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Research from Analysis Paper:

5%, and 7% of patients recently had an alcohol-related release diagnosis (Ganry, Joly, Queval, Dubreuil, 2002). Both studies indicate abusive drinking in older populations, however additional research are needed to examine the overall nature from the problem.

Abusive drinking is certainly not the only mislabeled and roughed up diagnosis endured by the elderly. There is also developing concern relating to drug make use of, notably pharmaceutical drug use. The elderly is considered one of the highest-risk groups for prescription drug abuse, including the maltreatment of sedatives and anti-anxiety medications (Jinks, Raschko, 1990). The rate of abuse of prescription drugs is indicated by a greater level than alcoholic beverages due to over-medication and self-medication for serious illnesses (D’Archangelo, 1993). Risk factors pertaining to drug abuse resemble alcohol abuse, including living scenario, martial position, and health issues, among other factors. Addressing maltreatment of both equally drugs and alcohol abuse inside the geriatric populace needs to turn into an essential element of health evaluation to provide they with satisfactory care.

Alcohol abuse is a significant medical issue that is able of impacting any individual regardless of age. Elderly individuals who abuse alcohol are considered the concealed population due to their symptoms mimicking the related symptoms of maturing, which often contributes to misdiagnosis. Aged individuals can misuse liquor as a means to emotionally handle and manage pain. Risk factors pertaining to excessive alcoholic beverages use contain loneliness, retirement, death and loss, illness and long-term discomfort. These kinds of risk factors are implications of the aging process and often leave symptoms of dependency on alcohol to be undiscovered. Family members can even be ashamed to addresses the issue, as well as the elderly could be less happy to seek treatment. This growing age group will inevitably maximize incidence of alcohol abuse, and increase the requirement of treatment. Addititionally there is more anxiety about the baby-boom generation, as these individuals are possibly more willing to use drugs and alcohol. Although some circumstance studies have been performed, considerable research projects are needed to assess the number of seniors individuals suffering from alcohol concerns. Equally relating to to abusive drinking is the wrong use and misuse of prescription medications. The habits of substance abuse cannot keep on being ignored as the invisible elderly human population can soon be facing alcohol abuse prices of epidemic proportions.


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