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  • Published: 11.23.19
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The rapid progress the internet has turned it as one of the greatest tools of learning for many individuals in the educational environment. Also students continue to in primary and secondary education have grown to be highly influenced by the services presented over the World Wide Web. What libraries and tutorial courses used to always be for the older generation, the computer and across the internet sites have become for the younger generation. The qualities of an successful education internet site for main and second schools thus needs to be assessed. Cook & Dupras (2004) state that a great educational websites effectiveness lay in its capability to answer specific needs and goals intended for the student.

Which means that the website demands not only to always be user-friendly and easily navigable it also needs to be content-oriented. There should be a specific task intended for the website and all possible media that can fulfill this task needs to be incorporated inside the site’s style. For example , in the event the site aims to teach the essential principles of arithmetic, distinct elements could be mixed with each other to reach this kind of aim a step-by-step tutorial, examples, sample concerns, quizzes, and in many cases games.

A powerful education web page needs to inspire active learning especially if it truly is for primary and secondary schools. (Cook & Dupras, 2004) This is often done by allowing for self-assessment, novice interaction, feedback and even self-directed learning. The website itself must be made accessible, useful, and should possess templates that encourage the student to study. Colorful web pages, interactive pictures, and on a regular basis updated articles all execute the explained task.

Educational websites may be the classes of the future. As a result, more study need to be executed in order to better understand the characteristics that would enable optimum listening to advice from the sites. Reference Cook, G. A., and Dupras, M. M. (2004). A practical tips for developing effective web-based learning.

Journal of General Interior Medicine, 19(6), 698-707.

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