Stand of Items Chapter you INTRODUCTION , HISTORY2 1 . 1) Introduction2 1 . 2) Products and Services4 1 .

installment payments on your 1) Products4 1 . installment payments on your 2) Services6 1 . 3) Departments: 14 Chapter a couple of COMPANY ANALYSIS18 2 . 1) SWOT Evaluation: 18 2 . 2) Competition Analysis21 2 . 3) Economic Analysis23 Phase 3 PROMOTING ANALYSIS24 three or more. 1) Target audience: 24 3. 2) Promoting Mix: twenty four 3. 3) Positioning: 21 Chapter 5 EXPERIENNCE , CONTRIBUTION27 some. 1) Consideration Opening: twenty-eight 4. 2) CRO: 28 4. 3) Relationship Office: 29

Phase 5 OVERVIEW , RECOMMENDATIONS30 References32 Appendices¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦.. ¦¦¦¦¦¦.. 33 Chapter you Introduction and History 1 ) 1) Intro Thirty years in the past, Dubai Islamic Bank (, DIB’) created history by becoming the world’s first Islamic Lender. Today, Islamic banking is becoming one of the quickest growing monetary sectors with over 300 financial institutions, with assets approximated at above US three hundred billion rendering Islamic financial services.

Despite enormous growth inside the sector DIB continues to be the industry leader and proven market innovator to date. As its inception, DIB has evolved via a retail bank to a fully fledged bank wedding caterers to just about all the requirements of its consumers in providing Sharia-compliant methods to major regional and worldwide companies. They have constantly upgraded its solutions to private individuals, who also remain a highly valuable component of DIB’s consumer bottom.

By incorporating the best classic Islamic ideals with high-standard technology and innovation, DIB is committed to not only fully comply with the guidelines of Shari’a in all its monetary dealings but for also help its clients who opportunity into the world of Islamic bank in such a befitting way that they can would truly feel reaping the best rewards of both the realms. For its excellent performance and contribution to Islamic loans, DIB received the Best Islamic Bank in the centre East Honor (2006) by simply both Euromoney’s Islamic Financing Weekly and Gulf Prosperity Forum.

DIB has also been honored the Bank in the year (UAE) at the 06\ Banker Prizes. DIB have not only recently been at the forefront of advancement but offers excelled just about every step of he approach. With the kick off of ‘s Islami Net Banking, DIB has re-affirmed its commitment to promote and develop Islamic banking in accordance with the requirements with the modern age. For people efforts, DIB received the Golden Trophy at the UAE Web Accolades in 2006. DIB is also the first to offer a cellular SMS messaging service in both Arabic and The english language. Moreover, DIB became the first bank in the Middle East to expose Internet Process (IP) due to the Visa greeting card operations.

With path-breaking perspective and strong strategies, DIB aims to boost its status like a world leader focused on the goal of rendering “World School Banking. inch Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited Lebanon Islamic Traditional bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL), commenced operations 5 years ago. Since then, DIBPL has undertaken major endeavours to expand its department network across the nation. Under the consumer banking division, the financial institution is offering advanced Sharia compliant products that effectively contend with those offered in the market by conventional banking institutions.

It also features expertise in providing Full, Private, Small and Medium Corporations, Corporate, Expenditure Banking and Advisory companies. The Bank released Pakistan’s initial Islamic Visa for australia Debit Credit card and released financial products covering up Home Financing, Auto Funding, and Depository products. DIBPL has also launched Priority Banking and Internet Banking, both these styles which are becoming recognized as standard products inside their respective types. Besides standard banking solutions, the Bank can be committed to bringing foreign purchase to the region.

DIBPL’s business wing provides actively pursued foreign traders and confident world renowned titans from the GCC to be part of Pakistan’s economic climate. DIBPL is definitely 100% owned or operated by Lebanon Islamic Bank PJSC (Public Joint Stock Company) and its nominated investors. The parent company is actually a listed organization in Syria. 1 . 2) Products and Services 1 ) 2 . 1) Products Many products offered by DIBPL are purely Islamic in nature. Syria Islamic Lender offers subsequent products. 1- Current Account: Lebanon Islamic Saving account is a non-remunerative checking account made for account holders who require to work frequently.

It specifically appeals to businessmen and salaried those who need to make frequent obligations and deposits in their accounts. The Lebanon Islamic Saving account is an ideal affordable option for this kind of customers. Based upon the Wadi’a contract, the Dubai Islamic Current Account offers users secure keeping with their cash deposits against DIBPL’s guarantee to supply the depositor his cash on require. However , the depositor enables DIBPL to work with or invest his profit its Sharia compliant purchases and is nor entitled to purchase profit neither does the bank account holder keep any risk of loss.

