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Report, Caffeine

A review of client satisfaction witticisms Cafe© The purpose of this survey Is always to measure client satisfaction with Campus Cafe©’s. This study not for commercial purposes and is conducted by a number of OUTS pupils as part of study for a Promoting Research assignment. We would like to obtain your feedback, comments and suggestions about Campus Cafe©’s customer offerings.

Please have few minutes to answer the following questions. This study ensures the identity is still anonymous even as respect your privacy. Standard questions:.

Have you ever ever been to Broadway Campus Cafe? Make sure you tick 1 Yes carry on and the next question Zero , Thank you for your time! installment payments on your How often do you drink coffee alone? Please tick one Daily Few times per week Once a week Couple times a month Monthly several. What are the issues for your trip to Broadway Campus Cafe? Please tick a single Enjoy on your own Enjoy with the work companions Enjoy along with your friends Enjoy with your friends and family Others some. What Is your favourite coffee? Please tick one particular Long black Espresso Machismo Original later Original cappuccino Reallocating Special flavor coffee Campus Cafe.

Please make use of the scale below to price your degree of agreement for every statement Campus always provides me good quality coffee. My spouse and i strongly believe the quality of coffee served in Campus excellent. The quality of coffees served in Campus is of superior quality. 6. Now were interested in your opinions about the product range of caffeine served by Broadway Grounds Cafe. (Please use the scale below to rate your level of contract for each statement) Campus serves a variety of different espressos I find that there is a a comprehensive portfolio of coffees offered by Campus Bistro There is a vast election of preference for capuccinos at Grounds cafe several.

Now we are interested in the opinion about the price tag on coffeepot Broadway Campus Cafe. (Please make use of the scale beneath to charge your amount of agreement for every statement) Campus Cafe© gives low priced caffeine. I realize that Campus Cafe© offers coffee at inexpensive prices. Caffeine available at Campus Cafe© exists at lowered prices 15. Now we could interested in your opinions about the velocity of providers at Broadway I find that the Grounds Coffees presents quick support. Campus Coffees has a fast speed of service. Campus Coffees can be swift Speed of service offered at you 1 .

Right now we are interested in your thought about the ease of knowing of promotional information about Broadway Grounds Cafe. (Please use the range below to rate the level of arrangement for each statement) I still find it is easy to discover promotional information about Campus Coffees I need to ask staff regarding promotions for Campus Bistro. Finding info on promotions is simple at Campus Coffees. The Broadway Campus Cafe© retail outlet is clean. Anytime I go to Campus Espressos, I find that the store can be spotless. Campus Cafe© shop at Broadway is hygienic. 3. Today we are considering your thought about the friendliness of Personnel at Broadway I find the staff are incredibly courteous by Campus Cafe©. Customer service is actually friendly by Campus Cafe©. Campus Capuccinos offers welcoming customer service. 18. Now we could interested in your opinion about the standard of music played at I really like the music at Campus Cafe©. Campus Cafe© plays exciting music. The music played by Campus Cafe© is enjoyable. 15. Today we are interested in your thought about the location in Broadway Campus

Cafe© (please use the size below to rate your level of contract for each statement) Campus Cafe© is located in a first-rate area close to amenities I actually find that the location of Grounds Coffee can be convenient Campus Cafe© is within an easy-to- find position 16. Now we are thinking about your opinion about the goal to review. (Please use the scale listed below to rate your standard of agreement for each and every statement) Let me definitely make purchases at Grounds in the future. Grounds Cafe© is my highly recommended when I are interested a cup of coffee. My spouse and i intend to revisit Campus Capuccinos again.

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