Ekpeye People of Nigeria Essay

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It became a serious problem that the elderly indigenes of the area had to weep out for support so that their very own innocent young ones would not be taught this new way of life.

It really is true that there are many people in Nigeria that are even now holding for the moral standard of their lifestyle. But in a country where a wide range of people migrate everyday far from their tribe and culture to different people’s lifestyle for reasons like entry into bigger institutions of learning, children service, work, etc; it is imperative to consider and treat melange as a serious anomaly. The Ekpeye tribe, one of the numerous tribes in Waterways state of Nigeria is an extremely good example of the people that are right now involved in melange.

Working among the list of Ekpeye youth adults, one will quickly realize a high price of premarital sexual romance among the youths. Many of these youth adults cohabiting with one another are not unbelievers; many couples in the local church buildings are not committed, at least according to the traditional law. Most of these the younger generation came together because of premarital intimate relationships which usually resulted in undesired pregnancy.

Unfortunate enough, a number of these people are church members serving in one capacity or another; in fact , there are pastors among them. It is now the buy of the day, a common thing that goes on from one town towards the other. Majority of these youths, including Christian believers go into it with the understanding of their parents and community leaders. This can be gradually learning to be a serious temptations to many Christian youths who would like to uphold the standard of Our god for marital life and stay faithful to marriage vows. It is also standing as a barrier to evangelize all those outside the house of worship.

This study paper is targeted on this persons group while using intention of knowing all their marriage custom, how cohabitation gained gain access to into the lifestyle, the way cohabitation is applied and the effects that cohabitation has on the cohabiting family members and the cathedral. Ekpeye Group and Its Marital life Custom Ekpeye tribe is one of the local people in Waterways state. Ekpeye tribe because seen in the map is in Ahoada East and Ahoada West local government areas in Rivers point out. There are four traditional teams in Ekpeye kingdom.

They are really Akoh, Ubie, Upata and Igbuduya. almost 8 The main jobs of Ekpeye traditional world are farming, hunting and fishing.

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