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Case Examination: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dependency on alcohol is a ailment that many individuals encounter, with many struggling in silence. There are numerous of folks diagnosed with addiction to alcohol who still find it very difficult to take their condition. Chaney Allen was one particular individuals. The lady vacillated between acceptance and denial and had become helpless to her habit. Chaney learned first hand that withdrawal by alcohol abuse has very dreadful consequences that may cause death if certainly not appropriately treated. Not only is definitely physical treatment required for many alcoholics, mental health involvement to address the psychological and emotional issues related to the addiction must be resolved if there is being real sobriety.

Background of Diagnosis

Chaney Allen is usually an African-American woman who had been born within a strict CME family; the sole daughter of your minister. The girl was one of 6 living children, with 5 additional pregnancies resulting in miscarriage. In accordance to Ms. Allen, the girl came from an increased discipline, tight moral childhood. Because of the family family code, Chaney was forced to get married to young, which did not previous. She started to engage in a lifestyle that was not reflective of her upbringing, drinking seriously and partying (Allen Mayfield, 1976). Chaney’s drinking made worse when she entered the military. Her ability to hold her alcohol was the indicate of a great soldier. It absolutely was a symbol of one’s ability in handling weapons. Chaney, the same as other troops, used liquor to deal with the traumas connected with stress via battle. Chaney was identified as having a variety of mental health disorders including alcohol dependent, alcoholic beverages intoxication, and posttraumatic tension disorder according to the DSM IV-R. Chaney was able to seek recovery and maintain her sobriety following years of intervention. She necessary decorum and dignity with regards to Smaller recovery. (Smith Schuckit, 2008). Chaney Allen has apparently been dry since late 1960s.

Current Exploration on Intellectual Behavioral Hypotheses with this kind of Diagnosis

Ptsd is a devastating and serious condition that is certainly more prevalent in populations regarded as high risk consisting of combat veterans and is amplified by dependency on alcohol (McCarthy Petrakis, 2010). Veterans, especially those that have combat knowledge, are among the high-risk groupings for producing post-traumatic stress disorder and increased alcohol use (Kilgore et approach. 2008). Research have established a top rate of co-morbidity of PTSD and alcohol work with disorders (Stewart, 1996). This higher co-morbidity rate can be indicative better rates of relapse, psychological and medical problems than are found in non-co-morbid people (Hoge, Castro Messer, 2004).

There have been many cognitive behavioral therapies designed to address the treatment needs of people with PTSD and co-morbid alcohol dependence. One of the most well researched and often used is definitely Seeking Safety; a present targeted therapy with a goal of abstinence and a reduction in PTSD symptomology (Najavits, 2002). Even though initially designed for women, men have now been able to take advantage of the intervention.

Current Research on Cognitive Behavioral Assessment Concerns and Strategies used with this Diagnosis

Craving is not just physiological but a multidimensional actions in individuals; more than just staying synonymous with tolerance, treatment and revulsion (Gifford Humphreys, 2007). Utilizing a functional model of assessment provides proven to be successful with addiction to alcohol. Functional models characterize individual and environmental interactions and provide a pragmatic method of changing patterns by way of environmental factors (Moos, 2006). Employing a functional analysis to building behavior alter reportedly straight targets the individuals actions that lead to better long-term effects and is a point of integration for interdisciplinary analysis efforts. Having focused scientific efforts upon processes of change may also be implicated in recovery in

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