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I could feel a gentle nice breeze that was blowing in from the west, getting with this a mouth-watering smell of strawberry ice cream. Also with the wind emerged the wonderful smell of fresh saline air mixed with another smell that I didn’t recognise. The active busy metropolitan was surrounded by moving emerald green hills, leaders watching above me.

In the centre of the town sat a colossal thirty storey skyscraper made strictly out of glass and reinforced metal. The city confronted the never ending topaz marine: it expanded all the way up to a calm and pleasant lake which glittered over a mile away in the distance. The north area of the city was taken up by simply imposing skyscrapers and a humming city of lights and music; a huge building encrusted totally with multi-coloured gems that bathed the city in the reflecting luminosity. Located at the bottom from the skyscrapers had been dozens of magnificent and unique cafe’s and bars. The first coffee shop at the top was obviously a marble building that looked like a mausoleum, with hefty columns.

The second bar was completely different- a million lamps flashed coming from every surface. The third coffeehouse was a extended, low building with the front made entirely of glass that was patterned with hundreds of distinct patterns, and it had beanbags inside and low coffee tables. Another cabin was protected in blossoms that had grown around the walls and doorway and another amazing cabin was made of sound gold that seemed to shine in the sun rays.

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