http://dnsc. academia. edu/ennelgArugal Final Paper in PA 231 Public Financial Administration Glenne B.

Lagura Gaming || Gambling (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Firm , PAGCor) Submitted to: DR . ANTONIO M. FAUNILLIAN JR., MPA Instructor Submitted by: Glenne B. Lagura UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES BO. JORNALERO, DAVAO TOWN College of Governance and Business Master of Community Administration April 10, 2012 1 Glenne B. Lagura Outline: I. Introduction a) b) c) d) Background of PAGCor Board of Directors Management PAGCor’s Functional Highlights? Types of PAGCor’s income? PAGCor’s income?

PAGCor’s contribution to country building 2. Discussion a) Where really does PAGCor’s cash flow go? b) Corporate Social Responsibilities of PAGCor III. Analyses a) Sociable Problems b) Reduce Income? c) PAGCor: Problems and Challenges? Unlawful becomes Legal? Aware or Unaware? or Aware to get Unaware? Institutional Problems d) Anomalies? Regulate¦ Authorize¦ VIEWED!? Is gambling a cursed? e) Corruptions f) The latest Issues 4. Possible Solutions and Suggestions a) b) c) d) e) Maintain the Status Quo, PAGCOR to concentrate on the regulatory function, Privatization, Remove and close PAGCOR, and Formulated solutions from a report.

V. VI. Conclusion Sources 2 I. Introduction A. Background of PAGCor The role and impact of Government-Owned and Control Corporation (GOCC) for the fiscal position of the government and the economic system continue to be significant to this day. Despite reforms taken on in the past, in line with the Commission in Audit, right now there remain about one hundred 30 three GOCCs operating in areas of agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, public ammenities, provision of housing, industrial development and finance. The dismal functionality of many of such corporations provides contributed to the fiscal deficits of the general public sector.

Because defined underneath PD 2029, GOCC is definitely “a inventory or a non-stock corporation, whether performing governmental or proprietary functions, which can be directly chartered by unique law or, if organized under the general corporation rules, is possessed or controlled by the government indirectly through a parent or guardian corporation or perhaps subsidiary company, the extent of by least most of its spectacular capital inventory or of its excellent voting capital stock.  Philippine Entertainment and Game playing Corporation (PAGCor) is a 100 % government-owned and controlled organization.

It was established to regulate all games of chance in the area. It was created in 1977 to supervise the operation of gambling casinos, to build funds for the government’s developmental jobs, to promote travel and leisure in the country, also to help control illegal wagering. PAGCor had an initial official capital inventory of P5 million which was later elevated to P200 million. PAGCor is official to take out a loan from neighborhood or overseas sources. 50 % of PAGCor’s earnings are remitted to the Bureau of the Treasury (BOT) to be used in applications and jobs as described and approved by the Business office of the Leader of the Philippines.

This is aside from the mandated beneficiaries which receive funding coming from PAGCor. It is remaining funds form section of the Social Pay for to financial infrastructure and socio-civic tasks. The Corporation was made during the Martial Law years by virtue of a Presidential Rule (PD 1067-A) in response to calls for the Philippine Authorities to put an end to the growing proliferation of illegal casino operations in a variety of parts of the country then. The law creating PAGCor was later changed and consolidated by PD 1896 in any other case known as the PAGCor Charter.

Under this Charter, PAGCOR is definitely mandated to:? Regulate, allow and certificate games of chance, games of cards and game titles of numbers, particularly on line casino gaming inside the Philippines,? Create revenues for the Filipino Government’s socio-civic and national development courses, and? Help promote the Philippine tourism industry. In June 3 years ago, Republic Take action 9847 was passed by the Philippine Congress, extending the organization life in the state-run gaming firm by 25 years, replenishable for another twenty-five years. It also prescribed the following amendments to the PAGCor Charter: 3??

PAGCor can easily enter into agreements including joint venture, with any individual, firm, association or company, Requirements to get consent of the local government power that has territorial jurisdiction in the area chosen as site for any PAGCor’s operations, Exemption of jai alai by PAGCor businesses, and Delimitation of regulating authority and power over gaming actions covered by other existing franchises, regulatory body or special laws. Currently, PAGCor may be the third greatest revenue-generating adjustable rate mortgage of the govt next to the BIR plus the Bureau of Customs.