The present Account emerges in foreign currencies like Pak Rupees, US Dollar, UK Pound, EUROPEAN, Japanese Yen and UAE Dirham’s (only for money deposits, funds withdrawals aren’t allowed) Every entities which includes individuals, companies, firms, societies, clubs, govt organizations, lawful bodies, open public and private institutions can available a Dubai Islamic Current Account with just PKR 1000. 2- Keeping Account: Lebanon Islamic Savings is a great expenditure option for depositors who wish to make Halal earnings on their financial savings. That’s not almost all, it allows you the flexibility to withdrawn your funds whenever required.

By purchasing the Syria Islamic Family savings, the depositor (fund company or Rabbul-Maal) authorizes DIBPL (fund manager or Mudarib) to invest his or her funds on the basis of unrestricted Mudaraba contract according to the principles of Sharia. DIBPL invests these types of funds in the Common Mudaraba Pool with other deposits plus the shareholders’ fairness. The profit around the Common Mudaraba Pool is distributed amongst the shareholders’ and depositors based on agreed upon weightages which think about the mezzo-soprano, amount of deposit and profit repayment frequency from the account.

The Dubai Islamic Savings Account emerges in Pak Rupees and US Buck All choices including people, corporations, firms, societies, clubs, government companies, statutory body, public and private institutions can easily open a Dubai Islamic Savings Account having a balance as low as PKR multitude of. For US Buck Savings Account, daily balance over the month need to remain over US $500 to be entitled to profit repayment. 3- Fixed Deposit: Lebanon Islamic Fixed Deposit Account offers the great mix of very long and short-run benefits to depositors searching for attractive and Halal results on their cost savings.

With a good high income payouts Lebanon Islamic Set Deposit Account is an excellent investment vehicle for depositor. By purchasing the China Islamic Set Deposit Account, the depositor (fund company or Rabbul-Maal) authorizes DIBPL (fund director or Mudarib) to invest his/her funds based on unrestricted Mudaraba contract in line with the principles of Sharia. DIBPL invests these kinds of funds in the Common Mudaraba Pool with other deposits and the shareholders’ equity.

The profit within the Common Mudaraba Pool is definitely distributed numerous shareholders’ and depositors based on agreed upon weightages which take into account the tenor, amount of deposit and profit payment frequency from the account. 4- VISA Charge Card: VISA FOR AUSTRALIA Debit Greeting card of Lebanon Islamic Financial institution provides the next benefits towards the customers. ¢ Global Acknowledgement ¢ Ease ¢ Unrestricted number of Additional Cards ¢ ATM Funds Withdrawal ¢ Funds Transfer across Accounts ¢ Harmony Inquiry ¢ Global Customer Assistance Services ¢ Zero Reduction Liability Free of charge renewal 1 ) 2 . 2) Services DIBPL offers next services to its consumers: 1- Internet Banking DIBPL Branch Banking customers can simply make their very own monthly rental payments by utilizing Dubai Islamic Internet Bank facility to internally transfer the leasing amount off their personal consideration to the devoted account. 2- SMS Banking: Now, China Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited brings financial services when you need it! Free yourself from your hassle of visiting the part and enjoy the ease of Syria Islamic TEXT MESSAGE Banking.

SMS Banking Features ¢ You can select the desired solutions from various options available ¢ You can obstruct your account, in the event of stolen or lost cellphone ¢ 24/7 customer service helpline ¢ Computerized help emails on your cellular phone 3- Locker DIBPL is usually pleased to present locker solutions to its customers. Our customers can easily lease a locker pertaining to the safekeeping of their possessions for full peace of mind. Consumers are required to pay out a security deposit at the time of locker room issuance.

This security pay in is refundable once the customer discontinues the service. Besides the security put in, an annual leasing is payable in advance depending upon the size of the locker room. 4- Cellphone Banking: Lebanon Islamic Traditional bank Pakistan Limited. offers a state-of-the art 24/7 Telephone Banking assistance which provides quality services and financial strategies to esteemed buyers. Our highly trained Phone Bank Officers are available round the clock to support and provide you the services. 5- Problem Quality Unit:

DIBPL is fully committed to providing a World Class knowledge to the Customers. Nevertheless , it needs support to further improve their services. In case you come across any problem or problem, have a complaint or possibly a suggestion, you are able to contact Syria Islamic Mobile phone Banking 6- Corporate Banking The world of finance belongs to those who shape it. DIB provides taken a respected role in shaping the dramatic transformation that UAE has experienced in the last two decades. Now, together with the same vitality, the Bank relates to assist businesses in Pakistan.

DIBPL provides a wide range of solutions specifically designed to aid Pakistani businesses. You can take advantage of our: ¢ Cash Management Services ¢ Trade Related Services ¢ Investment Banking Services A) Cash Management DIBPL Money Management presents comprehensive end-to-end Sharia up to date solutions to satisfy your cash stream requirements. With our help, you are able to reduce turn around times to your accounts receivables, better take care of your payables, and benefit from our value-adding MIS reviews. GL getting back together would have hardly ever been easier to suit your needs.

