An Analysis of The Story Of Tom Brennan Essay

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In “The Account Of Mary Brennan” written by J.  C Burke within a story regarding destruction, guilt and shame through the history there are allot of up and lows after the crash the is not the same and tom sees that it will under no circumstances be precisely the same the story uses destructive power to add some concerns to the tale to keep it going the crash causes a few problems to everyone not merely the relatives the whole community is affected guilt ben and kylie both truly feel guilty just like they were the cause for the crash waste the relatives lie in shame they think that there is bad plus the community don’t help for this reason , they emocionar because the entire family is appeared down upon by the community of Mumbili.

The is affected by break down in every approach the family members has changed following the event they have cause the whole community to improve fin who had been in the crash and her family will be affected Too after fin became paraplegic her mum has to replace the way your woman raises her son and fins dreams are crushed after one night a great deal has occurred to the households and good friends of the subjects in the crash. Tom’s existence has changed him and his mother grows further more away little by little not conversing with each other. Kylies life has evolved to she gets lost most her friends because they had to move educational institutions. And b has nothing left and her mom has difficulty looking after her it is hard in each one.

If the crash occurs tom seems like he is the person who has cause the crash he feels guilty in every way this individual feels like this individual could have ceased what happened and kylie seems the same way this lady has the same feeling as tom and they are in the same place both feeling guilty of what happened that night both equally hiding it and keeping it bottled up inside them that is why they will always combat it is because they both feel as if they could have done something to fix the issue stopped the full incident from happening b sought of has the same feeling that if your woman didn’t enter the car that night nothing could have happened and it would all be the same again but she knows your woman can’t do anything about it. Daniel is also guilt ridden and knows what this individual did was wrong he feels responsible because he was the one that was driving the vehicle.

Daniel couldn’t even look at Nicole and Luke’s parents because he understood he required something from them and he seems guilty about this. The whole family is going to live in disgrace for the rest of their very own life simply because it was their son that cause the crash they are in shame mainly because they didn’t stop him they didn’t stop him from ingesting Daniel especially affected he can never overcome the fact that they he killed two people and may always know that there is a family missing something which they take pleasure in and they will never get that back just cause a single person did anything they shouldn’t have unfortunately he it really Daniels fault he was not the one which made these people get in that car and maybe they should have stopped him from traveling that night. The complete story is comprised by one of these points and in addition they play a big part in the story can be non-e of these3 items happened the story would not possess much in it.

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