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The song America (West Side Story) , Essay The song America (West Side Story) , Essay Coming from dishwasher to millionaire , for this word America is understood. But can this be true that you have just about every opportunity in the usa? The tune? America? from the musical? West Side Tale? written by Leonard Bernstein may possibly have an answer for this query. At the beginning of? Western world Side Story? we listen to a music, a discussion between Puerto Rican immigrants.

The girls mention the fantastic sides of living in America, but the young boys always show the hard fact and that the life for immigrants isn? big t easy.

The ladies see America as the land of freedom a great opportunities, that everything is now possible for all of them. They can purchase everything they want, even upon credit. The response of the males is t Even if migrants know that not all in America is definitely sugar and honey, that they try to find an improved life in America and expect that they have even more luck than their predecessors. Life can be bright in America, life is perfectly in America, the girls sing. They will show that there is no way to belong to the high- or maybe middle-society, as there is no space for female people. If you are a foreigner, you will need to work hard to exist in America. hat the prejudice to immigrants is bigger than the trust, a single look at us and they impose twice. You have to fight for your rights in the society. As well as the girls never really find an argument up against the statement from the boys, that America is included with grime and arranged crime, all in all a terrible time. The girls imagine their own homes and rentals with more space and patio ends with all the twelve within a room theory, because almost everything is so high-priced and the homeowners slam the doors in foreign people faces and even dont provide them with the chance to display, that they can live and respond like light people also.

The girls talk about pride and honour, nevertheless the boys explain, that there is simply pride and honour, in case you stay on the own part. Immigrants should be happy, in the event they obtain a badly paid out job for case in point to wash tables and shine shoes. The advantage that you are free to become anything you choose is also more or less for white people in America. The boys when you go back to San Juan and sing that everyone there will give them big cheer, but there the ladies are right when the just answer that everyone people have transferred here.

At this point, after going for a closer take a look at America we come across, that it is possible to live lifespan of our dreams, but that for migrants the possibility, that they become billionaires is not very likely to happen, so is definitely the chance that they live a middleclass-life. http://www. megaessays. com/viewpaper/11446. html Given that love, hate, and turmoil remain in the earth West Area Story will remain an important, classic, and relevant work. Among the largest and a lot culturally significant themes through the play can be racism/violence.

This really is expressed throughout the conflict involving the sharks and jets which will comes to represent the turmoil between Muelle Ricans and poor white wines in Nyc during the 50s and can be applied to a wider level to represent racial tension in general. This kind of theme is explored and explained in act one particular scenes five and six by the songs America and Cool both equally exemplify and define the sharks plus the jets and speak to the larger theme of racism in America.

To totally understand these kinds of central songs it is important to measure the tracks role in the play overall, the structure and mechanics of the music, and the impact that the song has on the rest of the musical. The first actual exposition from the Puerto Ricans and the Fishes is the track America. Sung by Anita and Rosalia and offering the shark girlfriend refrain, this music explains the benefits and concerns associated with America. The track takes the proper execution of a controversy between Anita and Rosalia with Anita (and later on the chorus) defending America and what it has to offer and Rosalia guarding Puerto Vasto.

Anita and Rosalia’s individual positions in the choral controversy reveal very much about their persona, and their debate has greater implications, that assist explain the sharks as a group. In America Rosalia takes a essential view of America and American lifestyle. The song begins with Rosalia’s nostalgia for Desfiladero Rico the “lovely isle, island of tropical sea breezes. ” Through the entire part Rosalia romanticizes Puerto Potentado, which on an explicit level indicates that she is unsatisfied with the decision to take a flight to the United States. On the more implied level it reveals that Rosalia is a romantic that is driven simply by nostalgia.

When viewing Rosalia’s placement in this track through a wider lens she is speaking pertaining to the users of the Fishes who happen to be unhappy with their lot in the usa, such as the poor living conditions and mistreatment they will receive, and long to come back home. Anita and the other Shark Female friends represent the opposition to Rosalia and mount a defense of America. Rather than classifying Malograr Rico like a lovely tropical isle of tropical breezes, Anita argues that it can be an “ugly island, isle of tropic diseases. ” She also counters every point that Rosalia makes as a benefit of Puerto Vasto.

For example , when Rosalia performs, “I’ll drive a Buick through San Juan” Anita responds “If there’s a road you can drive on. ” Anita’s speedy and witty retorts reveal her intelligence and joy. Additionally , her defense of America exposes her being a realistic optimist. She’s an authentic because of her willingness to debunk the nostalgia that Rosalia feels, but still an optimist mainly because even when confronted with extreme racism and poor living conditions the lady can still begin to see the advantages of America and relates to its security.