Collections DIBPL is a specialist at facilitating the collection of sales takings and changing your Receivables into Funds Available. You are provided the facility of maintaining an individual concentration consideration. Collections by all over Pakistan (cash/ cheque/ pay order/ demand draft) will be awarded to this primary account via DIBPL’s real-time online department network. Bulk , Info Processing DIBPL has created project-to-project alliance with Nationwide Institutional Facilitation Technologies about processing and collection.

DIBPL will conduct the role of the loan company while Countrywide Institutional Facilitation Technologies will provide the experience in the area of bulk processing. National Institutional Facilitation Technologies has 10 years of experience in this area and features previously completed such projects for Sui Southern Gas Corporation and Lahore Electric Supply Company successfully. Payment Product The item facilitates clientele in taking care of their outflow of funds. The outflows can be through Pay Order/Demand Draft or by way of electronic digital cheques issued at the clientele office.

Depository Services as well as Liquidity as well as Funds Management In DIBPL’s suite of Shari’a authorized Investment Depository Products, your company will certainly locate just the right combination of attractive returns and enhanced liquidity that this requires. Improve your funds managing like under no circumstances before. Forex Remittances The Cash Management Group at DIBPL is adept at handling outward/inward remittances through State Traditional bank of Pakistan. Be it money transfers inside Pakistan or perhaps outside, DIBPL will have an item to meet your requirements safely and efficiently.

The Bank’s extensive network of correspondent banks in every major countries of the world is all that your company will require. Cash-In-Transit Services DIBPL can request its consumers a protect pick up of money from the customer’s door step for depositat DIBPL’s nearest branch. B) Operate Related DIBPL offers a number of solutions to help consumers in their control transactions. The Banks rapidly expanding community network befittingly complements the extensive knowledge it has acquired in controlling correspondent human relationships across the globe.

DIBPL’s Sales and Service Stores have the system in place to make certain customers’ papers are highly processed accurately and in the quickest possible time. DIBPL operate professionals count on sharing with you their trade related expertise. Import Murabaha Import Murabaha is a product, used to fund a commercial deal which involves purchase by the Bank (generally through an undisclosed agent) the goods from the foreign supplier and selling these to the customer after getting the subject to and possession of items. Murabaha auto financing is prolonged to all types of control transactions we.., under Documented Credits (LCs), Documentary Selections and Wide open Account. Wakala Istithmar Center (Exports) A distinctive structure tailor-made for the exporters in the country, the Wakala Istithmar facility which has been developed beneath the direct assistance of Sharia to meet the working capital requirements of exporters and local producers speaks volumes about our Shari’a expertise and edge in bringing new Shari’a up to date products towards the market pertaining to promotion of Islamic financial and ridding those who desire Halal salary from interest-based financing.

Wakala Cum Istisna’a Facility (Local Supplies): Istisna’a is a contract for manufacturing or construction where the manufacturer markets to the customer, goods of specific explanation, at a fixed price, which the manufacturer shall make by raw material of a unique and deliver to the purchaser at an upcoming date. Istisna cum Wakala is a two-leg short-term trade finance option which permits a producer to fulfill his payment obligation under a documentary credit display and permits time for the products to be cleared, manufactured and stocked.

After the goods will be delivered to the purchaser, the customer then simply sells the goods, in its potential as the agent from the bank to creditworthy and trusted purchasers and understands the sale profits on behalf of the lender. Such budget are offered along with L/Cs to corporate clients under Wakala Istisna center. Guarantee: A guarantee is released by DIBPL (the guarantor) on behalf of the customer (the applicant) in support of a third party (the beneficiary), to get fulfillment of specifically identified contractual and financial obligations in the applicant.

In the event the obligations aren’t fulfilled by the applicant, the guarantor will pay up to a specific amount to the named beneficiary on nonperformance of the obligations by the candidate. Exchange Restrictions for Assures in Pakistan are governed under Section XIX of Foreign Exchange Manual (FEM) of the State Traditional bank of Pakistan. Internationally, (ISP-98) International Life Practices 98 of Foreign Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Publication No . 590 as well apply. C) Investment Bank With its team of expert professionals, DIBPL has become the Expenditure Bank of preference for local and regional clients in a short span of time.

DIBPL leverages the regional knowledge and local know-how to create an efficient blend of alternatives for the customers. DIBPL’s Investment Financial provide it is clients with a unique mix of expertise, broad range of expenditure banking/financial solutions and use of top regional decision makers. DIBPL get strength from your team that has unrivalled experience in dealing with the largest M, Prediction and Fundraising transactions in the country. 7- Client Financing A) Home Financial Dubai Islamic Home Finance is the key to your dream residence and we happen to be eager to set this key in your hands.

