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Compare many ways old age can be treated in the poems Old guy, old man and Warning. Caution is poem by the poet person Jenny Paul. This composition deals with adulthood and old age. The composition defies societys view of old age, this can be prefigured inside the title with the poem. Similarly, Old man, old fart is composition by U A Fanthorpe, this composition explores the alterations of adult life and the adjustments brought by retirement years. The theme of the poetry is quite several, Old man, old fart explores the changing romance between dad and daughter in the past and present and just how old age influences their relationship.

Contrasting for the theme of Caution which problems society look at of old age and her rebellion against societys requirement of her to settle down and lead a peaceful life. Obviously, both poems highlight the outlook of old age. Warning views old age as a time to rejoice and have fun during this time we are to gobble up samples in shops and pay attention to to spit, conflicting together with the representation of old age in old man, old man. This narrator tells us which the old man was the connoisseur of nuts great has become obdurate in his caught world.

Also the strengthen of two poems happen to be drastically different as the tone of Old man, old man is presented in two eras, previous and present, in the past the poem handles, grief as a result of failed marriage between father and daughter. Similarly, in the present the tone is quite related due to the sadness, the daughter interprets by her daddy in his reliant situation. As a result, this differs in Alert as the tone is very much rebellious as the narrator tries to state her rights in life while she is a vintage woman.

The tone of warning is also full of enjoyment at the eyesight of experiencing the freedom of old age and the loss of virtually any responsibility that enables us to get youths yet again. Jenny Paul creates this impact by causing her persona sound edgy and assertive with the use of strong forceful language such After i am older, I will The smoothness of the composition conveys the fact that old female will do since she hopes to and will also be insubordinate.

The frequent use of and as well because the childish language reflects the fact which the poet views old age like a chance to get rid of responsibility and blame any one of lifes challenges on old age. The composition deals with the lining feelings in the character that believes that whenever she is outdated she will be an contrary to the unoriginal versions of old women. She reports this by saying that she is going to learn to spit. However , Old guy, old man, a poem simply by U A Fanthorpe is exploring the changing relationship among a daughter (the narrator) and daddy.

The poem is a tale of a gentleman portrayed through his thoughts of what he was just like through his world. The poem could be broken into two meanings, firstly, it can be described in both the earlier and upcoming tense of the mans lifestyle. In the past anxious of this individual poem the man is referred to as a man of authority, universe authority and connoisseur of nut and bolts. In the past, the old guy is also termed as a man who did it himself. Where as in today’s the old man is described as weak and facile, this contrasts to his independence and turgidity, as he is currently frail and dependent.

He could be ashamed to acknowledge defeat to old age so he will keep to himself not asking for help. He is portrayed as being a man that has lost control of his independence he once had, as he became self-demoted in his nineties to washing up and now can be weak. The small things such as dropping a hammer distress him to aggravation of his old agedness. The narrator, who someone assumes is a old mans daughter, really wants to help him and let him rely on her. Nevertheless, when he is uncooperative and not willing he does not allow her in.

The ego with the old man is usually shutting out the narrator. The narrator loves the old guy and his helplessness and wants to help him. Willingly the narrator wants to walk the old man to Drury Street and find his hammer. The narrator is usually attempting to help him with little points and is willing to be unseen but end up being there pertaining to him. The man conspicuously hides his emotions and feelings away from his child. The narrator pleads to aid the old guy and reassures him she’ll only be a cloud.

Contrasting, the character of Jenny Josephs poem searching for forward to getting old the lady makes it fervid that she will be asserting her legal rights and needs as a vintage woman. The lady intends upon breaking the unoriginal outlook of old persons, she strains her level that she will be independent and a shocking outdated woman. The woman observes old age being a time for becoming free and having no responsibility, because she says that she will, go out in my house slippers in the rainwater and find the flowers in other peoples landscapes.

The poem also seems amusing besides making you want to laugh but is also is provoking the inner thoughts and feelings of the aged woman who also believes world has striped her of her style and possibility to express himself. The style of Warning and Old fart, old man comparison slightly between three tenses of the past, present and future. In Old man, old man, the words and adjectives will be conveyed through authority will be associated primarily with the guy in his earlier unlike his weaknesses which are associated with the gentleman in his present. In the past with the old man, he could be recognized as the lifelong adjuster and provides world specialist.

Phrases associated with the mans weakness located in the modern day, as right now his life is shambles amongst clues. The contrast between the past and present represent the changes the old man features undergone. Stanza three of Warning relates to the womans adulthood, now (in the present) the girl must adjust and respond in a dependable and trustworthy fashion. When compared to Warning, Old fart, old man uses irregular series length the enjambment of sentences showcases the shambles and disorder of the aged mans lifestyle enlightening someone of the older mans issues.

The strengthen in stanzas one and two of Old guy, old man have got a sad strengthen as they look at the changes in the old man and his lifestyle. The old man was an experienced in DO IT YOURSELF, he was a handyman. The tone of stanza 1 and two change into a far more pleasant tone whereas in stanza 3 and 4 as they are adoring the man of his self-reliance. Additionally , stanza nine and ten choose a more personal aspect mainly because it focuses on the daughter and her feelings with her father, since the old guy is self-employed and desires to stay impartial.

Stanza 12 completes and sums in the whole poem and times up the children feeling. In Warning, the poem includes a comical and mocking strengthen. In stanza one, the tone can be rebellious, amusing, and astonishing. The tone has a impression of excitement since the old female is expecting the future prospective client of encountering freedom of old age as well as the independence. Jenny Joseph talks about how people view put on terrible tshirts and take in thee pounds of sausages at a try a terrible lifestyle. Stanza three has a one of a kind tone, which in turn differs to stanza one and two.

It has a elderly response from your woman speaking. The theme of Warning can be described as look toward adulthood and old age. The task of defeating societys unoriginal view of old persons and rebellion to against societys expectations of outdated people. The poem is amusing and merges connaissance, bitterness and frustration. The theme portrayed from Old guy, old man will be the changes through old age among a daddy and little girl conveyed through Fanthorpes usage of oppositions.

The is also based upon the difficulty of just one trying to adapt to the benefits and results of old age and having shame to rely on someone to help you to re-enact your usual day. By simply comparing both equally poems privately, my outcome is that I actually considerably favor Warning by Jenny Frederick because this poem is very funny and does not give in to stereotypes. The composition is rebellious and does include key moments of thrilling naivety as it compare societys view of any stereotypical aged women into a personal opinion that a lot of people do not delight in being inflicted with guidelines of responsibility throughout lifestyle.

When reading Old man, old fart I figured poem was dealing more with thoughts of senior years than with the physical advantages of being old. For example Alert dealt personal opinions means be like if you are old, although Old man, old guy deals with the struggles penalized old and dependant. Old man, old man is a very heart heating poem of a man struggling to get over old age on his own but then his daughter understands this and wants to help him conquer his have difficulties but only be a cloud.

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