Abortion is too easy – Do you agree? Essay

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  • Published: 08.23.19
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There seems to be a common attitude shared actually by a few abortion rights supporters that abortions shouldn’t be too easy to attain. People apparently feel that in the event that abortions are easy to get, they would be “abused” — as if women can’t be trusted to use illigal baby killing “correctly” or as if the meaning of pregnancy would be lessened.

But what if the outcry if everyone was told they have a right to vote (arguably of equal importance towards the decision with an abortion), although that voting shouldn’t become “too easy” and that they have to go through several hoops to cast their particular vote? Aren’t efforts to generate abortions harder to obtain a immediate attack around the poor and working classes who can least afford to devote time and cash being demanded while theoretically and formally keeping child killingilligal baby killing “legal”? Abortions will always occur because the condition will always occur where an individual has an undesirable pregnancy.

Therefore if abortions had been illegal or maybe more difficult to attain, people might have to resort to having an illigal baby killing carried out on the ‘black market’. Such a procedure might be carried out in unfit conditions by someone unqualified to do the position. The fact it is legal in the UK means at least it can be regulated and you can ensure that it is carried out safely, similar reason why prostitution is legal in America. Though Christian educating on illigal baby killing is not simple, generally Christian’s belief in the sanctity of life means that they have serious concerns about illigal baby killing, therefore in most cases think that it may not become legal by any means.

Christian’s will usually have a problem with illigal baby killing, however hard to obtain they are really. For this reason making abortions tougher to obtain could simply have a result of further infringing of the rights of women more than their human body and still will not appease the strict Christians. However illigal baby killing is still tough of an innocent human being who may have done practically nothing wrong and who cannot defend him or their self. Abortion can simply be a self-centered act mainly because their child can be an inconvenience and it is simply a “get out of jail free of charge card”.

Moreover, it is a traditional Christian opinion that illigal baby killing is incorrect and in the Didache this states you should “not kill the foetus in the mother’s womb”. Likewise every person is usually sacred because God manufactured us in the image and likeness and for that reason it is wrong to ruin what is like God. Since Mother Teresa said, “If a mother can destroy her very own child, precisely what is there to stop you and me coming from killing every single other”. Though abortion can be unpleasant, it is crucial and it is a woman’s right to decide what goes on inside her body.

We know longer live in a time governed by religious beliefs and therefore I actually do not think religions have the right to replace the laws about abortions. Thereby, I don’t think that child killingilligal baby killing is too easy.

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