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Sadly, after senior high school I allowed procrastination and discouraging words from other folks stand in my personal way. Then simply as the many years movement passed, My spouse and i started a family and the reasons to not go back to school and get my own psychology level seemed more easily justifiable. My spouse and i continued to let time move me simply by but the need I believed to agree to my target remained.

The will was presently there, the aim was generally there, everything was there except motivation. We couldn’t stimulate myself mainly because I couldn’t justify quitting more of my own time to something that wasn’t my children or my current job. Life was already so hectic. Then as my kids received older, I actually realized that I actually wasn’t environment a very good model for them simply by putting my own dreams in hold. That i knew of that I would continue to keep telling me one day and that time was not going to come until I achieved it.

I guess that finally strike me that my life is always going to always be hectic. I have five kids for God’s sake! That day of realization was your day I decided to go back to university and make my degree. I want my children to follow all their dreams, accomplish their desired goals, and never surrender. I can seriously thank my kids and my hubby for my motivation and making myself realize that receiving my degree was a great change of pace and this it would profit us tremendously.

It is among the finest decisions I’ve made and I don’t have to time away from my family. We am presently pursuing my own Bachelor’s level in Psychology at Columbia Southern. After I graduate I am committed to continuing my education and pursuing my own Master’s level.

One day I am hoping to have my own, personal psychology practice. I have a profound passion to help people and I look forward to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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