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The act of sex trafficking has been around for quite some time and has long been a problem. This kind of industry provides harmed lots of people lives annually and yet there is still very little action made to stop it. Trafficking is described as the act of making a person to do a thing, and in this case it is pushing people to promote their body for sexual (Morrison 9). The market of love-making trafficking was originally started in 1994 besides making a preposterous amount of money, which will ranges via five to seven billion dollars each year to the owners of the slaves (7). This kind of industry is observed in many countries, which include Spain, Russian federation, India, Australia, Brazil, Us, Mexico, and many of asian Europe.

These are just some of the big countries that participate in sex trafficking of human beings, but the United Nations estimates that 127 countries are in this business and between two to four million individuals are being trafficked around the world today (7). These numbers are extremely large that this industry have been identified as the fastest growing industry on the globe (7). Of those major countries, those present in Europe are noticed as the worst with this industry (Andrijasevic 26). These countries visitors between seven hundred, 000 to at least one. 5 , 000, 000 people (Goodey 26). Anyone can be a patient of sexual intercourse trafficking, yet women and youngsters are often the types that get caught in this industry.

Generally women involving the ages of sixteen and nineteen are the main goals. The reason these types of girls would be the biggest focuses on is because they can be trying to push away from home and into greater cities or countries including France, Spain, and Germany (Andrijasevic 24). These men who own them offer to buy a visa during these countries for them and a plane ticket to get there (24). After a.. M.

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