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A monologue in the play by Ben Jonson

NOTE: This monologue is usually reprinted from Every Gentleman in His Connaissance(1598).

KNOWELL: When I was young, this individual lived certainly not in the stews

Durst possess conceived a scorn, and uttered this

On a dreary head, era was expert

Against a buffoon, and a man got then

A specific reverence paid unto his years

That had non-e due on to his lifestyle. So much

The sanctity of some won for others.

Nevertheless, we all are falln: youth, from their fear

And era from that which in turn bred that, good example.

Nay, would ourselves are not the first, even parents

That performed destroy the hopes within our own children

Or they not discovered our habits in their cradles

And sucked in our sick customs using their milk.

Ere all their pearly whites be created, or they can speak

All of us make all their palates sneaky! The 1st words

We all form their tongues with are licentious jests!

Should it call slut, cry hooligan? O, in that case kiss it!

A witty child! Cannot swear? The fathers darling!

Give it two plums. Nay, rather thant shall find out

No bawdy song, the mother himself will educate it!

But this inside the infancy, the times

Of the long coat, in order to puts on the breeches

It will put off this. Ay, it can be like

If it is gone in the bone currently!

No, zero, this color goes further than the cover

Or clothing, or skin. It staining unto the liver

And heart, in some, and, rather than it should certainly not

Note that which we fathers carry out! Look the way you live!

What mistresses we keep by what price!

In our kids eyes, wherever they may take care of our products

Hear the lascivious courtships, see each of our dalliance

Flavor of the same provoking meats with us

To wreck of our declares! Nay, when ever our own

Section is fled, to prey on their the rest

We call up them in to fellowship of vice!

Trap em with all the young chambermaid, to seal off!

And educate em most bad ways to buy problem.

This is 1 path, but there are millions more

In which we ruin our own with leading all of them.

Well, My spouse and i thank Nirvana, I by no means yet was he

That travelled with my child, before 16

To show him the Venetian courtesans

Nor read the grammar of cheating I had produced

To my personal sharp young man, at twelve, repeating still

The secret, Get cash, still, Get money, youngster

No matter by what means, money will do

More, boy, than my lords letter. None have My spouse and i

Dressed snail or mushrooms curiously ahead of him

Perfumed my gravies, and taught him to generate em

Earlier still, with my gray gluttony

At all the ordinaries, and only feared

His palate should degenerate, not really his manners.

These are the trade of fathers, today, however

My own son, I really hope, hath fulfilled within my own threshold

Probably none of these home precedents, which can be strong

And swift to rape children to their precipice.

But allow the house at your home be neer so clean-

Swept, or kept lovely from dirt, nay, dust and cobwebs

If he may live in another country with his buddies

In muck and leystals, it is worth a dread

Nor is the danger of converting less

Than all that I’ve mentioned of example.

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