Comparison of the twilight series book and movie

Unfamiliar Invasion

Videos and books are both superb sources of entertainment. They are two very different ways to present tips. Books use descriptive text message to bring words to life and create vibrant imagery. However, movies supply the visuals for the audience to bring a story to life. When a book becomes well-known it is often modified into a movie. This process can either cause negative criticism or profound praise. Many viewers and readers criticized Stephenie Meyer’s book-to-movie series Twilight. The same critics of Twilight overlooked the movie adaptation of her mature science fiction novel, The Host. Meyer’s novel The Host was extremely well adapted to the motion picture screen.

The Host is an unconventional strange invasion tale. It takes place in a cutting-edge setting on the planet where the human race has been penetrated by aliens. These aliens are comparatively non-hostile. Offered to a new planet and take residence in the local species. Every single alien possesses its own human “host” which it uses to find their way Earth and live a human lifestyle. The aliens do not change everything with the planet they will inhabit, instead they “perfect it”. Following your aliens occupy on Earth you cannot find any war, simply no hunger, and peace for all those. Even with the seemingly “good” changes brought by the extraterrestrials, it becomes very clear that humankind will not give up their world without a deal with.

The book is usually told throughout the point of view of Wanderer, a great alien “soul” who is later nicknamed “Wanda, ” The girl takes residence in Melanie Stryder’s body after Melanie is captured being portion of the human amount of resistance. Wanda is usually tasked by the Seeker to extract Melanie’s memories and reveal where the human level of resistance is hiding. To Wanda and the Seeker’s surprise, Melanie is still lively and can speak with Wanda through their distributed consciousness and sometimes take control more than her own body once again without Wanda’s permission. Melanie and Wanda fight for control of the same body system while Wanda fights with herself to pick what is morally right: disclosing the human resistance or aiding them.

A small difference between the motion picture and the publication occurs when the narrator tells the audience about Melanie’s background. Film production company does a short flashback memory of Melanie and talks about that she grew up in Louisiana with her buddy, Jamie. The flashback shows that their father committed suicide when the Searchers came to get into them. The movie explains that she has recently been on the run since then. The book, nevertheless , explains that Melanie “was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico” and “was in Los Angeles if the [invasion] started to be known to her” (28). The real reason for this difference in the book-to-movie adaptation is unclear. Will not impact the storyline later on in either the book or perhaps the movie. Inside the movie Melanie does have a slight southern feature, which could have been completely explained with her novel origin in Albuquerque and her motion picture origin in Louisiana.

The first movie image and novel imagery turmoil the audience sees is the overall look of the Seeker. In the story, the finder “wore black from chin to wrists” (24) and “her hair was dark, too” (25). In the movie, the Hunter is wearing all white colored clothing and has blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. This was an essential and smart change by the movie suppliers. The book is able to identify the Seeker’s aggression and attitude in her habits and expressions. The movie struggles to do this, therefore instead the girl with portrayed with an extreme appearance so that the audience can still get the same impression of her as they carry out in the book. Film production company producers would not make this transform unnecessarily and that helped the achievements of the transition from book to video.

The biggest difference involving the book and the movie The Host is definitely the loss of dialogue within the initial scene. The first several chapters in the novel means about 9 minutes in the film. The book is very lengthy, with 60 chapters spread over 600 pages. It is completely understandable that the video producers was required to cut out the less significant dialogue in lots of places, normally the movie might have been a long time. The dialogue happens between the Healer, the man in charge of re-planting Wanda into Melanie’s body system, and the Hunter, the woman who caught Melanie. Much of all their conversation explains Wanda’s background and information about the other planets that their strange species offers inhabited. The dialogue improves the depth with the story, but is not necessary in the movie due to movie’s beautiful visuals in this scene. The movie version shows Wanda in her natural form, just before she is include in Melanie’s physique. The images make up for the possible lack of dialogue.

There are many refined changes in the book-to-movie adaptations. It could be an extremely challenging task for a filmmaker to convert an e book into a film. Certain details have to be cut down of a film in order to meet up with time vices. The makers in the movie The Host, a movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s adult technology fiction book did a spectacular job. These people were able to maintain the main story intact when altering views to better the progression from the story. The Host can be described as must-watch movie and a must-read book.

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