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MKTG 2101 Consumer Actions Case Study -Red Bull: Rampaging through Global Markets 1 ) What segmentation base has Red Half truths adopted to customers? How should Reddish Bull even more segment the marketplace in the future? Reddish colored Bull have got adopted a segmentation basic strategy in relation to market demographics. In particular the business has targeted young active people old 16 ” 29 years.

Red Half truths also use geography, identifying primarily university students and urban pros who needed an ‘energy boost’ during their busy schedules and activities.

Mateschitz’ strategy was executed to target opinion leaders, assuming that “the authority of 1 alpha bee can impact the buying habits of hundreds. The Red Half truths segmentation strategy also has an essential psychographic aspect, particularly directing on young people with attitudes, perceptions and lifestyles which have been consistent with risk taking, hectic and lively behaviours, highlighted with the company motto “No Red Half truths, No Wings. In order to always succeed, I think that Reddish Bull need to optimise chances in the developing economies of India and China.

With greater economical freedoms and increased human population growth in the centre class there are millions of teenagers falling into an attractive demographic for the Red Bull product. These kinds of young people will be the opinion market leaders of the future in their countries, for that reason holding the important thing for a accomplishment. Ways in which the business can increase its current activities to begin the process is going to lie inside the correct marketing strategies, in particular I think that the continuing sponsorship of maximum events during these regions is definitely the perfect approach to introduce young people to the product in an exciting fresh way.. How can Red Half truths arouse the motivations of customers to purchase its energy beverages? Red Half truths and Mateschitz explain “we are always buying a more creative, different level of view (Dolan 2005) to promote and present the product to the customer. This attitude is usually consistent with the brand personality plus the image of its customers. It can be for this reason that the company aligns itself together with the young men , hectic and energetic, interested in serious sports, dangerous behaviour rather than satisfied with the final thrill.

The corporation too, is never satisfied, continuing sponsorship of maximum sports, using Formula 1 sporting teams and in many cases developing a unique sports such as BMX bike riding, Kite Boarding, Freeskiing, paragliding and more! The corporation is able to continually satisfy the demands of the market, arousing the client with thrilling new marketing promotions and occasions which concern the limits of human idea. For example , the Red Half truths sponsored BMX events the place that the riders are seeking and completing unseen methods and ‘death defying’ functions on a every week basis.

The organization has also tried a virus-like marketing strategy, to obtain the product towards the consumer within a cheap and effective way. However , these efforts are likewise well calculated, for example , the drivers of the Red Bull VW Beetle are generally good looking females aged nineteen ” twenty-eight years, eye-catching and related for the targeted small male. three or more. Describe the rand name personality of Red Bull. Why do you consider the concept of brand personality is so important to Reddish Bull?

Manufacturer personality permits the consumer to formulate a significant attachment to the product. People do not develop meaningful, durable relationships together with the thing on its own, it is when the consumer is actually able see the merchandise with a certain persona, with feeling and meaning, it is then the relationship develops and probably blossoms. Reddish colored Bull and Mateschitz appreciate this and have a new brand individuality that embodies excitement, strength and excitement, “Red Bull isn’t a beverage, it’s a means of life.

People are overwhelmed together with the image, the amazing aura around the events and the excitement made by the sports athletes. Young people feel the product, the manufacturer and the colors when they find these competitors doing the astonishing things that they can aspire to, enshrouded with the straightforward colours of silver and blue. A clean, enhanced image burned into their human brain, connected to the memories of thrilling moments the moment their heart was moving, hands had been sweating and adrenalin was frantically pulsing through their particular bodies.

By creating these experiences for their consumer Reddish colored Bull will be facilitating the introduction of important interactions with their product. In my opinion, maintaining brand individuality and associations is essential for Reddish colored Bull. Mateschitz himself states, “We don’t bring the merchandise to the people. We all make that available and people who appreciate our design come to us highlighting his acceptance of the significance of people aiming themselves while using brand individuality and developing a meaningful and long lasting romantic relationship with the Reddish colored Bull product

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