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During the school holidays, I participated in a camp called Green Camp Bali. The camp was organized simply by Kinderworld Educare Centre. Green Camp Bali, is located in a famous worldwide school, Green school, in Ubud, Bali. There was an overall total of twenty pupils outdated 9-18 who also participated inside the camp and two educators accompanying the trip. The date with the camp was from the 29th of May possibly to the third of 06. On the 29th of May possibly, the members and the instructors gathered in Kinderworld Educare Centre and headed away to LCCT International Airport simply by bus and boarded a plane to Balis Airport terminal in Denpasar.

The trip took regarding 4 hours. Once we reached Denpasar, we had each of our lunch within a cafe and headed to Ubud by shuttle bus. Two several hours later, we all arrived at a tiny village in Ubud, performed bags and walked within a narrow way to enter the university. As we went along the thin path, we saw many different types of plants and trees. There have been birds and vibrant butterflies flying all around too. When we reached the school, I had been amazed at how wonderful and incredible it was. There were some community snacks plus some drinks too.

Next, we went to a small room, deposit our bags and we paid attention to a simple Green Camp alignment by a lot of camp instructors. We also introduced ourself. Later on, we had a travel of the Green School. The school was extremely big. The complete school in including the walls, floors, desks, chairs and stairs was built generally from bamboos, a local, organic, renewable source. There was not any air conditioner there too. We also observed the sessions and selection which were likewise made from bamboos. The field was very big too.

And what surprised me personally the most was your schools composting toilet. It is a dry toilet with no water to get rid of it and they use observed dust to hide up the smell. Later, we were brought to the yurts to unpack the stuff, take a bath, and get some relax. The following days had been a great time. We played many different video games, we appreciated a Wayang kulit demonstrate which is a Balinese shadow puppetry. We manufactured some organic and natural chocolate, a Balinese Kite, we as well played a Balinese Prize Hunt. All of us also liked ourselves simply by playing Mepantigan which is a Balinese Mud pit Martial arts.

It was very funny and interesting. We proceeded a 3 hour hike on the paddy fields close to the school too. Although it was tiring, it had been a good take care of to see the splendor of character. Words can’t describe great it sensed to be standing in the middle of a big paddy field, enjoying the breezy wind flow and the amazing scenery. We all also stopped at a Night Firefox, we saw different types of dogs, bugs and reptiles. My favourite part of the camp activities needed to be the adventures in the Ayung Water which was located between the primary building and the cafeteria.

We also swang the Tarzan Rope and jumped into the river. The food item in Green Camp was mouthwatering. There were a Balinese Satay, Organic and natural Spaghetti and Balinese Design Chicken and a lot of other types of food. My favourite dish was definitely the organic pizza. We produced our own pizza, we roughed the bread and made it into crazy shapes make the ingredients we liked and put it in the oven to bake. My personal pizza was square and half the pizza acquired tomato, dairy products and mushroom while the other half had strawberries and candy chips!

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