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Decision Making with Providers

The scenario facing Mike, invisalign technician, is that of lateness, which in turn attracted a reprimand from his manager. Seemingly, lateness had become a trend to Mike although reporting to work and that is why the supervisor had questioned him. He had made a promise that he would be punctual, the past time his supervisor wondered him. Mike’s promise chosen on the importance he attached to his work because he was your sole breadwinner for his wife and newborn baby. Robert was overcome by the thought that all his work would be ended in the possible reoccurrence of his habits to come to businesses while past due. He had received the peace of mind his supervisor (Grand Encolure University, d. d. ).

On this time, Mike endeavors his best to reach focus on time. Therefore , he leaves home 20 minutes just before time but unfortunately, there is an accident on his commute. Even though some time is definitely lost, this individual manages to arrive just before standard reporting period. However , after arrival, he sees a spill on the hospital ground. He is confronted by a hard decision to make, either to stop and ensure the drip is cleaned out up to avoid any feasible accidents, or ignore and proceed to time clock in for work. A stop to address the leak meant that he’d be later and chanced being terminated from job. He was even now justified to ignore the leak since it was at another workshop and could end up being cleaned by simply another person when he proceeded to clock in (Grand Gosier University, and. d. ).

Consequences of a failure to report

Mike’s failure to report the spill for the flow in the main lobby meant that he was acting out of fear of his supervisor’s menace to eliminate his task. Therefore , this individual goes forward to clock in for work while missing the leak but becoming punctual in reporting to work. Punctuality also meant that he would surface finish the pending work from the previous day and work on his day’s assignment. Using this decision, he would be assuming that someone else was taking care of the spill inside the lobby (Grand Canyon University or college n. d. ).

The result of Mike’s failure to survey the spill was a major accident involving a lady who falls into the lobby. She pennyless her hip after the fall season and seemed to be in a wide range of pain. It truly is obvious to Mike which the accident was caused by the spill that he observed and neglected after worrying that he’d be late. He learns of the location of the patient’s accident when he is sent to her place to gather several information. The sufferer appears disturbed wondering why the lady had an crash in a medical center, a place the lady considered safe. She amazing things whether the hospital had virtually any programs in position to prevent such occurrences (Grand Canyon University)

The patient innocently questions Mike without knowing that he was capable of stop the accident that very morning. Mike is responsible because he could have prevented the accident in the event that he had certainly not acted out of dread and presumption. The consequence of failing to report the leak predisposes Mike to another situation: he amazing things whether to admit to his manager what got happened in the arrival to work that morning. Yet , the entrance still had a possible consequence of his termination by work, something that he had feared a lot (Grand Canyon University, n. d. ).

Influence of Mike’s Decision on the Patient’s Safety, Risk of A lawsuit, Organization’s Top quality

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