Via January to November 2011, PAGCor generated gross income of P33. 15 billion dollars, P15. fifty-one billion that was channeled to considerable socio-civic programs. B. Plank of Directors The Panel of Owners is composed of five (5) users, three (3) of whom shall come from the government sector and will probably be appointed by the President in the Philippines plus the other two (2) shall come from the non-public sector who own at least 1 discuss of share in the company and should be elected by stockholders from the corporation in the annual basic meeting or stuck in a job special meeting called for these kinds of purpose.

Every Director shall serve for the term of 1 (1) year and until his heir shall have already been duly qualified and designated. C. Managing PAGCor is definitely managed simply by its Chief Executive Officer who is the concurrent Chairman of the Panel. He is assisted by PAGCor’s President and concurrent Main Operating Police officer, a Vice-President for Administration, and different department mind. 134 Workers management plans set by the Board of Directors control the employing of employees.

All workers of the internet casinos and related services will be classified while “confidential appointees and their career is not affected by the provisions of the Labor Code or any of it is implementing rules. As such, employee unions or any form of staff associations are not allowed to end up being formed to assure continuous and uninterrupted service to its consumers. D. PAGCor’s Operational Features PAGCor is engaged in the company of gambling and is the only entity franchised by the govt to operate internet casinos in the country. The major products consist of table games, slot machines, and chip cleaning.

It also gives internet gambling, internet gambling, and bingo and slot machine game demo products. Internationally recognized games like Baccarat, Dark Jack, Different roulette games, Craps, Big , Small , and Pai Gow Poker, Stud Poker, Pontoon boat, and Extremely 6 can be found in its Casino Filipino divisions. Aside from table games and slots, PAGCor has also expanded it is operations to incorporate the carry out and regulation of bingo online games as it grows the image of Casino Philippine from a gaming place into a automobile for wholesome entertainment for the whole family. 4 With all these line of business orders, PAGCor is set to uphold its olicy by constantly upgrading and using a state-of-the-art technology for making it at par with all the top gambling destinations of the world as it places into action its vision of becoming “A Global Corporation with a Global Mindset and a Filipino Heart. ? Sources of PAGCor’s Income PAGCor derives almost all its cash flow from the winnings of the gaming, slot machine and in-house stop operations of its distinct casino divisions. The corporation as well gets considerable earnings from the other sources just like its various other regulated video gaming activities such as private certified casinos, online poker operations, industrial bingo businesses, E-games while others. PAGCor’s earnings PAGCor is a Philippine federal government third greatest revenue-generating equip, next towards the Bureau of Internal Income (BIR) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC). From the period the government went into the direct management’s and supervision of casino functions in 1986 up to December 31 2010, PAGCor generated a staggering gross income of P355. 575 billion dollars.? PAGCor’s contributions to nation building With the P355. 775 billion total revenues during the last 25 years, PAGCor’s contributions to nation building amounted to P203. 646 billion, which comprised 57% of the agency’s gross profits during the period.

These contributions were in the form of remittances towards the BIR as well as the National Treasury which proceeded to go directly to authorities coffers pertaining to funding farreaching and wide-ranging national, the Philippines Sports activities Commission for the training with the country’s countrywide athletes in international sporting events and in cultivating Philippine sports activities at the home town, the Table of Promises to give proper rights to those who were wrongly falsely accused or charged, hundreds of community development courses of country wide implemented throughout the efforts of PAGCor’s gambling establishment host-cities which get a discuss from the corporation’s revenues, as well as the Presidents Cultural Fund that can be tapped to finance high impact programs including construction of faculty bui8ldings, dotacion of tolerable water devices in the country, and funding of sustenance programs pertaining to the marginalized sectors of society, and others. II. Conversations 5 A. Where does PAGCor’s profits go? Relative to its Rental, PAGCor’s cash flow is given away in the following manner:??? % of net winnings visits the BIR as business tax, fifty percent of the 95% balance would go to the Countrywide Treasury as the National Government’s mandated income share, 1% from the net funds income would go to the Panel of Statements, an agency within the Department of Justice, which in turn compensates patients of wrongful detention and prosecution, 5% of the stability after the Business Tax as well as the National Government’s mandated cash flow share visits the Philippine Sports Commission rate to financial the country’s sports expansion programs, and Fixed amount is given to cities hosting On line casino Filipino twigs for their respective community expansion projects. Aside from the abovementioned mandatory contributions, PAGCor has also tapped as funding source for the setup of the subsequent vital laws and regulations:? P four hundred million a year or P2 billion in five years to the Early on Childhood Car and Development Program,? P100 million first funding towards the Sports Benefits and Incentives Act,? P300 million or perhaps P10 mil a month towards the Gasoline Schooling and Mortgage fund,?