Making use of the Musharaka cum Ijara model, the Bank goes in into a collaboration with you helping you in fulfilling your dream of buying a home quickly, conveniently and a fully Shariah compliant fashion. Whether you need to buy, modernize or simply wish to switch from the present residence finance with any other bank, DIBPL’s would be the best Shariah compliant alternative. Currently Dubai Islamic Residence Finance is offering three merchandise variants: ¢Home Purchase. ¢Purchase of undivided share (Home Renovation). ¢Purchase of undivided share of property from other bank (Balance Transfer)

B) Auto Financial Dubai Islamic Auto Fund offers a global class vehicle finance service that enables you to get a car quickly, conveniently and in a completely Sharia compliant manner. Applying Musharaka cum Ijara unit to financial your car, control yourself to peace of mind and fulfillment of your desire. C) Business Financing Dubai Islamic Business Finance is a shariah compliant term finance center which provides a complete solution pertaining to fulfilling the financial requires of your organization. Using the Shirkatul Melk sperm Ijara style, Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Ltd. DIBPL) enters into a shirkatul melk relationship with you by purchasing an undivided talk about of your house and subsequently leases to you personally this undivided share in the property against monthly renting thus helping you in satisfying your business requirements conveniently in addition to a fully Shariah compliant method. This product is available for new as well as those who curently have a business financial facility via another financial institution and wish to financial institution the Islamic Way. Features There are so many reasons that make Dubai Islamic Organization Finance the right choice.

It is totally Shariah Compliant an customer can pick from Financing amount of Rs. 500, 000 and funding up to Rs. 20 , 000, 000. DIBPL offersFastest processing some affordable payment on monthly basis plan. Client can finance up to 70% of your real estate value. 8- Al-Islami Saving , Takaful Plan Syria Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL) is definitely proud to introduce Al-Islami Saving , Takaful Strategy in effort with Pak Qatar Relatives Takaful Ltd. (PQFTL) Al-Islami Saving Takaful Plan can be described as Shariah up to date alternative to typical insurance, supplying a unique mixture of saving, investment and protection.

The Al-Islami Saving , Takaful Program offers you satisfaction and covers the future of your loved ones by offering a saving prepare and rendering Takaful insurance in celebration of death to your beneficiaries. So be assured, with Al-Islami Saving and Takaful Program, your future strategies are in safe hands. As an individual you have a large number of dreams: ¢ A college education for your child by a esteemed university ¢ A dream wedding for your much loved daughter ¢ Your psychic journey to do Hajj ¢ A comfortable retired life with enough savings to take care of both you and your loved ones Some other financial targets you may want to achieve The Islamic concept of Takaful The word Takaful is derived from Persia verb Kafala, which means to ensure, to help, for taking careof a person’s needs. Takaful is a system based on the principle of Ta’awun (mutual assistance) and Tabarru (voluntary contribution where risk is usually shared each against loss or harm to any one of them as defined in the pact. Takaful is operated based on shared responsibility, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual cooperation. 1 ) 3) Departments: DIBPL provides following departments 1- Cash department:

Money department functions following functions Receipt: The cash which either comes or fades from the financial institution, its record should be kept. Cash department performs this kind of function. The deposits of most customers in the bank are controlled by way of ledger accounts. Every customer has its own ledger account and has individual ledger greeting cards. Payment: It is a banker’s primary contract to settle money received for this user’s account generally by honoring his talón. 2- Expulsion Department: A clearing home is an association of commercial banks set up given below for the purpose of interchange and settlement of credit claims.

The function of clearing property is performed by the central lender of the country by custom or by law. In Pakistan, the eradicating system is operated by the SBP. If SBP has no office at a place, then NBP, as a representative of SBP behave as a removing house. The simple, safe and a lot efficient approach is to offset the testing claims against the other and receive the particular net volume owned by simply them. This kind of facility of net interbank payment can be provided by the clearing house. The representatives of the local commercial financial institutions meet at a correct time upon all the business days of the week.

This kind of meeting is definitely held in the office of bank that officially performs the duties of clearing home. The reps of commercial banking companies deliver the cheques payable for other regional banks and receive the cheques drawn issues banks. The cheques are then sorted according to the traditional bank on which they are really drawn. A summary sheet can be prepared which shows the names of banks, the total volume of cheques provided and received by these people. 3- Improvements Department: DIBPL gives loans to the debtors for different purposes. These loans are given to get various groups for different times.