You go through ‘Dance Essay’ in category ‘Essay examples’ On a larger level Anita speaks pertaining to the jets who will be complacent with life in America.

This song also talks to the disagreement and pressure between the fishes in general. They can be forced to select from a world that works discriminatorily against them and Puerto Potentado which the perform classifies because underdeveloped and providing handful of opportunities. The song Amazing coming in the midst of act one particular scene 6 right before the rumble is important to the advancement the Jets and their persona as a group. Riff sings great, with lines from Action, A-Rab, and Baby Ruben. In the music Riff is attempting to maintain control over the jets and is advising them to constrain and immediate their anger and anxiety towards the Sharks.

This shows Riff’s control of the Aircraft and their value for him. This can recently been seen incidentally the personas are immediately responsive to his directions, by way of example when he explains to Action to “get cool”, A-Rab to “bust cool”, and Baby John “go cool”, they will listen to him and are most often attentive. In addition, it shows Riff as a strategist and leader. This music also incorporates a number of the other Jets and discloses through boogie and their chants of “go, crazy, go” their strength and pent up anger towards the sharks, or simply pent up anger towards a society which includes failed them.

In terms of total structure from the play both America and Cool will be strategically located. Both happen directly before the “war counsel” and are important for defining equally gangs and their life activities. America fits into the overall framework of the enjoy by identifying the double bind Desfiladero Rican’s encounter between a substandard community where they can be valued (Puerto Rico) and a terrain with hypothetically more option where they can be not (America). It comes prior to major turmoil with the Aircraft and helps describe where they can be coming from.

Awesome is significant to the framework of Western world Side Account. The track and party number happens after the dance at the gym and right before the war advice at Doc’s. At this point pressure and anger towards the fishes is at an all time high. The music is in sharp contrast towards the energetic and exuberant America, which precedes it, and symbolizes the passion and amazing detachment that is felt by the Aircraft. The song also shows the anger being experienced the Aircraft and gives tension towards the play by causing it clear that something is going to decrease and that forceful conflict is definitely coming and inevitable.

One cannot understand the meaning or significance of America and Cool with no looking to structure and mechanics of equally. Instrumentally, America utilizes tools that produce a traditionally Latina sound. This kind of included the Spanish guitar, claves, bongos, trumpets, and guiro. This facilitated the application of traditional Latin choreography and gives the track a deceptively authentic truly feel. America’s structure has many pieces. The tune is sung with both solos and attire participation. The song starts with Rosalia and Anita singing backwards and forwards alone. However, as the song continues the chorus joins Anita in contract.

This makes an effect wherever it is like the women are generally ganging on Rosalia. The song is also structured in order that each time after the chorus connects to Anita in defending America there is a amount of instrumental music when nobody is singing and the screenplay instructs the ladies to whistle and move. This allows Jerome Robbin’s excellent choreography for taking center stage and for the women expressing themselves through dance that included high hand movements and classic Latin boogie. On a more technical level America remains to be structurally outstanding.

Knapp clarifies that “Bernstein used the repetitive patters of the huapango in which the harmonic basis commonly reduces to a simple counterchange of tonic and major chords, by keeping to this simple structure inside the bass nevertheless imposing significantly divergent harmonies against this across the second half of the refrain. ” This kind of results in a “bi-tonal” result and brings about a “harmonic punch to the verbal strike line” exactly where melody and bass turn into realigned. This could be seen in the queue “for a tiny fee in the usa. ” Even though the huapango is usually traditionally Philippine, Bernstein had not been particularly concerned ith social authenticity and rather searched for a “Latin” style that American audiences would identify. This is ultimately effective and feels authentic towards the average American audience. Rhythmically America is likewise fascinating. Since previously explained, this music employs the fast and sharply rhythmic “huapango”. This kind of instantly shows the song a quick upbeat and exuberant think. Also, the rhythmic habits used are similar to many folk dances in that it uses hemiola (alternations of 6/8 and 3/4 time) to produce a solid boogie rhythm which will audience could recognize because Latin.

Total the tunes rhythm creates a feeling of pleasure and strength. In abgefahren contrast to America amazing is much significantly less aggressive and intense. Rather than more strong and noisy instruments, the arrangement of cool is definitely centered on jazz percussion, bass, and saxophone. This gives the song a jazzy and smooth think. Structurally, the song mainly features Riff but you will find lines from other jets interspersed throughout the beginning. The tune also features long periods of instrumental music leaving place for a frenetic dance “in which the boys and girls release their particular emotions and get , cool’. The musical interlude is cut off only by the Jet chorus chants of “cool”, “go”, and “crazy” which adds for the frenetic strength, passion, and tension with the scene. To generate a feeling of great detachment Fossiles harz uses a great jazz idiom, a subspecies of bebop from the 1940’s. The music employs a “twelve tone” system, an extremely modernist audio technique. The application of “twelve tone” can be seen most clearly inside the central catch, which uses all twelve pitches specifically once. Additionally , Cool uses accidentals.

