Control of worker compensation costs case study

Supervision Control, Because of Process, Settlement Management, Worker Motivation

Excerpt from Case Study:

Then, in the case of only cause, these types of mechanisms are employed only when required, such as the recognition of unethical of unlawful behavior for an employee. The moment severe disciplinary action needs to be taken, like the dismissal of the employee, this may have to be maintained due procedure and just cause (Sison, 2010).

2) Free of charge speech and individual’s privileges

Employers may well strive to limit the cost-free speech of their staff members to be able to prevent the dispersing of any fact of perception that might damage the reputation of the entity. While this attitude might have some benefits on the business level, it would also raise several concerns with the level of people’s rights.

In this order of ideas, the business gains might materialize in the control of the knowledge which impacts employee determination as well as the image of the company (Daft, 2009). Still, it could conflict with human right if totally free speech and it would as such be illegal and dishonest. This in turn could materialize running a business shortages, just like loss of staff trust and respect. The very best solution is that of creating a office in which information circulates openly and worker input is usually valued and integrated to further improve the company (McLean, 2005).


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