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Review the way that Charlotte Bronte and Steve Steinbeck demonstrate theme of camaraderie as demonstrated by Jane Eyre and Helen Burns up in “Jane Eyre” and Lennie Small , and George Milton in “Of Mice and Men” The theme of a friendly relationship is so essential in the two “Of Rodents and Men” and “Jane Eyre” since it helps the characters to outlive emotionally. Friendships are important because they assist individuals socialise which stops these people from feeling isolated and lonely.

Another reason why friendship is important is due to the mutual trust and reliance. Dedication is also an important element of companionship. Jane Eyre is a youthful girl of ten years old, whose father and mother died once she was very fresh. No blood vessels relative was around to maintain her thus she was put into the care of her aunt, Mrs Reed.

The lady falls nasty of Mrs Reed and her kids and is quickly segregated from their company, becoming accused of ” terrible behaviour”. As punishment for this Jane is definitely sent to Lowood institute, for orphaned women. She rapidly meets her future best friend, Helen Melts away. It was made clear early on inside the novel that Jane was segregated via Mrs Reed’s children.

Among the this is when Anne hides away to read to her cousin John’s disgust. This individual becomes vicious and physically abusive to Jane, her resulting anger and refusal to be ordered around simply by John brings about Jane staying wrongfully brought to the “red room”. The next thunderstorm in this landscape resembles the mood that Jane is in. She becomes terrified of the “red room” as this room was where her uncle perished; Jane quickly passes out of the terror of this experience. Anne later admits to being lonely stating ” We stood unhappy enough…but to that particular feeling of remoteness I was accustomed”.

It is also obvious that George and Lennie are isolated from the method that they and also other ranchers continuously play solitaire. One of the many differences between the personas is that Her Eyre trips alone as opposed to George and Lennie who have are both travel around companions. Anne has a very outspoken and bold character, we learn about this on several events like when ever she stands up to Mrs Reed saying that “I am not deceitful: easily were, I ought to say We loved you; but I declare I do not love you”. Her Eyre soon joins Lowood boarding university for orphaned girls, where she views how the students are cured like automated programs where they have instructions and orders terminated at these people by professors.

The students have to costume the same, walk at the same rate and are given to sit at the same areas. Jane and Helen become friends as they are outcasts who have haven’t got anyone to socialize with. Anne notices Helen sitting in the playground when everyone else can be socialising. The girl starts up a friendship with Helen mainly because she is interested in learning Lowood and wants to find away more coming from a mature girl.

We understand this through the endless sum of questions that the girl asks Sue about her time with the school. ” Do you come along way from this level? ” ” You must wish to leave Lowood? ” ” But that teacher Miss Scatcherd, is so cruel to you personally? ” George and Lennie become companion pets, When Lennie’s aunt Albumina asked George to look after Lennie just the girl died. Right now there relationship is that of a daddy and boy.

This is obvious when we discover George lecturing Lennie above killing both a mouse button and a puppy – ” That mouse ain’t fresh Lennie besides, you’ve broke this pettin’ that “. Another example of this is the way that Lennie keeps asking George to share him as to what it would be like if they had terrain – ” Now tell how it truly is with us” Lennie says George replies saying ” Were going to get the jack together and we’re going to have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and a few pigs” Jane and Helens relationship is that of an older and younger sister. Helen goes by on guidance and phrases of intelligence to Jane while Her helps Helen to be more outspoken and less reserved.

Helen Burns and Jane Eyre know how to maintain a discussion unlike George and Lennie who have to place up with awkward silences through the entire story. As well Helen and Jane are of identical character, much different to George and Lennie who are incredibly different. I say because Lennie has the cleverness of a kid where as George is far more advanced.

Jane and Helens first conversation; “Is your book interesting? ” “I like it” “Who was Naomi Brocklehurst? ” “The woman who created the new a part of this house…” “And precisely what are the different teachers referred to as? ” “The one with red cheeks is called Miss Smith…” “Of mice and men” is defined in Salinas valley, A bunch of states. This was exactly where John Steinbeck “was given birth to and which in turn he realized all his life”. Around this time “The great depression” had started into American society. This stemmed from the Wall Street crash in 1929. A lot of the American population was required to move around the due to the shortage of work.

They were generally poor and uneducated. Charlotte Bronte first published Her Eyre under the name of “Currer Bell” in 1847. Bronte adopted this kind of name since being a article writer weren’t viewed as correct jobs for women. At the moment the publication was printed England was under “the industrial reveloution”. Children had been often delivered to work at an early age because of their parent’s lack of income.

In the two “Jane Eyre” and “Of Mice and Men” the authors put across the concept of the friendship in addition that they show their personas. Jane and Helen are seen as siblings, isolation \ them to turn into closer to one another. George and Lennie’s friendship strengthens moreover that Lennie depends on and trusts George completely. They turn to be so close that George is emaciated when Lennie’s death separates them.

Unhealthy side for the friendship is that if George did go on to lead a life that he continues to be threatening to lead without Lennie, that Lennie wouldn’t be able to survive because he is completely dependant on George. Each of the characters discuss a dream if it’s George and Lennie’s dream to get their own property or Her and Helen’s to be totally free and help to make their own decisions. John Steinbeck shocks the group in the last part in the way that Lennie dead. It was apparent that Lennie would quickly get into problems; we know that difficulties follows Lennie around because of the incidents in “weed” as well as the fight with Curley. We learn that the cause George gets rid of Lennie is to save him from getting hurt and tortured by the witch hunting mob led by Curley.

Lennie’s demise was just how he didn’t know his own power. Both characters die peacefully; Lennie dies thinking of his dream about nourishing rabbits alfalfa on his own land while Sue dies pleased because this wounderful woman has taught Anne everything the lady knows. The two Charlotte Bronte and John Steinbeck work with imagery to symbolize the friendships between personas. Examples of this is how the weather is wet, misty or dark it means the characters have got fallen away or are dealing with a bad patch. When the climate is nice and sunlit it shows the character types are getting along well and therefore are happy.

Finally I think the authors wish us to reminisce on the friendships between the characters and just how we would manage if we were in their shoes and boots.

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