This produces Knapp classifies since an unquiet abstract result, which is amazingly important at this point in the enjoy where the jets are trying to manage their current situation. Awesome also uses tritons, that have been called the devils time period. This creates an eerie effect that adds to the stress of the situation and perhaps also foreshadows the violence and death that is certainly soon to come. Rhythmically, Cool can be jazzy and smooth. Bernstein uses speckled rhythms and off sounds throughout the music to produce a swung effect that gives a jazzy and soft feeling for the song.

The rhythmic and subtle yet consistent choc provides an interesting background to the other instruments and singing work and keeps the song going and feel whole although the lyrics and also other instruments are varied and inconsistent. A spot where Western world Side Tale really excels is in the imagery produced by the song lyrics. Well known for its very short book, the brevity is comprised for by the imagery that the songs stimulate. In America Anita and Rosalia both paint pictures of Puerto Vasto. Rosalia details Puerto Vasto using tropical allusions, just like “tropical breezes”, pineapples, and coffee blossoms to show it within a positive mild.

Conversely Anita’s lyrics represent Puerto Rico as a dirty and overloaded slum. Instead of evoking the image of an edenic island, Anita explains the Puerto Vasto is a place with “money owing”, “babies crying”, and “bullets flying”. This symbolism helps every single sided reinforce their arguments of Puerto Rico and America’s respective merits. These kinds of images of Puerto Potentado described simply by Anita also help make clear why the Puerto Ricans would be ready to remain in America even in the face of extreme racism and poor living conditions. Amazing also uses imagery to strengthen the music. There are a few interesting characteristics with the imagery in cool.

The lyrics to these songs implicitly reference to you and years as a child. For example , Riff calls the other personas “boy”, with one stage “school boy”. Also gadget imagery can be used when Riff mentions rockets and yo-yos. This will remind the audience in the characters youngsters and comparative innocence directly before they are really about to enter into a conflict counsel to get a rumble, which usually produces a feeling off empathy for the Jets and disappointment and regret that society has failed these young boys. In addition to the the child years imagery, the lyrics to these songs mention heat and great which helps make the picture of what is going on the setting even more clear.

The heat and awesome imagery likewise corresponds with the passion and control, correspondingly, of the Aircraft. In terms of genuine performance America and Amazing are comparatively demanding. Both songs leave space for the celebrities to boogie and to use dance to show themselves and their passion, and require that there be effective choreography. As well, both tunes require that the main actors take aggressive control inside the songs: Anita in her defense of America, and Riff in focusing the passion and anger of the aircraft. In Western Side History, America and Cool happen to be brilliantly drafted, staged and performed.

Inside their combined on the lookout for minutes, one particular gains understanding on the character types performing, understanding of the gang’s sentiments and frustration, which is prepared to get the discord between the bande that will shortly occur. At the conclusion of the enjoy the audience learns that while the Sharks believe Anita and definitely will remain in America, the Jets are going to disregard Riff’s tips and without doubt lose their cool. http://voices. yahoo. com/an-analysis-west-side-storys-songs-cool-america-50871. html West Side Story Dance Analysis The film version of “West Side Story” is in debt for a great deal of the reputation to the innovative boogie choreography coming from Jerome Robbins.

The dances become because a story tool as the music and activities. 1 . Athleticism * Robbins’ choreography emphasized tough, assertive movements, indicative of the street-gang story which it includes. Violence 5. When “West Side Story” was first unveiled, dance authorities commented on its sophisticated dancing, made to convey violence without clearly showing that. Gangs 2. Because the heroes in “West Side Story” belong to road gangs, most of the dances feature large numbers of artists moving in unison, emphasizing their very own common allegiances.

Racial Differences * The dance movements also demonstrate some of the ethnicity difference between your two bande, particularly in the Sharks’ Latin-based number “America. ” Story * At points inside the story, the dances in “West Side Story” express the story solely devoid of words. The opening collection, for example , charts the surge and progress the tale’s two road gangs, the Sharks as well as the Jets, solely through dance. Read more: Western Side Tale Dance Analysis | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/facts_5898398_west-side-story-dance-analysis. html#ixzz2Bbl6TFnP

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