P250 million that must be taken from the remittance to the President’s Social Account to implement the Countrywide Museum Take action of 1998,? P5 million a month that must be taken from the National Treasury’s discuss to support the great Dangerous Action of 2002,? P30 million to fund the Children’s TELEVISION SET Act of 1997,? P300 million contribution to the Barangay Micro Organization Development Account,? P50 , 000, 000 for the National Book Development Trust Fund, and? P312 , 000, 000 for the Department of Science and Technology. The rest of the balance of PAGCor’s income is then remitted to the President’s Social Pay for to help finance the top priority projects from the government. Under is the figure indicating the *distribution from the revenue produced by the Company. 6 Based on the 2010 Annual Statement of PAGCOR Figure one particular: Income Division of PAGCor B. Business Social Required PAGCor Listed below are the activities carried out by PAGCor as appended in the Annual Report 2011 of the company: 1 . installment payments on your 3. some. Bringing basic social companies closer to the Filipino people Helps blast victims settle back on their ft ” virtually Restoring this individual Pasig Riv back to life Sharing the Surprise of Wish ” Pamaskong Handog 3. Analyses While the third largest revenue generator in the country, PAGCor plays a huge role in the economical development and took a part of responsibility in relation to fiscal progression of the region.

Aside from the bulk income generated by this establishment, it allures also the other investors to invest in this kind of organization thus marketing the country like a tourist spot in terms of legal gaming and gambling. Actually by that, though this brought a cause for the alleviation from the economic situation as per scrutiny, as a counterpart, that conveys some consequences and in addition faces problems. The following sited situations dominates the point of view from the owner on this paper as to the current circumstance of PAGCor and its results to the community. Further, a lot of contents with this part contain documentation of issues and problems foundation from the current news and information mentioned from diverse reliable options. Moreover, the views and opinions with the presenter do 7 ot necessarily echo the articles or discourse on the none class nor stand point of the subject matter instructor, therefore all the generated opinions happen to be purely from the presenter.? Sociable Problems With your initial concept of managing and legalizing any games of opportunity and betting in the country to be able to raise earnings, presently it offers an idea to the common people to formulate their own versions of building in any methods which are at this point considered to be as illegal. A number of the few against the law or illegal games or activities which exist are the subsequent: cockfighting, jueteng, horse auto racing bingo and also other forms of lotteries, slot machines additional mechanical contraptions and products and online gambling. All the above mentioned activities are against the USA PRESIDENT DECREE No . 602 in which it prescribes stiffer fees and penalties on illegitimate gambling. Aside from the fact that this contradicts what the law states of the terrain, reality check, these kinds of illegal activities became a part of the regular activities of those people in a community who will be engaging their particular selves being part of these kinds of. Worse concerns worst, these kinds of brought an evident social concerns which we encountered today. It excites everyone, older and small even children to be linked to these activities. At an early age, children at this time understand knowhow of involving their selves in these activities which in turn brought pessimist consequences regarding their research and to the habitual lifestyle of the persons.

This the truth is pretended to get unknown to any or all of us, thought to be a normal activities and unfortunately, big officials will be the one who is behind underneath this functions. If it is the rule from the PAGCor to manage these against the law activities, then simply who is responsible for implementing important actions to prospects who help to make these obvious offenses? What actions were countered already with regards to stopping these widespread activities which will resulted to crime, fatality and other anti-humanitarian acts? Is a subject organization took already a response towards the matter? Below is a assertion quoted about illegal betting by Roy Q. Lagarde in his document “The Scourge of Legalized Gambling. Gambling’s negative consequences are even even more formidable compared to the flaunted income to subsidize purportedly government’s social services programs. One that is a visible problem is offense. Historically, crime increases where gambling is usually legal. Studies showed that problematic gamblers sometimes use criminal actions to support all their habit. Bettors often offer drugs, embezzle, or steal to get money to gamble or pay gambling debts. Prostitution, and basic sexual immorality, likewise rises because of wrong entertainment presented in and near betting houses. Actually alongside with most wagering dens in Metro Manila KTV pubs have sprouted like mushrooms, many of which usually conspicuously display Japanese personas and signs recruiting GROs.  eight? Reduce Income?

