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KEY REPORT CONDITION ANALYSIS The fate of any country future’s depend upon which decision consumed in present. India attention after independence was towards all-round economic advancement. A proposal of atteinte to be constructed across the estuaries and rivers Lokmata and Sadmata, which would cause submerging of 8 away of twenty villages. However it was a struggle to provide protection but also new sources of livelihood. To make irrigation potential and increase agricultural development, government was determined to have these public works constructed.

Persons of these villagers were convinced and appear satisfied with the us government decision intended for constructing dams. Just before the ultimate decision on proposal was taken a new idea was proposed which would boost the capacity of reservoir by 4700 mil cu. Foot to 5700 million cu. Ft. by raising fsl and hfl to 595 and 606 respectively by investing 20 lakhs more. A plan which in turn would boost irrigation ability to larger area and more cultivation production was opposed simply by villagers because this plan was leading to submerging of BHAVNATH TEMPLE attached to BHRUGU RISHI of historic times.

The temple was visited by simply people by surrounding areas and from far off areas to worship the deities. So govt was in situation whether to go with new program and switch temple to new place against the people views or go with the first plan be happy with less financial growth compare to new prepare? PROBLEM The problem of government is to take decision which increase more all round economic creation and hurting people comments or to start a family with much less economic creation, and accepting people’s demand of conserving the brow.

Irrespective of which in turn plan is definitely adopted, The creation from the reservoir will result in dipping of 15, 500 miles of property belonging to twenty villages. Away of which 8 villages would have to be entirely submerged and has to resettle somewhere else and generate new supply of livelihood pertaining to the popilation OBJECTIVES Financial development because they build dam, therefore creating better facilities for irrigation and thereby elevating agricultural development. Convicing people for new strategy and rehabilitant them to fresh place and creating fresh source of livelihood there.

To maintain the believability of government by taking decision which can be in in the line of people sentiments. CHOICES AND ITS ANALYSIS Original strategy: developing the dams with FSL(full supply level), HFL(highest flood level), RL(reduced level) level to 592, 596 and 601 respectively. In the dam, this will supply direct benefit of water sources to 19300 acres of land and indirect gain to 73600 acres of land. The project is going to yield every year rs15. 83 lakhs of revenue.

People seems to be gratify with this plan of action, as govt is choosing all important steps to protect temple like proving entrances on normal water weir. this could create trouble for government as they it is going to set a bench indicate for the future decision taken on this nature and any roadblocks which makes the way must be entertained. New plan: producing the atteinte on the estuaries and rivers by burning off the Bhavnath temple. According to the plan in the event the height of control level increased simply by 3. The reservoir ability will Increase to 5700 mil cu. Ft. from 4700 million cu.

Ft we. e by 10 million Cu. Feet. by changing values of FSL and HFL to 595 and 606 Correspondingly. With these differences in ideals, government is expecting Boost to increase reservoir capacity and so better irrigation and farming production and revenue. Changing the measurements will business lead go dipping of serenidad. Government is definitely thinking of moving deities of temple to new site observing all of the religious reties’, but folks are opposing to these view, , nor want any sort of interference/change with temple by the government.

Option for Rehabilitation: A place nearby for the village ought to be found to resettle them so as there isn’t much difference in environment pertaining to the villagers and maqui berry farmers gets the same soil state. Also fresh source of sustenance should be produced and educated so that resettling becomes cozy for them. DECISION Looking at the plan and studying this, i think government should choose original strategy which is win-win situation for almost everyone. Govt desire for financial development, people desire is to save serenidad. New government increases the credibility.

This course of action will not replace the original lifestyle of the persons much and would also create new opportunities as construction of dam provides new industry to their villages, tourism that have been present because of fair and ancient brow will remain as it is thus you will have no loss in revenue towards the families dependent upon the salary generated in this fair. Although new program will increase capacity of tank by twenty percent, but switching the plan is going to hurt persons sentiments for temple and this may disappointed public and soon they could demand for re-election and govt can drop public vote.

Overall objective of progress is attained by this plan and it is easier to convince people intended for something which they believe is right. Succumb to a problem in which two celebrations fight is going to delay the project therefore there will be comparable loss to get government. Besides this, Bhavnath temple is one of the oldest temples in that region. Government can develop this brow as key tourist destination. This will create employment and revenue for the government. CRITERIA FOR DECISION To protect the feelings of people along with economic creation.

Resentment of individuals in right way. To keep up credibility of presidency by choosing a choice which has mass support. DRAFTED ANALYSIS AND COMMUNICATION ASSIGNMENT-I BHAVNATH SERENIDAD JULY sixteen, 2010 Published by: – ADITYA LODHA SECTION-A SPIN NO- 101159 CONTINGENCY PLAN In case government is not able to build the atteinte without breaking the bhavanth brow. Government should choose different location or perhaps try to persuade villagers pertaining to the development of home dam. Phrase count: 944 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PROBLEM:

The challenge of government is to take decision which maximise more complete economic advancement and injuring people statements or to settle down with fewer economic expansion, and taking people’s demand of keeping the serenidad. OBJECTIVE: 5. Rehabilitation of villagers. * Economic progress area 5. Maintain authorities credibility. CHOICES: * Building the atteinte keeping the Bhavnath temple unchanged. (ORIGINAL PLAN) * Building the atteinte by losing the Bhavnath temple. (NEW PLAN) SUMMARY: ORIGINAL PREPARE because this fulfills both economic development and human sentiments. Maintain credibility of government. (word count: 90)

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