Carrying out protocol catches essay

1 ) Which device is better by performing protocol captures and which application is better for performing process analysis?

Wireshark is better intended for performing process analysis and Netwitness Examiner is best by performing protocol captures. Wireshark does well at the two aspects, that makes it a little better.

2 . Precisely what is promiscuous method and how does this allow tcpdump, Wireshark, and NetWitness Examiner to perform process capture off a live network?

Promiscuous mode is good for a born network software controller or wireless network interface control that causes the controller to pass all traffic to the CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT instead of transferring only through the frames the controller is supposed to receive.

It allows tcpdump, Wireshark, and NetWitness Examiner to perform protocol capture away a live network mainly because it’s created for packet sniffing, which all these applications perform.

3. Precisely what is the significance with the TCP three-way handshake pertaining to applications that utilize TCP as a transport protocol? Which in turn application in your protocol get uses TCP as a transfer protocol?

The importance of the TCP three-way handshake is that three messages will be transmitted simply by TCP to negotiate and commence a TCP session between the computers.

The purpose is very that two computers can easily negotiate the parameters with the network TCP socket connection before sending the data. Wireshark is the app that uses TCP being a transport process.

4. How many different resource IP web host addresses do you catch in your protocol capture?

There were 6 several IP number addresses captured in the process capture.

your five. How various protocols (layer 3, coating 4, etc . ) would your protocolcapture session have got? What function in Wireshark provides you with a failure of the several protocol types on the LAN segment?

6. Can Wireshark provide you with network traffic box size counts? How and where? Can you distinguish just how many of each packet size was sent on your LOCAL AREA NETWORK segment? How come this vital that you know? six. Is FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL data capable of being replayed and reconstructed in the event the packets will be captured within the wire? If an attack would have been to occur between source and destination IP host with data replayed that has been modified, what kind of attack are these claims called? almost eight. Why is it crucial to use process capture equipment and process analyzers because an information devices security professional? 9. Precisely what are some challenges to process analysis and network targeted traffic analysis? 10. Why could an information devices security doctor want to see network traffic upon both external and internal LAN sections at the DMZ within the LAN-to-WAN domain (i. e., when playing the inside and outside LAN segments)?

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