It is noticeable already to the eyes of everybody the presence of those actions which are considered as illegal regarding the fact that PAGCor is the just institution that is certainly authorizes to determine and to business lead those actions. What a unhappiness to imagine that even presently those organization which are considered to be illegal in their operation remain in service of doing their illegal work. Privileged to the cutting edge of this criminal movement, it might be a huge and growing business. Is the establishment PAGCor, doesn’t bother to imagine what is the effect of all those growing illegitimate establishment in each and every region regarding the income that may be supposed to be made by the organization? Accessibility sensible, those illegal establishments could be nearly reach compare to all those firms which can be authorized to accomplish such legal acts.

If the PAGCor is the one likewise mandated to regulate those illegal actions what possibly be the actions to be undertaken with regards to first, taking good care at their very own primary monetary reason of generating revenue intended for the Republic of the Korea, second, examining their role for the regulation of these kinds of rampant growing activities, third preventive measure of responding to this example and last lawful actions that are must be done.? PAGCor: Problems and Challenges A. Illegal? becomes Legal? Wagering is a key social problem in the country. Not really the ouster of Chief executive Joseph Estrada from Malacanang Palace, on charges of receiving “jueteng” money coming from syndicates, could abate the challenge. Jueteng has to be a P40-billion business inside the Philippines, each year. The need to response and to come up a solution regarding the problem of rampant boost of illegitimate gambling in the country is quite a great undying issue. It can be viewed as an unlimited problem in algebra, the constant trying to find the value of “x and “y.

In that case, the never-ending concern of the participation of those important persons is regarded as as the primary angle to relate in this situation. A lot of if only a few of the federal government officials in the area are involved in these types of illegal wagering and heard to be because the organizer and promoter of the forbidden gambling and gaming actions. “Philippine betting laws permit a wide variety of accredited and taxed gaming options, yet Jueteng, the nation’s most popular game, is illegitimate and is still firmly inside the hands of organized crime, this statement was stressed in the actual Alex Nevsky, “Government Recognized Involved in Unlawful Sports Betting in the Philippines with the internet site www. gamingzone. om last April 26, 2011, where it absolutely was sited likewise the apparently involvement associated with an administration worker in against the law gambling including operating illegal jai alai games and promoting online casino in the country. W. Aware or perhaps Unaware? Or Aware to be Unaware? Inside the published document “Is PAGCor a betting illegal gambling?  of Alejandro del Rosario for Manila Normal Today Magazine last December 10, 2011, Senator Aquilino “Koko Pimentel questioned the proliferation of gambling houses in the country. This individual queried also if the selected institution (PAGCor) is correctly regulating the operation of those casinos which will seem to 9 sprout just like wild mushrooms. Senator Pimentel stated that PAGCor appears remiss in regulating the operation of those private internet casinos and electronic digital betting houses and locker in the approving of licenses to them.

During that time, Pimentel minds the United states senate committee in games and amusement, therefore he strive to address the adverse effects of these gambling residences on the youngsters and the increasing incidence of crime. C. Institutional Concerns The following concerns were cited based on the thesis of Cecilio Villanueva entitled “The Philippine Enjoyment , Video gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) as Government Regulator and Operator of Legalized Betting: It’s Implications for National Security which has been published in www. ndcp. edu. ph last 2008:? Unclear regulating functions and procedures in registration/affiliation and granting of licenses,? Insufficient coordination with all the Securities and Exchange Percentage, DTI and other regulatory body,?

Relationship together with the newly made Economic Specific zones Coordinate with PEZA and other entities empowered by law pertaining to economic areas and specific zones,? Relationship together with the Local Government Devices (LGUs),? Difficulties with text scams,? Casinos located close to one another,? Operator Functions Gambling scams and société / international terror groups,? Arrogance/rudeness from the players,? Overbearing presence of hookers and financiers to the disgust of players,? Aged and out-modeled machines and other gaming gadgets,? Church’s ongoing opposition to PAGCOR,? Belief of graft and corruption,? Discipline/Attitudes of employees,? Numerous employees of PAGCOR,? Even more PAGCOR officials and staff being pirated for operate abroad,?

