SWOT Analysis Lauren Fischer March 29, 2012. SWOT Research Strengths: Area Low pupil to educator ratio Weaknesses: Crime School Mission/Vision Not enough Diversity Dangers: Economy Peer Insitutions Options: Economy Exterior fundraising work Strengths: Position Low scholar to teacher ratio Weaknesses: Crime University Mission/Vision Not enough Diversity Dangers: Economy Peer Insitutions Opportunities: Economy External fundraising initiatives Strengths: Area The college may well bene? t most by it’s location.

The location may have little to do with the inner workings of the college, but it is one of the most engaging features regarding the college.

The campus appearance, historical area and distance to the beach front makes it a stunning location intended for prospective university students and helps maximize enrollment. The standard of life here is rated extremely which not only draws learners to enroll, but leads to excessive retention prices amongst the student body. Scholar to Teacher Ratio Trainees faculty proportion stands in 16: on the lookout for: 1 that allows an intimate learning environment to get the students.

The The teachers is bright and genuinely care about the students. Students arrive at experience a great availability to their professors and a individualized learning knowledge. This fare? ts the scholars and allows them to stand out academically during their period at the university of charleston and creates a shared respect and good romantic relationship between the learners and faculty. Students come here in search of that standard of attention and leave the school receiving a lot more than they expected. Weaknesses Criminal offense The College is based on the cardiovascular system of downtown Charleston, which in turn neighbors North Charleston.

North Charleston is certainly one of the most harmful cities in the nation. Criminal offenses draws negative publicity and damages pupil morale. While many students who have are expecting a great urban environment and have an awareness that there are risks with surviving in a city, the crime level may impede perspective students from signing up. Theft is definitely an issue in campus for a lot of of the students. College Mission/Vision According to Charleston’s strategic plan for the season of 2012, the college is unsucssesful to assert by itself in the community. External and internal constituents in many cases are computed about the College’s missions, asking whether it is the state’s tolerante art’s school or a complete university, private or public, a teaching or a study institution.  (Strategic Prepare, p. 2) Two- thirds of the pupils at the University of Charleston are getting degrees inside the liberal disciplines and savoir and most of the faculty and students respect the school as being a liberal arts college. Your South Carolina thinks College of Charleston being one of the ten comprehensive organizations.

Lack of Variety The College of Charleston has increased it’s educational quality and quality of life signi? cantly through the years. ” Is actually student body system remains overwhelmingly white, feminine, middle category. The college’s current strategic plan says that percentage of pupils from different ethnic groupings at the University of Charleston is the cheapest of the state’s four-year colleges and universities. Having less diversity may possibly hinder enrollments, especially those college students looking for a exceptional urban knowledge. The school should try to develop tactics or applications that might attract more pupils from varied backgrounds.

Opportunities Economy While for many reasons the economy can be seen as being a threat, and in today’s universe it is a danger for many schools across the nation, it is an prospect in conceal. Because of the financial downfall, a large number of adults have already been let go from there jobs. Various people who have become unemployed over the last few years have made the decision to come back to school. Enrollments are up, and people will be? nishing their very own degrees and becoming new kinds. In result, the college is receiving more money by new enrollments and supporting adults continue their foreseeable future.

External Fund-collecting Efforts The faculty has a good presence and history in the city of charleston. The school must utilize that presence and seek out exterior fundraising efforts and support. According to College of Charleston’s strategic program, the college’s external solutions have been traditionally weak and remain signi? cantly lurking behind the level of of success in peer institutions. There seems to always be an issue of underfunding through the entire college, although increased relationships with external resources may enhance diathesis resources and continue on with future regarding the college.

Threats Economy While the current economic climate could lead to possible opportunities to get the college, it stands because an obvious risk the the school and its functions. State prise combined with different operating profits make up just 20 percent of the budget, making the College Significantly dependent on expenses revenues. The faculty cannot depend on state sources alone to fund future development. In our current economy, people are pinching their pockets and saving money at all that they can.

In result, most are opting out of college or perhaps going to community colleges rather. There is a bigger demand for loans and scholarships than ever before. The faculty is currently struggling to offer every deserving pupils competitive scholarships and? nancial aid. Folks are hurting just about everywhere, usual contributor and alumni are trimming their costs and rendering less contributions to the college or not one at all. This kind of causes in shortages pertaining to technology, features, and athletics. Peer Corporations Peer organizations have always and can always be a threat towards the College of Charleston.

People are going to much less urban schools where the living costs is cheaper. The school is not well known for sports and does not have a football crew, so many universities with good athletics draw in more learners who desire the camaraderie big athletics brings to a university or college. Salaries and bene? ts for teachers and personnel has not retained pace with our competitors. This could cause reduced retention and recruitment among the staff and school at the university and School Of Charleston could risk losing all their strong popularity.

All of these disadvantages in the college’s internal and external workings stand as a bene? t for additional institutions and pose being a threat to the success in the College of Charleston. Sources: The College of Charleston http://www. cofc. edu/strategicplan/ The Princeton Review http://www. princetonreview. com/schools/college/CollegeAcademics. aspx? iid=1022 883 University Prowler http://collegeprowler. com/college-of-charleston/ Post , Courier http://www. postandcourier. com/article/20121016/PC05/121019443/1010/conde-nast-charleston-top-tourist-cityin-the-world

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