Examination of creep by radiohead essay

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* How does the use of simile contribute to the persona’s expression of alienation? (2 marks)

The simile “just like an angel, you’re skin makes myself cry” compares the object of the persona’s wish to an angel, an ethereal being, to be able to convey how unreachable and unapproachable the lady seems to him, thus adding to his expression of furor.

* Precisely what is the effect in the repetition from the word “perfect”? (2 marks) The duplication of the term “perfect” emphasises the importance of achieving efficiency to the identity.

* Is the use of obscenity successful? Why? Really want to? (2 marks) I believe the usage of obscenity from this song works well as it provides the aggravation and anger the persona feels by not belonging as well as his jealousy towards those who perform. (“You’re and so f**ing particular, I wish I used to be special”)

5. How might you describe the tone with this song? (2 marks) The tone in this song ranges from relaxed and peaceful reflection in the verses to anger and frustration throughout the choruses.

2. How is usually contrast employed in these words of the tune? (2 marks)

The lyrics to these songs in the tunes opening have very very soft, gentle images of things such as angels and floating down “in a beautiful world. ” Contrast is then created through the use of obscenity and a change from poetic language into straight-forward speech (“What the hell am I doing in this article? “) This kind of contrast raises the impact the persona’s frustration and anger over certainly not belonging features upon guests, emphasising how strongly this individual has been psychologically affected by that. �[That contrast is much greater, incidentally, when you listen to the successione & kolacny brothers choir sing this because they’re children and their voices are extremely angelic, contributing to the perfect little angels imagery inside the lyrics]

* How is a impression of realism and verisimilitude created through these lyrics? (5 marks) The realism in this tune is accomplished through the use of obscenity and the honest tone to lines like “What on earth am I performing here? ” A sense of verisimilitude is also established through the use of slang words such as “creep” and “weirdo” which contextualise the song because describing might be seen as being a typical part of the young experience.

Realism = accomplished through obscenity, straight-talking, conversational-style (2nd person pronoun? ) Verisimilitude sama dengan Perhaps to the teen, this can be such a standard thing feeling like a “creep” and a “weirdo” because you don’t are supposed to be.

How do these types of lyrics play a role in your understanding of the Area of Analyze “Belonging”? (10 marks)

These types of lyrics reinforce my knowledge of the need to are supposed to be as a necessary aspect of being human that stems, in part, from a idea that there is an advantage in that belong; that it provides with it privileges which in turn cannot be present in isolation. In addition they highlight personally the irony in people wanting to belong in order to “be special, ” as the persona describes, when and it’s also not belonging that really makes someone stand out as an individual.

The persona in this song desires to belong using a person he uses simile to describe because an “angel, ” a symbol of perfection. The repetition of “perfect” inside the lyrics of the song emphasises the importance of achieving perfection to the identity, because it allows him to belong with this “angel. ” The persona can be even jealous of the angel for being therefore “perfect” and “special”, since conveyed through the tone of jealous anger created through obscenity in the line, “You’re so f**ing special as well as I wish I used to be special. “

The persona thinks that if he can be “perfect” like the angel then this individual too will always be special and privileged. The irony of the song is that it really is clear to the reader that it is the personality, and not the angel, who may be really exceptional. The character is “special, ” or different from precisely what is usual, because he does not are supposed to be. If he were to be “perfect” like the angel then he would be just another beautiful person “in a wonderful world. ” In other words, he would become ordinary.

To conclude, the lyrics to these songs of this music show me just how essential the requirement to belong is within humans and how this stems from a opinion that there is a privilege in belonging; it makes you special. More importantly, however , the lyrics show that, actually, it is actually through not belonging that we generate ourselves jump out as one of a kind individuals.


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