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Early in the play, George says “I am preoccupied with history” (Albee 50). George is actually a humanities professor, but Albee is saying more than that, as the couple’s history shows while the perform continues. The two characters happen to be products with their childhood, and still have never really grown up from their child years, which is why they act like kids in their matrimony. George features guilt regarding his father and mother, and makes up stories about sons who have try to destroy their parents. Martha was obviously a “daddy’s girl” who wished unconditional appreciate from her father and wanted it from George too. They will disappoint the other person, and they fail themselves. That they grew up certainly not feeling solid and good about themselves, and they include carried these feelings to their marriage and the adult lives, when they should be mature enough to leave these idiotic feelings at the rear of. Albee implies that even though adults marry, although they are not truly mature; they may be holding around luggage from their junior that is never quite cared for or solved. George and Martha are just like overgrown children in the way they will fight with each other. They are quite strong people but they do not like themselves, and it displays.

Finally, Albee shows the theme fantastic thoughts regarding marriage in how immature these characters really are, and how they cannot acknowledge each other or perhaps themselves. These two characters cannot accept and love each other for who they actually are and this as well shows all their emotional immaturity and insufficient self-esteem. That they react to the other person by trying to hurt the other person, and they have even created a “fantasy” son who also George “kills” off at the conclusion of the perform. This demonstrates that Albee is convinced the illusion of “love ever after” in marital life is a myth. People develop and change, and life hands them a large number of disappointments and hardships. Some people rise above these types of hardships, but George and Martha appear mired in them, which says all their marriage should indeed be as Martha calls this – a “sewer” they cannot seem to surmount. That is because they may be immature and in addition they still carry around regrets using their childhood that make them scared and not sure of themselves and of the other person. Their romance is dysfunctional, but it seems clear that neither one of them would ever before consider going out of the other. Marriage might be a connect, but to George and Martha it is similar to a bind – binding them jointly in like, hate, and despair.

To conclude, Albee’s Having Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is a disturbing look at marriage and relationships that illustrates the difference between preference someone and loving an individual – which can be an important issue in marriage. George and Martha clearly take pleasure in each other, but they do not like each other a lot, and they do not like themselves very much, either, which leads to dissatisfaction, damage, and discomfort. Marriage pertaining to “love at any time after” can be described as myth for this couple, that is certainly Albee’s last message in the play. Love can combine two people jointly but it is not always love that keeps them together.


Albee, Edward. Who’s Scared of

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