Travel Development Personal intrigues,? Economic Capacities,? How to continue with high income,? Threat of privatization,? Too much expenses pertaining to non-organic employees, and? PAGCOR lagging lurking behind in Asian Gaming Sector. Even right now, as we are able to see and read at the media, with the latest issues PAGCor is facing, we can somewhat say that the institution remains to be trying to repair what is not being fixed out of those over cited problems.? Anomalies A. Regulate¦ Authorize¦ WATCHED! In accordance with the article of Alejandro de Rosario, while accorded by Senator Pimentel, the issue is certainly not the big income that can be made by individuals casinos however they too have to be watched.

The Senator call to mind incidences in past administrations when casino handlers were suspected of skimming from your revenue, wherever it should be a portion of the revenue earned from these 10 internet casinos is supposed to go the President’s social furtherance fund. This individual added the fact that problem is the presence of small non-public gambling properties that pass on in many areas including non commercial ones. Signages of private poker clubs happen to be everywhere and when it comes to the gambling homes, all are well shuttered which has a guard-doorman usually stationed in the entrance through that, we are able to only think about what more goes on in there. B. Is definitely gambling a cursed? Inside the paper of Roy Q.

Lagarde it was stated probably also, there are more claims of anomalous transactions in PAGCOR including the P489 , 000, 000 in rent PAGCOR paid out to the Hyatt Manila Lodge and Gambling establishment, and the selecting of 116 consultants, ciento tres retainers and a lot of directors in exclusive night clubs. It was further more cited likewise in the explained paper the standpoint of Francisco Tatad, erstwhile senator, whom charged Arroyo and several legislators for covering-up apparently allowing PAGCOR to continue the operation. The senator described the fact that PAGCOR was made under PD 1067-A, which has a 25-year franchise to operate underneath PDs 1067-A, 1067-B and 1067-C, almost all issued about January 1, 1977. These decrees had been, however , consolidated into one PD-No. 869 upon July eleven, 1983 with no changing the 25-year deal, thus, the franchise was to expire January 1, 2002. But the Arroyo administration apparently railroaded last December a bill which misrepresents the 25-year franchise as having used effect on This summer 11, 1983 instead of Jan. 1, 1977, and expiring only about July 11, 2008 rather than having currently expired in Jan. you, 2002.? Corruptions “The biggest problem, all in all, is corruption or at least the potential for it. In numerous years, not simply few govt officials have been implicated in gambling-related scandals. Members of House of Representatives regularly sat inside a session to address alleged scams in the country’s gambling industry.

Legislators have already been demanding the PAGCOR open its books to an taxation so that the people will be able recognize how the ‘gaming’, if wagering, government organization spends immeasureable pesos it earns from the operations. “Where do these revenues proceed and how will the general public benefit from them?  Rep. Crispin Beltran asked during a Residence session. “It’s apparent that for all of PAGCOR’s projections it donates large numbers to socio-civic projects with the government and contributes to charitable organizations, billions even more are pocketed by the officials and their business associates in the non-public sector. PAGCOR is a govt institution exactly where corruption is definitely inherent and undeniable.  quoted through the article “The Scourge of Legalized Gambling by Roy Q. Lagarde at www. impactmagazine. net. To continue, Representative.

Robert Jaworski said “From what I heard, PAGCOR is definitely the Santa Claus for many government representatives and there is no way we could check this survey because of questionable disbursement techniques. I was likewise surprised that most of it is finances are generally not covered by any auditing system by Commission on Audit. In factual basis, for several years, PAGCOR’s efforts to the President’s Social Account did not move across the National Treasury until the 11 implementation of E-VAT recently, awe-inspiring a 10 percent tax about services certainly not previously covered by the old VALUE-ADDED TAX law including PAGCOR.? The latest issues IV. Possible Solutions and Advice A. PAGCOR to concentrate on its regulatory function The idea of distancing the roles of PAGCor is a circumstance that they should delve into.

It really is favorable to imagine separating the role of regulator and operator for the institution to focus in the focal function though it takes thorough modification. In an content from Filipino Star, “Palace: Separating PAGCor roles requirements further study by Delon Porcalla last March 05, 2012, Abigail Valte, mouthpiece presidential agent pointed out that Malacanang hinted previously the variation of isolating the dual role of PAGCor nonetheless it requires even more study. Even more, PAGCor chairman and chief executive officer Cristino Naguiat Jr., publicly stated that the idea requires congressional action meaning going through the legislative work all over again.