Small Financing, Cash Fund, Personal Loans, Demand Finance, Working Finance, Corporate Finance, Foreign trade Import Loans, House Building Finance. 4- Remittance Department: Another important division in the financial institution is remittance. People give their money to other individuals and organizations through various ways i. at the. bank draft, telegraphic transfer, mail copy, coupons, Government. Draft and Western Union Money Transfer etc . It works both inward and facing outward. DIBPL supplies the following forms the remittance. ¢ Demand Draft ¢ Telegraphic Transfer ¢ Spend Order Postal mail Transfer ¢ Safe guardianship of specimen signature publication ¢ Preparation of periodical statements ¢ Any other work/duty assigned by simply manager 5- Deposits Division: Customers keep their savings in COULD YOU saving accounts and businessmen save their cash in lender current accounts. DIBPL offers profit on saving and special keeping accounts. 6- Foreign Exchange Division: This section mainly relates to the foreign organization. The main features of this department are: ¢ L/C interacting ¢ Foreign exchange account coping ¢ Foreign Remittance working 7- Conformity Department:

Role of part compliance division is to reconcile the prescribed frequencies, check out long pending reconciliation item, and ensure correct treatment every half 12 months and clearing system services branch-in key cities. Inner control is the integration of activities, plans, attitudes, procedures and efforts of the people of the bank working together to provide sensible assurance the organization can achieve it is objectives and mission. 8- Human Resource Management Department: Human Resource Management Division works for the enhancement of the workers.

Enhances skills, training managing, service gain, wages, medical facilities, staff loans will be basic function of this section. 9- I . t Department: Bank’s data collection and details system work by Regional Data Collection Center. This kind of department manages staff teaching programs regarding computer. Phase 2 Firm Analysis DIBPL being a top quality organization aims to provide top quality to all it is stakeholders, buyers, employees and environment. In Pakistan, it can be operating in a really volatile economical and politics environment. The detail of its evaluation is given in following sections.. 1) SWOT Analysis: SWOT analysis is an efficient technique to examine various aspects of an organization. Advantages: 1) DIBPL has this privilege to be the first in the Islamic Financial sector which in turn give DIBPL a competitive edge over all other banking institutions and becoming the leader of this market. DIBPL can be enjoying significant share of it. 2) The first foreign Islamic Traditional bank in Pakistan with a network of over 80 divisions. 3) The members of Shariah Relief Board of DIBPL happen to be internationally well known scholars, providing on the boards of many Islamic Banks with different countries. ) For being an Islamic Bank, DIBPL has a wide national network. As an emerging markets bank, it has twigs in all major cities of Pakistan with all the facility of online bank, it is very simple for its clients to transact all over the country. 5) DIBPL delivers online financial service. On the net banking assistance means that a customer can take away and deposit his cash at any department in the country. In which this assistance is not present, cheque has to be provided only for the reason that branch where they are drawn. But with this facility, an individual has access to their funds at any branch of the bank. ) There are plenty of value added features in the products offered by the bank. ATM greeting cards are provided with every account. Other features are present in various products. The goal customers consume a much pampered status on the bank. 7) The employees at the bank offer impeccable customer service to their customers. 8) Consumers are cared for with great respect and honored for the utmost level. 9) The significant environment of bank is extremely friendly and cooperative. There is no bossiness inside the higher management. The upper management consults it is staff in making decisions and supplies them independence in their task areas.

Some weakness: 1) Right up until the last year, DIBPL had a completely different perspective. The management was of the watch that the customer should arrive to these people and they don’t have to go to buyer. But in this kind of era of mass promoting, it is not feasible to stay in competition without these equipment. The bank has now changed its perception dry has started an effective marketing and advertising technique. But the previous gaps continue to be there and lack of awareness inside the people regarding the bank as well as products. The bank needs to increase in promoting areas. ) It was observed in the bank the degree of pleasure of staff was very reasonable. First of all, the pays happen to be lower individuals offered in additional banks. Secondly, the employees receive targets which might be too difficult to achieve. For example , the goals given to the sales workers and services department happen to be higher than some other bank near your vicinity, be it a nearby bank or a foreign lender. This makes work too demanding and tensed. It is great to keep persons under a ongoing move, but for overstress them can be harmful to them along with the organization. ) Due to the discontentment of personnel and downturn, there is large turnover one of them. People who discover other alternatives do not stick with the bank. Therefore , the bank incurs loss inside their training and development. Possibilities: 1) Home financing sector can be geared to maximize profits. 2) Developing demand of Islamic products and services 3) Going into Islamic groups outside of the countries since opportunity to broaden business in UAE and Gulf claims. 4) Discovering the products intended for the SME to target the medium level customers 5) Doing business with the businesses having Islamic mindset i. e.

Islamic Financial Institutions 6) Increase department network within the country 7) The innovative service of Islamic Insurance called Takaful Threats: 1) Right now there are not banks that are providing Islamic banking services in addition to DIBPL. These kinds of banks include Bank Islami, Al-Barkah Traditional bank, Meezan Financial institution and some divisions of Traditional bank Alfalah that happen to be dedicated pertaining to Islamic Banking services. Essential there is no intense threat pertaining to the DIBPL in the near future however it is not difficult to say more banks may possibly enter in this field as the awareness of Islamic financial is elevating among the open public.

