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“Communication is an ongoing, complex constantly changing process between two or more visitors to convey a message” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). Effective interaction in the health care field can be an essential part to delivering competent customer care. Effective communication is not only needed to relay the importance of instructions and tasks to the peers inside the treatment group, but to present respect to the coworkers and create a great working environment.

Interaction styles are important and can add or impede the process of keeping effective conversation in the workplace. This kind of paper should analyze the communication styles in 4 different conversation scenarios. Situation One You will discover two communication style found in scenario one particular. The Registered Nurse (RN) engaged in aggressive conversation whereas the assistive workers (AP) engaged in passive connection. Aggressive behavior and communication is definitely hostile in intent and is usually conveyed through discussing at people and not with individuals.

The extreme communication utilized when the RN belittled the AP with an upraised tone, and inappropriate responses such as, ” you are just the aide”, and “we don’t expect you to think, just to do what we should tell you to accomplish. ” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). In accordance to Hansten & Knutson (2009), this communication design successfully depresses ideas and feedback coming from others and creates a anxiety filled romance (p. 281). This connection style inflicts a strengthen of supremacy, statements which will direct pin the consequence on, and labeling.

These bad communications sometimes can cause each other to feel humiliated, furious and injure. The AP was experiencing feelings of anger and resentment and these feelings elicited a response of revenge in this situation. The AP in this situation has shown a passive design of communication as they feels it is necessary to keep his job.

Passive behavior is often not stunning due to that being an action of avoidance to the scenario that is shown, which the AP showed simply by quietly sitting and not giving voice his concerns. People that exhibit unaggressive behavior often have feelings of hurt, humiliation, fright, coyness, and apprehension. Because of the interaction of the RN being aggressive it has evoked a unaggressive behavior and communication style on the part of the AP. The passive communicator allows the anger and resentment to formulate which in the end leads to the passive communicator to expose these types of feelings through outlets of subtle sabotage, manipulation and punishment.

This is exactly what the AP in the scenario exhibited when he thought to begin a plan on just how he’d associated with RN spend on her remarks. This is among the a cycle of authoritarianism and roundabout aggression resulting in poor operate relationships, the compromise of client treatment in order to vengeance communications and breakdowns in communication involving the treatment group. Scenario Two The school doctor in this scenario has picked a passive non-assertive conversation style.

This is evident throughout the nurse choosing to avoid the immediate conflict of confronting the volunteer and choosing to take the work weight upon her-self. The problem is not faced which will ultimately business lead up to the complications multiplying to get the nurse because your woman physically are unable to redo just about every test performed forever, she will become bitter and angry. “A unaggressive response is founded on the fear of rejection and retaliation caused by displeasing other folks. Conflict is avoided at the price of denying one’s own emotions and needs” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). This unaggressive and avoidant behavior can result in nursing tiredness and burnout.

This can as well lead to her volunteers feeling confused and angry, pondering the nurse doesn’t value or trust their operate. This connection style although not outwardly inhospitable or aggressive due to avoidance of discord, can cause a sense of hostility which might lead to sneaky behaviors. The school nurse in this scenario has not corrected the problem by training her volunteers so the incorrect results can keep being delivered to her and she will conclude becoming nasty and irritated with her volunteers leading to a breakdown in communication and perhaps a aggressive work environment.

Circumstance Three This also included two several communication models. The director was using assertive conversation and the surgical tech was using aggressive communication. The administrator in this this scenario clearly addressed the problem by expressing what she discovered, thought, sensed and wanted from the condition.

She tackled the problem by simply approaching the surgical technology and explained her would like without belittling the tech. She was very clear also using the medical techs work description. This kind of communication design promotes a trusting relationship with other co-staffs because that they know you can address the condition with these people and not talk about the situation wrongly with other employee. This interaction is essential in healthcare since it is a vital core to powerful delegation. This kind of communication would not compromise customer care because it addresses complications and units clear expectations to fix the challenge which leads to changes.

The surgical technology in this circumstance used aggressive communication. This was evident simply by her declaration that she’d “get Rosa’s head on a platter. “(Hansten & Knutson, 2009). The objective of her claim was to control and damage her supervisor which is a attribute of aggressive communication.

Intimidating your co workers and superiors shows a lack of respect intended for the workplace and other. This can endanger the working environment which can result in a breakdown in patient care.

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