APRIL’S PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Recommendation April has not been a recommendation client, rather she do her individual research following feeling unsupported by her previous therapist. She identified this practice on the Pratt Institute listserv as the girl was looking for a psychologist near to school. In respect to The spring, she received a diagnosis of stage 3 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma five several weeks ago and had not told anyone close to her.

She wanted to talk to someone “objective to figure out what steps to take next. Client Identification

Demographics: April is actually a 23 year-old woman who have currently lives on campus at Pratt Institute studying buildings and downtown planning. Her parents are married and this wounderful woman has a 21 years old year-old buddy, Daniel, who have a diagnosis of Down affliction. Her dad used to maintain the military services and now works for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, her mom cares for her brother. Employment/Education: April is at her second year by Pratt and presents to overwhelmed with current workload, yet handling to make do.

She seems focused and undeterred by her delivering issue to complete her education. It really is unclear in the event April is required, she would not mention it. Income and Source: As stated above, it is unclear in the event April is currently working, getting financial support from her parents, or receiving government loans and bursaries. More information on her income sources may need to end up being clarified to determine as this could have an impact within the care offered to her in the future. However , her interest in natural medicine could imply she is not worried about financial situation.

Living Environment: The specifics of April’s living environment are unidentified. She has not really stated any concerns about her living situation. Types of Information The information contained in this kind of assessment was acquired within an in person appointment with April that she scheduled. Not any information was obtained from any other sources. Trouble Definition The spring was clinically diagnosed five several weeks ago with stage three Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. April stated she feels “tired and continues to be experiencing “night sweats recently.

Although, the lady states that she “knows she has cancers, she seems to be in refusal about the severity of her disease. April provides a hard time talking about her prognosis (she needed to write it down), and seemed to be staying away from what your woman came to speak about although she expressed wishing to talk with somebody objective who was not privately invested in her well-being. The spring was previously viewed by a Pratt therapist, which in turn she explained did not look fantastic though she found her old doctor “nice enough, she believed that she was only a good listener with “nothing to say.

She looked like there was annoyed while using previous therapists attempts to make contact with her after she decided to stop heading, although she did not make her aware she would not really be coming back. April became very protective when talking about her relatives, when this kind of worker asked if she felt that her buddy took up almost all of her single mother’s time, she quickly taken the idea straight down. She reveals as being particularly independent, but extremely loyal to her family members. April communicated that she actually is falling in back of on her schoolwork, she seems particularly worried about maintaining her current existence and does not look like taking her diagnosis critically.

April expressed wanting to check out her other available choices of acupuncture therapy, herbal remedies, and meditation even though her oncologist recommended she commence chemotherapy instantly. April appears to be experiencing an internal conflict and seems to have a hard time trusting other folks or seeking help. History/Antecedents: April mentioned that the lady had a cough that would certainly not let up, as the girl grew sick and tired with coughing in the lecture she finally went to the health counter for Pratt. Your woman was recommended antibiotics, which will did not support her cough.

She acquired resigned herself to wait to speak to her father, a retired army official now doing work for the US Department of Experienced Affairs. When ever she commenced experiencing night sweat the girl returned for the health middle, where your woman was frustrated to be charged of currently taking diet pills or perhaps using cocaine. After staying sent to the Brooklyn medical center for a breasts x-ray, a large mass was discovered at the rear of her spine. A bone tissue marrow biopsy was performed and she was clinically determined to have stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It has been five weeks seeing that April’s analysis and she has not informed her parents or perhaps anyone close to her.

It truly is unclear in the event that April knows the degree of her illness, although she mentioned she knows she has cancer, she will not appear to be taking the diagnosis critically rather she actually is carrying upon with her life as though nothing has changed. April stated that maybe she does not want treatment and maybe she’d rather pass away than place her life in another person’s hands. It truly is unclear if perhaps April truly believes that she has malignancy. Past Alternatives: As suggested previously, April received her diagnosis five weeks in the past and gives as being in denial for the seriousness this entails.

She previously was seeing an additional therapist, however she did not like her and ended going after only two sessions. It is not very clear as to what was discussed in these sessions, while April just said that her previous specialist was not very much older that her, had “nothing to say, and told her “the same tale twice. The girl stated that she ceased going without informing her specialist she would not be coming back again and was overtly irritated when the therapist tried to reach her many times after, which usually she believed was “over the top.

April explained she has not as yet began searching for medical treatment, neither has your woman confided in her friends and family as to her situation for support. 04 seems extremely concerned with the response her friends and family will have after receiving the reports of her illness. Most likely she is keeping this information by her family to protect them as well as to preserve her self-reliance. Contributing Elements: April’s diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was not caused by any factors determined inside the session. However , April’s tiredness and night time sweats are probable indications of her disease.