Naguiat said, PAGCor is available to spinning off its online casino operations and retaining the regulatory function, to enable this to focus more on monitoring and policing the developing gambling business in the country. He stressed even so that this would not be easy and which a closer research should be done. The scheme, if perhaps implemented, may have an impact upon PAGCor’s economic commitments to national federal government and sports activities agencies. M. Privatization In an article of Francis Earl Cueto “Gambling is Life, Edward King, public spookesperson for PAGCor chairman Efraim Genuino, told The Manila Times that first and foremost, something that people should remember is that PAGCor can be described as creation of law. A defieicency of privatizing PAGCor is also incredibly controversial, with several congress pushing for this and even more congressmen against this.

King declared that while the work can be considered simply from the respectable and idealistic viewpoint that government ought not to be in the business of gambling, one has to think from the point of view of generating money for the federal government. In addition , King said that in case the government might privatize PAGCor, then every income goes to the personal sector leaving only a bit in taxes being paid to the government coffers. “If you give PAGCor to the exclusive, they will just be paying fees. There is a big difference between a fraction of income via taxes to 100 percent, “King said. To comment with all the situation, a defieicency of privatizing PAGCor in order to divest itself of assets to be more fruitful in the hands of the private sector will somewhat always be an issue that talks a lot.

The idea of moving the managing of the stated institution in the private a single for better management and proper delineation of function is a good thing to be noticed, it could be effective in many ways. But , in my individual perception, this kind of dream might be turned into a fantastic nightmare. We all don’t know in the event those lawmakers/government officials get their own personal and hidden agenda of buying and operating 12 PAGCor even as could not refuse the fact which the institution is producing large of cents. This is the basic analogy, privatize PAGCor after that, they get the income, the lawmakers may perhaps be getting their particular kickbacks by certain lobby groups who desire PAGCor because of their personal purpose.

If PAGCor will fall season to the hands of those personal individuals, after that who will at this point regulate the activities of PAGCor? The point of arriving for this situation ” selling one other GOCC , emanates from thinking about poor administration, corruption and undying flaws. If which is case, then this target should be to seize the rats that slowly spoiled the house and scrutinize the machine and techniques brought by individuals pests. C. Abolish and Close PAGCOR. The call to get the abolition of the government’s legitimate betting institutions came up as their funds were apparently being used for personal rather than charity purpose. The recommendation to seal down Pagcor could be a “major reaction due to reports of fund improper use, Deputy Usa president Spokesperson Abigail Valte said.

To note together with the issue, allow us to not forget the ultimate goal of the mandate of PAGCOR, is to present assistance to individuals in want. It is better to setup place systemic reforms first and see if these systemic reforms will work before we all talk about what really should be done to the firms. In another method, it is indeed a fact which the institution is definitely generating large income which will serves as a fantastic help in supplying financial support for the economic progress our country. D. Formulated Solutions via thorough analyze As per cited abovementioned complications in the thesis of Cecilio Villanueva, here are the recommended solutions as respective equal:??????????

Issue clear guidelines on licensing, funds of specialist, Establish entrave with the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S, DTI and other regulatory firms, Establish very clear operational rules with the T GUs in view of RA 9487 Seek very clear guidance coming from NTC, DTI and other gov departments, Review zonal locations with the casinos or perhaps centers being applied for, Deputize PAGCOR to curb illegal gambling, Start PR plan / Reliability Measures, Beef up security / Investments in SECURITY CAMERA cameras, Get partners under the 60/40 arrangements Corporate Interpersonal Responsibilities, Engender good relationships with the Church, Establish Citizen Ombudsman and COA to issue or make public record information for openness, Seminars upon values, production, Strengthen the Disciplinary Board, Screening, screening of pplicants, Merit program, Human Resource Advancement, Loyalty accolades, Focus even more on lodge industry/ tourism, Vigorous advertising efforts to attract players, 13 Glenne M. Lagura http://dnsc. academia. edu/ennelgArugal?? In-depth research on privatization, Contract-out the services of the nonorganic personnel, and Vigorous promoting efforts. Versus. Conclusion Inspite of the surge of PAGCor salary that has been successful immensely in supporting the cash-strapped authorities, several lawmakers, non-government companies and especially the religious sector are still tightly against govt engaging in the organization of functioning casinos. Various Filipinos have long suspected that wagering money financial situation political advertisments in this country. But it has never been established as fact.