Therefore the DIBPL should not be comfortable to the present market share but should certainly strive for featuring better and better and modern services. 2) As a result of increase in the typical commercial banking institutions, there is an increase in competition. Likewise there is a large amount of aggressive promoting by the rival banks. This is also threat for DIBPL. Researching this SWOT analysis from time to time would support evaluate bank’s position. It will help the administration in comparing their advantages of the past with the ones from the present and also to what degree the administration has been capable of overcome the weaknesses.. 2) Competitor Evaluation In Islamic Banking sector, the competitors of DIBPL are Bank Al-Barkah, Bank Islami, Meezan Bank plus some branches of Bank Alfalah which are dedicated for Islamic Banking services. Two significant competitors of DIBPL are: Meezan Traditional bank Meezan Bankis an Islamic bank structured inKarachi, Pakistan. The Bank commenced operations in 2002, upon being granted the first-ever Islamic business banking certificate by theState Bank of Pakistan, news Meezan Lender completed a milestone of 10 years of Islamic Bank in Pakistan. Meezan Financial institution Ltd. s a openly listed organization with a paid-up capital of Rs. 9 billion (March, 2012). The lender is paid by leading financial institutions via Pakistan as well as the Middle East that includeNoor Financial Expenditure Co., Kuwait, Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company (Pvt. ) LimitedandIslamic Development Bank, Jeddah. TheJCR-VIS Credit score Company Limited, has graded Meezan Bank’s short term rating at A-1+ (A-One Plus), the highest standard in short term rating, and rated the long-term organization rating for AA- (Double A Minus) with secure outlook.

Your bank offers a range of personal and corporate Islamic financial products and services by using a retail bank network of over 280 branches in 88 metropolitan areas. Backed by a state-of-the skill T-24 key banking program, the branch network can be supported by 24/7 banking solutions that include more than 200 ATMs, Meezan AUSTRALIAN VISA Debit Cards, Internet Banking, SMS alerts and a 24-hour Call Center. Meezan Bank has a in-houseShariahAdvisor and a Shariah Supervisory Panel composed of Shariah scholars, the lender operates firmly under the guidelines of Islamic Shariah and it is well recognized due to the product development and Islamic Banking research and advisory.

Meezan Bank has become consistently acknowledged as the best Islamic Bank in Pakistan by various local and foreign institutions within the last several years including ‘Best Islamic Financial Institution in Pakistan’ byGlobal Finance magazineand ‘Best Islamic Bank in Pakistan’ byIslamic Finance Information of REDDISH COLORED money Group, Malaysia. (Appendix I) BankIslami Pakistan Limited BankIslami Pakistan Limited is situated inKarachi, Sindh, Pakistan. BankIslami Pakistan Limited was the first Islamic Commercial Bank to obtain the Islamic banking permit under the Islamic banking insurance plan of the year 2003 fromState Bank of Pakistan on March 31, 2006.

The Bank began its operations from April 7, 06\ and offers shariah compliant selling banking, expenditure banking, client banking and trade finance products. Your bank intends to pay attention to Wealth Supervision as the core part of business and plans to soon start Proprietary items, and included financial planning services. The financial institution has a country wide presence, the branch network consists of 102 branches , sub branches spread over 49 cities of Pakistan. BankIslami is the Partnership project of three groupings namely Jahangir Siddiqui , Co. Pakistan, Randeree friends and family, Bank. The financial institution is also public on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

The lender is designated a long term organization of , A’ and short term rating of , A-1′ simply by Pakistan Credit score Agency Limited (PACRA), showing BankIslami’s very well conceived business strategy and establishment of effective operating platform by Bank to execute the business strategy. BankIslami has been capable of build a good image by making use of smart marketing ideas that resonate well with the open public mind. For instance , the calligraphy of the Bank’s name inUrdu has been made by the samecalligrapherShafiq uz Zaman who has recently been working in the Holy Mosque ofMedinainSaudi Persia. (Appendix II) 2 . ) Financial Analysis The analysis of “balance sheet” of bank shows that current liabilities elevated over the time (Appendix III). The increase in liabilities and increase in bank loan shows that firm wants to convey more cash in hand rather than financing it to others and burning off the return on investment. As for because the set liabilities of the company are worried they are exhibiting increasing tendency and same is the circumstance with the current and permanent liabilities nevertheless the increasing pattern in assets is lower than the increasing trend in debts which is not a great position to get the bank as shown in the balance sheet.

