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Introduction, Commerce

1 . Identify three elements that would result in a company to continue doing business in traditional methods and avoid electric commerce. * Traditional business is a better way to trade items or services when ever personal offering skills really are a factor, just as commercial real estate persuasion, or if the condition of the products is challenging to determine devoid of making a private inspection, such as the buys of high-fashion clothing, antiques or perishable food items.

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Figure 1-5 lists roommate-matching services being a type of business that is well-suited to a mixture of electronic and traditional trade. In one section, describe the elements of this kind of service that would be best managed using classic commerce and explain why. * Consumers are generally worried about lifestyle and personality factors. As a result, they will want to meet any potential roommate. a few. Choose one significant difference between your first say and the second wave of electronic business.

Write a section that explains this big difference to a person who is not familiar with either business or Net technologies. 5. A major big difference is the embrace broadband connections and superior hardware advancements. This allows more businesses all over the world to exchange their views. 4. Exactly what are transaction costs and why are they important? * Transaction costs are the total of all costs that a buyer and owner incur because they gather details and make a deal a purchase-and-sale transaction.

Reasons behind being significant can vary. your five. Provide an example of how digital commerce could help change a great industry’s financial structure by a pecking order to a network. * The moment transaction costs were large, businesspeople might form agencies to replace market-negotiated transactions. In a network financial structure, businesses coordinate their very own strategies, resources and skill sets by forming long-term relationships to companies and individuals based on shared purposes, called ideal alliances or perhaps strategic relationships. 6.

So how does15404 managers work with SWOT research to identify fresh applications for electronic trade in their strategic business units? 5. SWOT is definitely the acronym to get Strengths, Weak points, Opportunities, and Threats. Employing this, the expert first checks the business device to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Then the analyst evaluations the environment when the business device operates and identifies opportunities presented by that environment and the dangers posed by that environment. several. In regarding 200 terms, explain the difference between vocabulary translation and language localization. Language translation is the means of restating a lot of text written in one dialect in a diverse language. Basically, to translate is examine some original text, written in what is called the source vocabulary, and to set a corresponding text in different terminology, called the target language, while using goal of preserving the tone and meaning in the original text. * Terminology localization is known as a translation that considers multiple elements of the neighborhood environment, just like business and cultural methods, in addition to local language variations inside the language.

The cultural aspect is very important as it can affect”and sometimes totally change”the customer’s interpretation of text eight. In a paragraph, describe the huge benefits of a flat-rate telecommunications access system pertaining to countries that are looking for to motivate electronic commerce. * In the us, telecommunications companies have very long sold community telephone service as a flat-rate access system, in which the buyer or organization pays a single monthly charge for endless telephone line utilization.

Activists in European countries asserted that flat-rate access was a key to the achievements of electronic commerce in the United States. Although some factors written for the fast rise of U. T. electronic commerce, many industry analysts acknowledge that flat-rate access was one of the most crucial. As more European telecoms providers began to offer flat-rate access, electronic digital commerce in those countries increased significantly.

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