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Case in point: Average extended life is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. To improve your chances of a lengthy life you need to come from a family group with a history of individuals who lived to a ripe age (genetic factors).

Environmental factors; just like diseases, harmful toxins, lifestyle and social course are also important factors that influence extended life. A person who makes poor way of life choices and live in an impoverished area will decrease his/her odds of a long existence. Therefore it can be said that both nature and nurture play a role in a person living to a ripe age group. Example: Costa and McCrae (1994; 1997) have researched whether the traits that make up the five-factor style remain secure across adult life and found the general conclusion that personality traits remain secure after age 30.

If a 30 yr old woman worried excessively about whether or not her husband’s earnings was enough to make mortgage repayments, then in addition, she is likely to be worried about having preserved enough on her behalf children’s educational costs when she’s 45 and it is likely to be concerned about the adequacy of her husband’s pension plan income at 70. As Costa and McCrae suggest that personality traits remain stable through adulthood an increased degree of neuroticism, as shown by a regular and excessive level of anxiety and be concerned, is likely to persevere and find new focal points as time passes. However, there may be evidence that change are available in personality feature development over the adult life.

Allemand ou al. (2008) found that the way people differ in their personality turns into more evident with elderly age. Furthermore, other studies (Donnellan & Lucas, 2008) found that extraversion and openness reduce with grow older whereas agreeableness increases with age (Blanchard-Fields & Cavanaugh, 2011, p. 321). An example of continuity is: Infants that have satisfying psychological relationships using their parents commonly become kids with satisfying peer relationships.

And they will sooner or later become adults with gratifying relationships with others. An example of discontinuity: After spending most of adulthood trying to ensure the success of the newly released and to leave a musical legacy, older adults turn to analyzing their own lives in search of closure and a sense that what they include accomplished have been meaningful. Case in point: David Schmitt and acquaintances (2004) researched whether one’s attachment design may include a major impact on how 1 forms passionate relationships. The results revealed that 79% of the ethnical groups examined demonstrated secure romantic parts, but that North American civilizations tended to be dismissive and East Asian civilizations tended to be high on preoccupied passionate attachment.

Overall, Schmitt and colleagues concluded that although the same attachment routine holds throughout most cultures, no one routine holds across all of them. East Asian ethnicities in particular are likely to fit a pattern through which people report that other folks do not get as emotionally close as the respondent would really like, and that participants find it difficult to trust others or depend on them.

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