In generation of funds of DIBPL, the most crucial source is definitely mark-up income. The three making revenues will be the mark-up income, non mark-up income and other income (Appendix IV). In balance sheet the most important item is definitely earning resources. The bank provides strong making assets like advances, opportunities, and financing to finance institutions has significant percentage of assets from the bank. In liability and equity evaluation the funding from finance institutions and build up have significant portion and reserves and share capital offers major part in fairness.

Analysis of balance sheet shows increase or perhaps decrease in each item like a percentage of asset, signifies that assets will be chosen while key figure. Chapter several Marketing Research Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited is growing rapidly in Pakistan. This kind of shows the success of its numerous strategies. Numerous factors of marketing for DIBPL are: ¢ Target Market ¢ Marketing Blend ¢ Placement 3. 1) Target Market: The DIBPL is principally focusing on corporate and business sector. Small to medium sized companies are the main consumers.

The reason behind centering on corporate sector is that a single company may deposit a big sum of money that is difficult to accomplish by concentrating on individual consumers. It does not mean that DIBPL is usually lacking lack of of the photo. It has also got individual customers. Corporate sector constitute 80% of all the build up of the bank. This is the reason DIBPL is centering on corporate sector. Due to this purpose we see not any advertisement of DIBPL on the web and digital media. Focus on marketing is a basic step for remaining portion of the strategies staying developed. 3. 2) Marketing Mix:

Promoting Mix involves four P’s of marketing. These are generally: ¢ Item ¢ Price ¢ Place ¢ Promo Products and services provided by DIBPL have been completely discussed in first part of this survey. All the products and services provided by DIBPL will be purely Islamic. No additional bank provides such services to the customers. Price ensures that service expenses of the traditional bank. Charges happen to be determined by the Schedule of Charges each year. Bank delivers quality services at very competitive expenses. For example you will discover charges pertaining to the restoration of ATM card, revival of cheque books and cash withdrawals. The main component to discuss may be the promotion.

Advertising strategies include promotion combine. The advertising mix includes: ¢ Marketing ¢ Advertising ¢ Revenue Promotion ¢ Personal Selling Advertising is definitely paid and non personal communication of companies’ meaning to target buyers. DIBPL does not have focus of advertising and marketing. This is also a weakness of DIBPL, mainly because its buyers are spending a lot of funds in advertising. Rivals are taking complete advantage of that. As DIBPL is offering services and products to individual customers, therefore they need to communicate their products and services with people through print out and electronic media.

DIBPL has very effective personal offering teams. Their particular Financial consultants and Relationship managers influence corporate clients to an bank account in the traditional bank. This is competitive advantage of DIBPL. This is the reason as a result of which DIBPL stands good at the market. Even without advertising and also other communication strategies DIBPL deals with to gain a good market share. three or more. 3) Setting: Positioning is the customers’ understanding about you can actually products and services. DIBPL is placing itself as being a prestigious and quality services provider in the area. DIBPL is convinced that buyer is the key to success of business.

Client Relationship office and Romance managers are responsible for supplying customer a sense of prestige at the bank. Phase 4 My personal Experience and Contribution I possess done six week internship in DIBPL Bank satellite television town department, Murree road, Rawalpindi. At my internship I have worked in various departments of bank. The real reason for selecting DIBPL was that it truly is among all those few banking companies which performed remarkably well at less time and grabbed the marketplace share with many, services and different banking knowledge. The bank motivated young heads to arrive and work together with them.

The significant environment of the bank is good and rising as compared to additional banks on the market. It is one of the very few businesses that give a secure working environment pertaining to female and give them equivalent opportunities for growth in comparison to male staff. The employees with the bank fantastic cooperative that help a lot in providing understanding and competence to fresh entrants and internees. I have worked in a variety of departments and gained knowledge not only about DIBPL but as well about guidelines and prudential’s of Express Bank of Pakistan and competitor banking institutions.

Another reason for selecting DIBPL is that they keep a complete record of the performance with the internees and give job to those who perform well after the completing their degrees. I have accomplished my internships in a total duration of 6 weeks and department that I worked during this time will be as follows: 1- Account Beginning 2- CRO 3- Relationship Department 5. 1) Accounts Opening: Bank account Opening office is one of the departments that come underneath the retail/general financial facilities offered by DIBPL.

When a customer seems to lose his check book, then a customer must come towards the bank and firstly statement the loss after which stop the payment, simply by telling the series of cheques he has lost. By simply stopping repayment, the customer can be guaranteed that not any payment is made of their account. The process intended for stopping repayment, after the consumer tells that he features lost his cheque book is that he fills a “Form B, which is same as a talón book requisition form and an indemnity form, stating no responsibility on behalf of the bank if virtually any illegal repayment is made prior to time of saying a check book shed.

