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Physical violence has a major impact on young adults and kids in today’s society. Inside the novel A Long Way Gone; memoir by a boy soldier Ishmael Beah, displays how teens are exposed… Through the medias they are showed that the video Rambo, which usually influences them to be chaotic and battle. Another way to search for violence is at real life when the boy troops are sent to fight the rebels. The violence which the young kids are exposed to caused them to think and take action violently toward others, Firstly the young man soldiers with this novel will be influenced by movie Rambo, it stimulates them to operate harder plus more violent.

After the young youngster soldiers view Rambo the first time they were encouraged to be exactly like him although in struggle. “We every wanted to wind up as Rambo; we couldn’t need to put into practice his techniques” (beah 121). This movies showed the boys how to fight, they desired to use the same techniques to battle against the digital rebel villages. A number of the boy soldiers have been therefore influenced by this that they already implemented desired goals that will allow those to act like Rambo; “sometime Let me take on an entire village by myself, just like Rambo” Alhaji explained smiling at the new objective he had established for himself” (122).

This kind of young young man has been conditioned to fight and destroy, observing Rambo provides influenced him so much that he really wants to take a whole village on by himself. Viewing violent videos influences the boy military how ever this is not that they gain valor and experience. The young man soldiers are exposed to violence in their society which in turn causes them to equally think and act violently. The boy soldiers in the novel A Long Way Gone; memoirs of a son soldier, are exposed to violent pictures in the press and in actual life, which causes these to become addicted to violence. The boy military in this new are exposed to assault through films and true to life action.

In summary violence may have a major influence on all teenagers and children no matter where they come from or perhaps how they happen to be raised inside their country.

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