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Marketing can be broad primarily based activities entail the approaches surrounding the planning, designing, prices, promotion, syndication ofitems to satisfy and meet the needs of consumers. The centre focus of promoting activities is built around the buyers. Thus, the marketing 4Ps (product, pricing, promotion, and place) are strategically enforced to getting satisfaction to customers as well as make the business or business maximize revenue.

Thus, the various marketing strategies, pricing strategy, distributivestrategy, promotional approach, sales technique, product creation and logos strategy, inter-alia, these are synchronize in getting together with the marketingobjectives of the organization.

Playing the role of marketer to get IPT item, strategic advertising plays a significant aspect in the execution of my advertising functions. “Strategy is concerned with effectiveness rather than efficiency which is the process of examining the environment and designing accentuate your figure between the organization, its methods and goals and the environment (Proctor, 2000). The jobs thus contain engaging these marketing strategies to maximum fulfillment to clients, at the same time making the most of profit to get the organization. Firstly, a product must be design to satisfy and satisfy the need of customers.

Here, enough research should be conducted to make certain the product can be adequate to satisfy customers need, also making sure the quality outshines that of competitive products in line to the IPT product. The next phase is to ensure, the fact that right price is set for the product in such a way that it would not really be beneath priced, where the organization are not able to break-even, or over priced where customers would prefer rival’s merchandise to our company product. Market skimming permits the marketer to know the buying price of competitors’ products and the right cost to set due to the own merchandise. This is completed after the online marketer has acessed its costs of creation in line with the purchase price it opt to set for the product.

One more significant part the marketer plays advertising strategy. In this instance, the creation of understanding of the product for the public will certainly burst the sales volume level to be made. Thus, satisfactory promotional strategy is significant role the marketer takes on to increase sales volume to get the product. The promotional approach may require trade exhibit, personal selling, and customers’ orientation in order to utilize the item among others. The marketer has different press for product promotion.

This is often done through engaging advertising such as the printing media, tv set, radio broadcasts, or the net. Constant communication and reviews to customers keep them knowledgeable and get more information on the company product and innovative tendency introduced by the organization. The strategy for circulation of item (place) is done to ensure that the merchandise is available to customers the moment, and the place that the need it with the right time.

The marketer as well seeks away ways to satisfy the different category of customers and their needs. Marketing segmentation can be described as tool that is certainly utilized in affecting the development of an organization’s product base. Industry segmentation has got the goal to search out consumers who have similar wants and behavior, and thus forming heterogeneous portions to satisfy different customers’ demands.

Thus, customers’ response to price are a significant aspect that results in the implementation of market segmentation by a company. This as well affects the marketing mixture (product, price, distribution, and promotion) with the organization.

The marketer encounters the challenge of how to make product of IPT be a merchandise leader in the industry it operates. It is then a big task on how to constantly strategy in such a way to make the business be a stage ahead of their competitors through curving a distinct segment for the business. Rivals from time to time bring out strategy to counter the ones from other corporation. Thus, it really is then a task of the internet marketer to know tips on how to strategize in such a way that the strategies of other competition do not impact the smooth operations of the business.


Proctor, Tony (2000), Strategic Promoting: An Introduction London: Routledge

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