When a customer comes to open up his bank account, he needs to fill a form with the traditional bank. As a part of my internship I had to fill up these forms by customers and then use the suitable bank rubber stamps to complete these forms. Likewise as a part of the relationship form, My spouse and i also had to do a ” Verisys a verification program started by simply NADRA around the CNIC in the new bank account opener. A “Verisys explains to, that whether the candidate can be described as Pakistani citizen or certainly not and all the information written in account opening form happen to be true or not simply by matching the data to the databases of NADRA.

Working in this kind of department allowed me to a lot in learning new things just like personal confirmation, dealing with consumers and database software system. 5. 2) CRO: Under CRO department I had developed to deal with customers on front-end and take care of their queries regarding the account opening, solutions and group meetings with lender relationship managers. A traditional bank statement tells the whole activity of a bank account over a period of an occasion. Customers frequently come and want all their bank assertions and have to fill an application, relating to the timeframe for which the lender statement is necessary.

As a part of my internship, I had formed to help the customer to fill the ‘Bank Affirmation Forms’ and produce the statement through the bank software and print it too. Often client wants to understand their accounts balance more than phone and so I had to find out their accounts balances using the bank’s info system. Other work done simply by CRO is definitely the general customer dealing and furnishes their very own queries in bank and the phone. The after account opening method is completed with this department and also the reactivating of accounts and guiding the clients during applying for diverse services of bank.

In all of the above mentioned actions I was behaving as a great assistant to CRO and carrying those activities. 4. 3) Relationship Office: The Relationship Section is present in every single branch which can be assigned to bring the business intended for the bank i. e. the accounts of corporate sector as well as the people. The department set the target for them and in addition they have to attain it. The targets are set to get six months. From this I had to assist the relationship managers in focusing on the consumers and then consequently take the scheduled appointment time for conference and doing work for preparing understanding the benefits by affiliation with DIBPL.

Working in DIBPL was obviously a unique experience, many expertise were utilized there and lots of skills had been developed.?nternet site worked in CRO office, it enhanced my conversation and arbitration skills. Phase 5 Overview and Advice I put in six weeks of my internship in DIBPL satellite Town, Rawalpindi. Over these six weeks, We felt me to be a part of bank. Also, this was my personal first connection with working in a bank although I learnt a lot from this experience. In first phase of this survey, the history of DIBPL as well as introduction is usually provided. The merchandise and companies provided by lender are also reviewed in the 1st chapter.

Several departments from the bank were also discussed in greater detail. In the second chapter with this report, the full analysis in the bank have been provided. SWOT analysis outlined the bank’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Competitors’ analysis offers provided the entire picture of competitive environment. The monetary analysis has described the financial position in the bank. Inside the third section of this report, various marketing plans opted by bank has become analyzed in detail. This part highlights the advertising and positioning strategies of the bank.

Phase four is approximately my personal knowledge and contribution. Personal encounter is an exact of the things i have discovered during my internships. At the end the report have been concluded with summary and recommendations in the final section. Recommendations Based upon my observation regarding the functions and procedures of DIBPL, I have tried to give recommendations for further improvement. 1) To begin with, I would like to suggest that the bank must pursue a very hostile marketing and advertising approach so that it can create understanding in the average person about it is Islamic products and services. ) Second of all there is a requirement for creating fulfillment among workers. They do not feel any attachment to the organization. There is a requirement for building up their very own loyalties so that the bank may curtail the dissatisfaction and turnover between employees. 3) The workers in the bank should not be overstressed with work load. The work load is of a destructive level. At that degree of load the employees loose each of the comfort in their work and remain tense and disappointed. 4) Task training is important aspect that DIBPL is lacking in. New employees are recruited straight without any previous training or orientation.

In this way that they do not understand the organizational structure and culture and turn frustrated in their start. This reduces all their productivity and efficiency. In the event that such an exercise program can be started, then simply new workers would experience more comfortable and adapt very easily to the environment. 5) DIBPL should still expand it is business, by simply increasing their deposits stock portfolio through aggressive market transmission strategies. 6) DIBPL needs to improve it is website. Additional information relating to economic performance of the bank must be available on the web site. 7) Managing should deliver work equally among the distinct employees. ) Related jobs should be designated to the employees so that they can operate more efficiently. Sources Van Horne, J. C., , Wachowicz, J. M. (2008). Principles of Financial Supervision. (13th ed. ). Griffin, R. T., , Ebert, R. J. (1998). Business. (5th impotence. ). Upper Saddle Lake: New Jersey Kotler, P., , Armstrong, G. (2007). Guidelines of Marketing. (12th ed. ). Cravens, G. W., , Piercy, N. F. (2008). Strategic Promoting. (9th male impotence. ). Lynch, R. (2006). Corporate Approach. (4th ed. ). Shim, J. E. , Siegel, J. G. (2003). Bureaucratic Finance. http://www. dibpak. com http://www. dibpak. com/products

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