Advantages and disadvantages of using internet

Net freedom can be described as controversial issue nowadays, in addition to some findings discovered that applying internet with out registered all their real name will cause some critical problems as web bullying, taking or intimidating since users do not need to possess any responsibility about what they said. However , using internet anonymously are also a lot of advantages which gives an essential protection to online users. In this article, the huge benefits and disadvantages will probably be discussed. Applying internet anonymously gives several advantages to many internet users.

1st, it can guard users’ personal privacy in an successful way. From this era of technology improvement, social network program like facebook, it essential users to upload their personal information and keep an everlasting record. This can be a dark side from the use of social networking platform that those records may be used in a commercial way with no users’ authorization. This action is usually stealing the information and invading our privacy in a grey area. Using net anonymously may help protecting user’s information.

According to Andrea (2013, P. 32), privacy is comparable to human proper, which need to be protected preferentially. Therefore , anonymously using net is a way to protect users’ information to never be leaked.

Also prevent that users’ information are not used in a profitable method or an illegal method. Secondly, anonymously giving a comment to some essential issues or controversial matters can also safeguard users never to be traceable. Andrea (2013) noted that for some individuals that do not want to use their particular real identity for giving some charité, not employing their real recognition is all their privilege to accomplish this. Some of the users tend to touch upon some issues in a critical way and aggressive approach, if using internet demands them to sign-up their true name, as a result, users who gave tough comments can be investigated their responsibility, and users then simply may not willing to tell the truth so as to safeguard themselves, plus they may still left their comments in a pretended way. This situation is related to the social proper rights. A getting in 2013 (Fu, Chan, & Chau, 2013) launched a real-name subscription system to microbloggers in China which in turn required those to give feedback with their nick name or real brand, and this plan cause a chill effect on activities on microblog, especially upon political critique and hypersensitive topics. Therefore using internet anonymously is an efficient wayto encourage citizens to criticize about controversial matter and help the society.

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On the other hand, using internet without their particular real id also has a few disadvantages. Not enough responsibility is actually a main problem which usually caused by invisiblity. Clapperton (2013) noted that using customer’s real name to brief review mean that before they write, a clear pondering is needed, so when user will probably write a few contentious in that case he ought to find a few supports for this. It implied that the majority of confidential internet consumer might not have responsibility to bear using what they have left a comment, and they can issue some misleading phrase without any outcome. Through the multimedia on internet, those expression can be easily mail to the others, thus the credibility could keep increasing that citizens might mistakenly believe in it. Consequently an atmosphere with lies and gossips is built inside our society, which might disrupt community order. The final and the most crucial point is that anonymity can cause some illegal activity. Web bullying is among the essential complications among young adults in this technology. Based on the view of deficient responsibility, Clapperton (2013) discovered that some online users tend to apply certain offensive brief review to criticize the others.

Some of the comment recipients are being intimidating which in turn damaged all their self-esteem, and it may travel them to self-harm and committing suicide after becoming attacked to be able to escape in the blame. This view implies that those users may not know very well what consequence and impact they made to the comment recipient, also the pressure they will built for the comment receiver. In the exploration (Claudia, 2012), some private message were posted in AgriBioTech Inc. company’s online community in 1999, which usually claim that the company was individual bankruptcy, it induced that the company’s shares plummeted, and have a severe loss. It indicated that the power of gossip, and this against the law action can caused an organization to be plague with a turmoil.

Those problems will be vital and really should be improved in the future. In concluding this brief document, there are equally advantages and disadvantages upon using internet anonymously. In fact , using internet anonymously can assist preventing privacy leakage and protecting users’ freedom of speech, which could maintain our social discipline. However , using internet anonymously can also damage internet users’ responsibility, and give some attacking comments. It may well possible to evolve the situation to web bullying, which gives the receiver a huge emotionally impact.

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