Classroom Observation Reflective Summary Essay

During my category lectures and discussions in many of my personal classes, My spouse and i recall certainly one of my instructors accenting the fact that teachers need to be versatile in their schedule and need to conform to the changes that are linked to the career. After hearing this kind of, I didn’t accept this kind of fact the lady was giving me without associated the definition of, “teacher” and “flexible” together. Nevertheless, following my observations this semester in the classroom, I realize why you need to always be flexible in the teaching job.

Every class I seen this semester was different from each other. Some class’s harbored students who comprehended the material better, were ethnically diverse, special education, encouraged and lazy students. Whenever I discovered, there were particular occasions i had likely to occur and other instances that we was astounded. I found that intriguing to view how the educator responded when something in their classroom did not go as prepared and then observe them planning to not allow it to affect their particular teaching plan for the day.

After my findings, I was self-assured and avid that I want to become teacher and will also be a good one at that. As a tutor, I believe you need to set the tone in the classroom and enable them understand that you happen to be in control. The medium or perhaps atmosphere with the classroom must be accepting and eager to study. All of the classes that I discovered had superb classroom atmospheres.

By saying “great class atmospheres”, I mean that most from the students were attentive to the teacher, wanting to learn, requesting questions and this no one person in the class was disregarded from the class discussion or the learning of that particular day. Getting the “student observer”, I had been curious to view how the college students would work toward myself and deal with me in their class. Seldom, I trapped a couple gawks during instruction from spying students. In most cases, I was much embraced within their classrooms, because they frequently said questions about their school work or of me in general. I remember my initial observations, I had been very worried upon going into the classroom.

After that time I always sensed comfortable in their classroom. During my observations, I under no circumstances saw the teacher keep any learners out of the lecture that they educated to their learners that working day. I was extremely impressed to view that zero students were neglected, nevertheless instead were incorporated into the learning arrange for that working day and got to be able to ask questions of the teacher to aid further all their learning. Through my time in the classrooms with different teachers, We observed many different lessons that every teacher was teaching for the students.

Some of the lessons included daily math skills, browsing tasks, and working together for recess to rescue a dog. One of the most significant aspects of becoming a teacher has a good teacher-student interaction. All of the classes I actually observed a new good discussion between the college students and teachers. As a upcoming educator, I think my biggest challenge will probably be trying to turn into flexible with my timetable and trying to motivate every single student to learn and be lively in class.

Most of this depends on where I am teaching, if that is metropolitan, rural, or perhaps city. I’ll address these kinds of challenges simply by becoming more arranged and carrying out projects where participation can be graded and required, thus then every single student will be learning without feel ignored. My advantages include staying very determined, goal powered, hard working, learning, good people skills and encouraging others.

I will use these types of strengths towards the best of my ability while i have my own, personal class later on. I want to continue with my own teaching and learning method and obtain my personal teaching qualification in the near future. After observing this semester, We realized that I would really like to work with sixth grade college students because I do think I would react better to these people.

These observations were very interesting and allowed me to better prefer the teaching occupation.

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