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Native American, Native Americans, Cultural Compression, Elder Maltreatment

Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

Substances such as sweets and darling were not found in the original diets, as well as the use of abusive substances including alcohol or perhaps other min-altering psychoactive providers with the exception of cigarette and the ‘black drink’ were not common or problematic (French, 2000).

Before the introduction of alcohol the natives been seen in as fit, athletic and lean people, whereas the people of today tend to be seen as obese and very sickly (French, 2000). Today the dietary practices and substance abuse habits of natives run rampant. Amongst Native Americans abusive drinking is considered the usual rather than the exclusion to the guideline (French, 2000). Many people are no longer known, and many residents live in a state of displacement as they are required to live on inadequate spaces that don’t come close to which represents the great land they will used to sit on.

Recently tribes have become less concerned with their particular blood degree and many classic Native Americans happen to be refusing all their genetic historical past (French, 2000). Intertribal combining is not uncommon, a habit adopted following European connection and cultural assimilation among the Native Americans (French, 2000).

Clearly the most relevant factors that contain contributed to the substance abuse issue among Native Americans include a feeling of ethnic disruption or “cultural genocide” and the great lifestyle behaviors and alterations that were followed after the British introduced themselves to the area (French, 2000). The natives diet, life-style, level of activity and even appreciation for themselves as a unique lifestyle rapidly reduced after the Europeans set foot on America, and since that time a number of problems have continuing to problem the American Indians even throughout today (French, 2000).

Alcohol abuse is not a the only problem introduced by Europeans; today as a result of the cultural genocide that has took place among the Natives, people living in these residential areas often endure higher than normal general loss of life rates, larger infant fatality and child years death rates, higher tuberculosis rates and a general poor overall degree of health no matter ones age group (French, 2000). In addition there is also a generally inaccessibility to adequate health care services and a significant lack of precautionary programs pertaining to health improvement among the inhabitants, all of which may contribute to an increased abuse of alcohol and also other addictive chemicals (French, 2000). Most residents probably content material themselves with living a great impoverished life-style and have to turn to substances to adopt their mind off of the poor quality of your life and healthy and balanced they must go through day after day.

Living in an impoverished state offers likely perpetuated the pattern of sick health that native Americans endure today. It is crucial to remember that prior to the launch of the English on American soil, the Native American people did not live a life that was marginalized; they lived a existence that was very ethnocentric and all-natural, one that promoted health and well being. The English brought with them not only bad habits and a disrespect for their culture but also amounts of liquor and other chemicals that have generated terrible habits, which may consider centuries to eliminate among the Indigenous American persons.


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