The politicians whom benefit from betting funds likely will lack the political can to spearhead an investigation. Highlighting the sentiments from the political leadership, law enforcers will also do not interest in validating those perceptions. There are cops who even openly acknowledge that wagering money financial situation police businesses in certain aspects of the country. Complicating the problem is the unsure state policy about gambling, which usually deprives the us government of the meaningful high earth to bust down on unlawful numbers games popular among the poor such as jueteng. Despite new laws imposing stiffer consequence for illegitimate gambling, jueteng continues to prosper and enhance gambling lords.

The government may go after these types of gambling ma?tres and select one of the most significant sources of corruption by applying new laws against money laundering or even old laws upon tax forestalling. Lawmakers may pass laws that will compel transparency in campaign input. It may be difficult to stop Filipinos from wagering, but it can be not not possible to dissuade the corruption that is endangered by against the law gambling Sadly for area, political can has always been lacking in both the professional and legal branches when it comes to stopping the flow pounds, especially lots of money, regardless of the supply. The status quo has worked for the normal Filipino presidential candidate, whose frame of mind is, whether it ain’t out of cash, why fix it?

On the other hand, the idea of Senator Rob Recto the PAGCOR pork should go to national finances is gratifying it applies the simple saying “Prevention is better than Cure. This is to prevent also the abuse of misusing the cash which can be avoided if the discretionary funds were written in the General Appropriations Act (GAA) or the national budget. 16 References: Newspaper/ Published Journals: Burning House Infested with Rats is not Proper Solution to Issue. Philippine Daily Inquirer ( January sixteen, 2012). Gathered March one particular, 2012 from http://opinion. inquirer. net/21183/burning-house-infested-withrats-is-not-right-solution-to-problem Cabacungan, G. (2012, February 28).

Lawmakers rally round PAGcor, move to suspend Wynn. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Retrieved March 03, 2012 from http://globalnation. inquirer. net/26911/lawmakers-rally-round-pagcormove-to-ban-wynn Calica, A. (2011, This summer 09). Building No need to get rid of PCSO, PAGCOR, The Philippine Star. Recovered March 12-15, 2012 coming from http://www. philstar. com Cueto, F (2007, February 25). Gambling is usually Life. Recovered March 13, 2012 via http://www. skyscrapercity. com/showthread. php? t=647381 Del Rosario, A. (2011, January 10). Is definitely PAGCor a betting against the law Gambling?. Manila Standard Today Newspaper. Recovered February sixteen, 2012 by http://www. manilastandardtoday. com/insideOpinion. htm? =2011/dece mber/10/andydelrosario. isx=2011/december/10 Diaz, J (2011, July 27. Lawmakers search for probe of PAGCor Particularité. The Philippine Star. Recovered March twenty, 2012 by http://www. philstar. com Lagarde, R. The Scourge of Legalized Wagering. Retrieved Drive 12, 2012 from http://www. impactmagazine. net/v39v09/coverstory. htm PCSO, PAGCOR Chicken should go to National Spending budget: Recto. abscbnNEWS. com(2011). Retrieved March 15, 2012 from http://www. abscbnnews. com/nation/07/13/11/pcso-pagcor-pork-should-go-natlbudget-recto Privatized PAGcor to bring in more income for gov’t. abscbnNEWS. com(2011). Retrieved Mar 10, 2012 from http://www. abscbnnews. om/ nation/08/16/10/privatized-pagcor-bring-morerevenues-govt Porcalla, D. (2012, March 05). Palace Separating Roles requirements further Study. The Philippine Star. Recovered March a few, 2012 from http://www. philstar. com PDF FORMAT Files: 12-15 A Profile of Selected GOCCs. pdf PAGCOR Annual Statement 2010. pdf file Presidential Decree No . 1602. pdf Thesis: Villanueva, C (2008). The Philippine Amusement and Gaming corporation (PAGCOR) as Authorities Regulatorand User of Legalized Gambling: It can Implications intended for national Protection. Retrieved 03 15, 2012 from http://www. ndcp. edu. ph/library/thesislist. php? start=1661 http://dnsc. academia. edu/ennelgArugal Glenne W. Lagura 18

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