his or her parents whilst growing up is different then one increases older.

Through the adolescent stage there are many changes that come about both emotional and physical. It is during the adolescent era for instance which a person starts to appreciate even more those away from family in particular those of the opposite sex. This is one factor that contributes to the dynaminism in character of relatives relationships. Eventually a person finds they are spending more time away from home than they accustomed to. Relationships with one’s parents become more challenging as one grows and turns into more impartial than before.

It is during this time that when a young person is asked something which they consider personal they get irritated and so they feel that the fogeys are intruding on their privacy. The various other factor that changes relatives relationships as children expand is that at some stage during growth especially during teenage life children discover some things that they didn’t find out previously specifically matters linked to sexuality plus they are not as secure to discuss using their parents because they would with their peers. Thus they choose spending a lot of their period with their peers discussing the new discoveries and thus the close relationship using their parents can be gradually and slowly worn away (Wyse and Hawtin, 2000).

The targets that father and mother have on the children because they grow up also bring about dynamism in family relationships. Although parents will always possess good is going to on their kids they may unconsciously put unnecessary pressure simply by demanding that they can must react in a specific manner or that they need to conduct issues in a particular manner which can be opposed to what they (children) would wish. A young person might more often than not are likely to disagree which includes of the beliefs, practices and also the general method of doing items by their father and mother.

This mainly happens due to generational gap. This usually contributes to conflicts and changes the size of the friends and family life. For the patients parents and children to have great and successful relationship respect is of highest importance. As much as the children will require their parents to respect their independence and independence they must also respect their particular parents’ views and thoughts (Pryor, 2001).

Having viewed some of the factors that result in change or dynamism within the family your life let us right now shift or perhaps focus on the roes and responsibilities of members of the family. Although these two terns are used interchangeably inside the practical impression they are in fact different. The roles of your person fundamentally emanates from the dictation from the society by simply virtues of the person becoming a man, women or a child (Morrow, 1998).

For instance in many societies, the roles of any man incorporate providing for the family and supplying protection to his family members while his responsibilities a large number of include and others helping out for the difficult responsibilities around the homestead like fixing the wall or the light. For a family to exist in tranquility and to enhance their romance the tasks and required each ember of the family must be well spelt out. This helps to ensure that no member of the family feels oppresses with job around the house as the rest are left with not do. On the other hand one thing to note is usually that the responsibilities needs to be not set in type of timetable.

It truly is enough to notify members of the family their tasks and responsibilities. This gives space for overall flexibility so that family can also be able to experience the other family members carry out. In any provided family mom and dad are always in charge and it is of paramount important that children understand this. However the greatest approach in parenting since recommended by simply psychiatrists is definitely the one where parents usually do not act as dictators (Morrow, 1998). Decision making should be shared of most members of the family.

Whenever all associates re involved with decision making they feel that they are really part of the as well as it becomes easier to implement basically. In conclusion, a family group though made of people who are close can be challenging to manage. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that family members admiration each other’s views and opinions in order to relate harmoniously. Bibliography: Morrow, V (1998). Understanding Households.

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