It is likely that April’s independence is usually making it hard for her to share her family about her illness. In addition, she stated that her brother’s autism took up a lot of her mom’s time and that “no 1 talks about her this could demonstrate where her independence designed from. 04 spoke about her new break up with her sweetheart who the girl remains pals with but has a fresh girlfriend coming from a well away family. The spring stated that she has not told her boyfriend or good friends about her diagnosis, April may be assuming her refusal of her diagnosis and keeping it to herself, makes it fewer real.

Her inability to speak about her analysis may be a factor of her need to control her existence as an independent young girl and not wanting to ask for support with her illness needs to be further looked into. The Client System Functioning: Apr became protective several times during this interview. She stated that she would not want to discuss her cancer diagnosis often during the program. She expressed that this wounderful woman has been feeling tired and having trouble sleeping, experiencing night sweats and waking up in a soaked foundation. Other than the above April appears to be still working at if you are an00 nd can get to university and besides her the latest assignments does fine in school. It has to be taken into account that April appears physically to be in good health, she is a well-dressed, attractive fresh woman. She appears to be well spoken and intelligent, however she is in denial regarding her illness. Strengths/Coping Expertise: During this interview April was commended on her independence, likewise her commitment towards her family was also a durability brought to her attention. The spring seems to have a strong support system, although she actually is not utilizing it at the moment. This wounderful woman has family and friends whom care about her.

April’s capability to remain in university and continue on with her studies is likewise a durability to be noted. Her connection skills are very well developed, though she was unable to share herself with this meeting there is certainly potential for it in the future. Human relationships and Social Support: It is not clear what the magnitude of April’s relationship with her family, friends, or community is definitely. As stated previously, April is definitely a independent young woman and though she do mention her family inside the interview, she gets not told them regarding her illness as she does not need to put any kind of stress on them.

Further exploration regarding the interesting depth and quality of her relationship is necessary. During the interview, April indicated that she and her ex-boyfriend remain “good friends and that they get along great. He however is definitely unaware of her diagnosis. Apr mentioned she has other good friends but no other particulars were offered. April seemed to take a taste to this member of staff, and expressed being completely happy that this member of staff was more aged than she acquired expected. Your woman seemed to provide an easy period talking as long as she was guiding the conversation yet closed up upon being asked questions she would not feel like responding to.

Resources/Obstacles: April acknowledged that she will not like to look for help, she stated that she was able to go see a therapist by school. Though the sessions were quickly ended they bring about her obtaining this practice and setting up an appointment. Although, she discovers them bad, April discovered the school’s health middle and her oncologist being a present reference available to her. April stated her friends and family but it can be unclear if she perceives them like a resource. She stated her brother is affected with autism and takes a lot of her single mother’s time, and father can often be busy.

The spring also mentioned she has an excellent relationship with ex-boyfriend but acknowledged that she would not confide in her / him other good friends. This shows that April is employed to fending for herself and her independence is a crucial resource to her. April’s have to control a predicament presents as being a obstacle for her, as your woman seems to close people away when they obtain too near to asking info she is not ready to share. This may have been the case with her prior therapist whom she stopped seeing, proclaiming she was “incompetent. The spring did not talk about any other support systems.

It is unclear in the event that she has various other individuals your woman can depend on and appears to have issues with relatedness. Professional Opinion Apr appears to be in denial regarding her associated with stage three non-Hodgkin lymphoma and what entails. The spring appears to be taking the diagnosis as a big difficulty rather than knowing the significance if contains. April have not began treatment, although her oncologist offers recommended that she commence immediately. She appears to be a brilliant, independent, youthful woman, it is possible her worries on showing her analysis with friends and family are related to her not wanting to lose her independence.

The spring appears to be more worried about with what her family’s reactions to prognosis will be as well as the stress it may well cause them, rather than the actual diagnosis opportinity for her health. It is this kind of workers view that 04 is used to taking care of herself and is fearful that her parents are not there to compliment to her in the event she sets herself out there. April’s having chosen to check into alternative medical treatment, even with her oncologist’s advice to begin quick treatment, reveals her have to be in control of her life.

It can be this worker’s opinion that April is usually fearful of giving up the thing she has depended on her whole life, her freedom and capability to care for her. During the interview, April described other interactions, her ex-boyfriend, his fresh girlfriend, and friends. While these people maybe able to present support to her in the future, 04 is currently certainly not ready to talk about her diagnosis or question them for help. Plan A great intervention prepare was not created as April left without formulating a plan or organizing a second session.

However , it truly is this worker’s opinion that the following steps need to be considered, April must recognize that you cannot find any shame in asking for support or counting on others in her moments of need, Apr should speak with her oncologist about her considering alternative medicine and see just how she believes she should certainly proceed, and April has to tell her parents about her diagnosis. While she still left without arranging an appointment which worker can be unaware in the event that she will phone to plan one, it truly is unclear of what will take place. However , this plan will be even more discussed with April if she will make another appointment.

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