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Like individual “choices,  modernization or the insufficient modernization almost never just occurs, they are usually products of powerful social makes. Therefore, I oppose to the declaration that “the effects of worldwide factors and positive effects of traditional lifestyle have no bearing on the deficiency of modernization.  So , precisely what are my justifications for this decision?

Two rivalling views with the causes of modernization justify my view.

1st, modernization theory claims that in the past the entire world was poor and that technological change, especially the Industrial Trend, has improved human production and raised living requirements. From this point of perspective, the solution towards the lack of modernization lies in motivating technological advancement in backward areas.

Thereby, however , global modernization can be difficult. Recall that David Riesman portrayed preindustrial people since tradition-directed and likely to withstand change. So several modernization theorists advocate the fact that world’s abundant societies intentionally intervene in poor communities to inspire productive advancement. First-World nations can speed advancement by conveying technology for the Third World, pleasant students from abroad, and providing overseas aid to stimulate economical growth (Hall, 1993).

Additional, modernization theory suggests that the achievements of these policies has been limited.

Even where greatest work have been produced, resistance to modify has jeopardized the benefits. Traditional people have obtained wealth by selling their all-natural resources on world market segments, but only at the expense of being driven into the “global village in which concern for money superseded traditional values. In some societies including Iran and Ethiopia, rapid modernization has set off a powerful repercussion from groupings that want to revive traditional culture (Parsons, 1986).

Modernization theory thus leaves unresolved modern-day dilemma: modernity may bring higher living standards however in the process, it sweeps a society in to the global mass culture of Western appear music, trendy clothes, and fast food. For example , a single Brazillian anthropologist expressed doubt about the future of the Kaiapo (native folks who inhabit Brazil’s Amazon region): “At least they quickly understood the results of observing television¦ Right now [they] can produce a choice (Simons, 1989: 37).

But not everybody agrees that modernization is usually even a choice. In accordance to a second view, the dependency theory, today’s poor societies possess little ability to modernize, regardless if they want to. From this point of view, the main barrier to economic advancement is not traditionalism but the global dominance, superiority by rich, capitalist communities.

In effect, addiction theory claims, rich communities achieved their very own modernization in least to some extent at the price of poor nations, which usually provided valuable natural resources and man labor. Even today, another World continues to be locked within a disadvantageous economical relationship while using First World, dependent on abundant societies with whatever produced goods they will afford. Ongoing ties with rich communities appear likely to perpetuate current patterns of global inequality Parsons, T. (1986).

Dependency theory implies that modernization or the deficiency of it happens outside the control of individual communities. On the contrary, the fate and fortune of individual nations around the world world-wide is tied to their very own position inside the global economic system. Thus, change to improve the plight of people inside the Third World calls for corresponding within First-World communities. Whichever procedure one locates more effective, we can no more study the us in isolation from the remaining world.

At the outset of the twentieth century, most of people in even the wealthiest societies occupied relatively small settlements with limited awareness of others. Now, at the tolerance of the twenty-first century, persons everywhere are playing away a considerably larger individual drama. The world seems smaller because the lives of their entire individuals are increasingly connected. Hence, modernization or the insufficient modernization is usually brought about by a number of factors including international factors and positive effects of traditional culture.


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