Character drawing of chaucers knight essay

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Character Sketch of Chaucers Knight

Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales, written

in about 1385, can be described as collection of twenty-four stories ostensibly

told simply by various people who find themselves going on a spiritual pilgrimage to Canterbury

Cathedral from London, uk, England. Before the actual stories, however , Chaucer

offers the visitor a peek of 14th century your life by way of what he

refers to as a General Sexual act. In this début, Chaucer introduces all

in the characters who are involved in this imaginary quest and who will

tell the tales. Among the characters included in this introductory section

is a knight. Chaucer primarily refers to the knight as being a most distinguished

man (l. 43) and, indeed, his sketch of the knight is extremely complimentary.

The knight, Chaucer tells us, possessed/Fine

horses, although he was certainly not gaily attired (ll. 69-70). Indeed, the knight is

dressed in one common shirt which is stained in which his shield had kept mark

(l. 72). That may be, the dark night is just home from support (l. 73) and is

in that hurry to be on his pilgrimage that he has not also paused just before

beginning this to change his clothes.

The knight has had a very active life while

his struggling career provides taken him to a large number of places. This individual has noticed military

assistance in Egypt, Lithuania, Prussia, Russia, The country, North The african continent, and

Asia Minor where he was of great value in every eyes (l. 63). Although

he has received a very successful and active career, he can extremely very humble: Chaucer

preserves that he could be modest being a maid (l. 65). Additionally, he never

said a rude point to anyone in his whole life (cf., ll. 66-7). Plainly

the knight possesses an exceptional character.

Chaucer gives towards the knight one of the

more complementing descriptions inside the General Prologue. The knight can do

no wrong: he is a superb warrior who has fought to get the true faith-according

to Chaucer-on three regions. In the midst of this all contenton, yet

the knight remains moderate and well mannered. The dark night is the agreement of the

chivalric code: he can devout and courteous off the battlefield which is bold

and fearless on it.

In 20th century America, we would

prefer to think that we certainly have many people in our culture who are like Chaucers

dark night. During this nations altercation with Iraq 20 years ago, the concept

of the modest although effective gift captured the imagination with the country.

Certainly, the countries journalists in many ways attempted to produce General

L. Norman Schwarzkof a second option day knight. The general was performed to appear

being a fearless innovator who actually was a regular dude under the standard.

It would be wonderful to think that a person

like the knight can exist inside the twentieth century. The fact of the

matter is that it is not likely that people such as the knight been with us even

inside the fourteenth 100 years. As he does with all of his characters, Chaucer

is making a stereotype in creating the dark night. As noted above, Chaucer

in talking about the dark night, is describing a chivalric ideal. A history

of the Ancient demonstrates that the ideal seldom was described in

actual conduct. However, in his information of the knight, Chaucer

shows the reader associated with the chivalric way of life.

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