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In the matter of the Benziger Family Vineyard, is being up against the decision of whether or not really Chris Benziger should invest in an ISO 14000 qualification. The answer is certainly, he should pursue the certification so that they can strengthen his knowledge that his company previously has regarding being green.

This will enhance his situation on the market as being a leader in wine sector. In following a certification, he may also educate other farmers on the significance of a strong environmental management system. This will likely make them want to take those same steps to help encourage their organization to be more like him. By simply getting the ISO this will further more support his environmental coverage that this individual strongly pertains to the daily routines intended for helping the business conserve assets and prevent air pollution. He is currently certified by the Sonoma Region Green Organization Program (SCGBP) and is completely environmental compliance.

As part of this compliance, the winery offers saved above 2 million gallons of water each year through taking all sewage. They lowered solid toxins as well as energy cost as a result of construction of the wine cave built in the hillside which maintained heat cool enough to prevent all of them from using electric power to awesome. The Gap Analysis may be the formal study behind what the business happens to be doing and where they wish to be in the near future. This means the need for continuous improvement is necessary to promote the best possible final results for the business goals.

The gap research identifies the gaps by what the organization is doing now to what they would be doing whenever they utilize added resources to enhance the company’s outputs. By simply documenting what they have done before, this will show what other requirements are necessary to become put in place in an attempt to maximize the company’s capacities. This may require benchmarking as well. In this case the winery at present has annual revenues of about 15 million. They are striving to launch a new manufacturer, Tribute that might be selling in the $50-$60 range at about four thousand cases per year.

They would also like their exports to increase by about 10% of sales to twenty percent. For Benziger, this research can be done at an operational level since all his workers are well-trained on the company’s environmentally friendly efforts and are distributed to guests from the winery to advertise the business. This is certainly an opportunity pertaining to Benziger to get his status to a substantial point and work towards his goal if you are a brilliant leader in the wine industry.

Since the U. S. marketplace is very competitive this would generate him be noticeable since not many U. S i9000. wineries get their ISO 14000 certification. He could enter more markets that their consumers are delicate to environmental products and continue expanding his business abroad. It is stated that becoming accredited with the INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 14000 is expensive. This is an investment that will pay for by itself in the future.

You will see revenue increases by progressively more attractive to consumers who support the eco safe development process. The ISO 14000 is an attempt to develop a widely acknowledged, uniform method to certify that Benziger’s EMS is the best method to run an enterprise for permanent savings and making an optimistic contribution towards the environment. In exhibit forty.

4 that shows the EMS Distance Analysis and explains what policies and procedures the Benziger might have set up. It points out that this individual does have an environmental coverage in place and has executed an analysis of the influence that it has on the environment. In terms of legal requirements, they don’t have a procedure in place.

This can be the responsibility from the Ranch administrator and it has not recently been done yet. He features covered all his aims and has generated a well-written program to obtain those targets. He provides very good structured inside the winery and has assigned responsibilities with each of the family members as well as all their other staff. However zero roles had been defined and documented however.

It is also noted that there is dependence on additional training on EMS aspects. The Ranch director seems to need assistance with organization of training and documentation as well. Although they are recorded the right trail he must ensure that they may be taking all of the necessary steps to continue the organization professionally in addition to an arranged fashion. Once the ranch supervisor has given specific jobs and responsibilities to certain team members it will not be all in him to keep the EMS running effectively it will be a part of the approach they do business. The last portion of the Exhibit 40.

4 shows some things that they have to improve on. There is absolutely no documentation for anything the corporation does. He needs to be in a position to show data of his work to get environmentally hypersensitive. Several of the drafts have already been started but non-e have been completed.

It also states that there needs to be a regular assessment ensuring that the EMS would work and powerful. Exhibit 40. 5 is the Benziger Family members Winery Environmental Policy. In comparison to Exhibit 40. 4, the policy says the steps they are really willing to take to make sure the vineyard is an environmentally safe and sustainable business.

Nevertheless , when each of the bullets will be broken down in a series of inquiries as they are in Exhibit forty. 4, they are really not rewarding all of their own expectations. It appears as though there is a few small improvements to make that seem as though are they are generally not too frustrating. Once all these steps has been achieved, they are really well on their way to being more successful and more prepared.

If the proper steps will be taken to accurate the small concerns on-hand, the next thing for the Benziger Winery is to go after the INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 14000 qualification. This will arranged the bar for how other wineries should be run and help the company become one of the top U. S i9000. wine suppliers.

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