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In the movie A Knights Story the main personality William Thatcher has desired being a Dark night ever feeling he was boys. The one overlying problem this tale is the fact “A guy can’t modify his stars”, other smart saying that Bill was not created of rspectable birth. This story happens in the middle age ranges where to remain competitive in jousting tournaments you had to be given birth to of rspectable birth. William overcomes this with his effort, his loyalty and determination.

In the beginning with the movie, Bill is only a squire into a Knight. He helps usually Sir Olrick Vonlictensteins needs and would like. But soon he dies and without other way to receive money determines that he should boost and joust for him under call him by his name. William winds up winning his joust and gets the platinum needed for him and the additional squires.

Following your first get he convinces his squires that they could keep doing this at other tournaments to make money for themselves. So after a extended debate and a little struggling with they opt to help train William. There is a scene in the movie that shows all working together to help train William to become a better knight. This shows his hard functioning ethic mainly because even though what exactly they are doing is very trying, he still manages to pull through and become sucsessful.

After they include won they’ve first competition William got damaged his armor inside the joust. Because they make it to the next joust they don’t can pay for to fix his armor and so he has to joust with his damaged shield on. Even though his hands are nearly immoveable because of the damage he still usually takes the risk to joust in order to win more gold for them to get fresh armor produced.

This displays his motivation to job harder to help make the money this individual needs to repair his armor. Near the end of the movie in his last joust he’s against his enemy, Count number Adimar. Count number Adimar was using indicated lances and ends up wounding William simply by showing a pointed lance deep in the shoulder.

Although through his hard work he choose to take all of his armour off and joust, adding himself for great risk. But in the conclusion he eventually ends up knocking Depend Adimar off from his horse and successful the joust. William revealed his perserveence when he was following his dream of learning to be a knight. When his Dark night died at the start of the movie he ricked almost everything when he moved in like a knight.

If perhaps he were to get caught he would have endured great effects. By doing this I believe he demonstrated his willpower to bag his dreams. William shows his willpower when, also after he can injured when jousting this individual chooses for taking off every one of his shield to joust even though it is a superb risk to himself. This kind of shows that William is persevering because he usually takes the risk of hurting or eradicating himself to defeat Count Adimar and achieve his dream. He can also dogged, tenacious when, as a young boy his daddy sent him away as a squire.

Even sense William was a boy he was functioning towards becoming a knight simply by getting while close to the way of life as he can. Throughout the video William shows a lot of loyalty to him men. This helped him to obtain his desire very much thus. When Shaun, his announcer and the man who helped him move documents for making him is very much of commendable birth, gambles and looses, William had to pay to get him free. If it were not for William fantastic loyalty to him males he would had been stripped of his clothing, beaten and been displayed around the small town, but William pays his debt to get him to get him free.

He also demonstrated his loyalty when his girlfriend explains to him that in order for him to confirm his take pleasure in for her your woman must loose the joust. So he takes a intense beating on her behalf by deliberately loosing and hurting him self in the process. However after this wounderful woman has seen enough, she explains to him that if he really did love her than he’d win every one of his competitions. So even after he had fallen until now behind on her behalf in the event he strives to win for her and ends up doing this.

This demonstrates his loyalty to her as they is happy to even risk himself on her. His devotion is also demonstrated when the Royal prince of Wales is jousting and everyone else is pulling out because he is of royal blood vessels and is officially not allowed to joust in tournaments, yet William continue to jousts him because he understands they are both having the same problem. They the two want to be jousting, but they are the two now permitted to do so in respect to their birthrights.

In the end of the movie, following everyone finds out about William, knowing that this individual isn’t born of commendable birth he could be cast out and let out to be stoned. The Prince of Wales Knights him because of his loyalty. He admits that, “even basically were not to obtain known you well, I really could tell you had been a good men because of just how loyal your friends are to you.

But I would know better now wouldn’t I? Since even when you understood who I had been you still jousted with me that is certainly knightly too”. In the end William ends up changing his superstars and becomes the dark night he has always wanted being. In this motion picture point of view played a great move.

If we wouldn’t have had the “flashbacks” of William fantastic childhood we wouldn’t have know the depth of his want to be a knight. We all also wouldn’t have well-known that his father has sent him off as being a boy to turn into a squire, which also helped in leading him to his think of becoming a knight. If we didn’t have the various points of look at that a movie can deliver to all of us this film would have been flat and would have misplaced some of the meaning.

The point of view gives this movie interesting depth.

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