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This kind of essay can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Glastonbury Festival towards the local community. It will mainly concentrate on the financial impact on the local community of Glastonbury, Pilton and Mendip but will as well examine the social effect of the celebration. “Festivals can be recurrent situations (at time periods of a yr of more) such as Glastonbury or one-off affairs just like the Armada festivities of 1988.

A celebration may be over in a day, a weekend or last a week or more. Most festivals contain associated actions, even if that they a predominately one art form in concept (Waters, 1989, pp 57).

Glastonbury Festival could be described as a multicultural celebration, as defined by Pat and Udall (1982, pp 4-6, offered in Hall, 1992, pp 26) who state that modern festivals are, “festivals addressing the ethnical materials of countless cultures. With few exclusions, audiences usually be those people who are not with the cultures shown. Organisers are likely to be academics or contemporary fans of the folk arts with the control of the events likely to be in the hands of a nonprofit institution.

Glastonbury Festival gives the majority of all their profits to charitable triggers and allures a diverse variety of different people and cultures, from the folk supporter to the raver. Glastonbury Celebration for Modern day Performing Arts was started out by the owner of Valuable Farm, Michael jordan Eavis, in the 1970s and offers continued to grow each year since then, with the 2000 festival attracting in excess of 150, 500 people (BBC, 2002). Glastonbury Festival is currently one of the most popular festivals in the world “¦this celebration is now a multi-media, foreign event¦ (Avon and Somerset Constabulary, 2002).

Hall (1992) highlights some of the benefits towards the local community of hosting a festivity, he says “undoubtedly, festivals and programs of special events give opportunities pertaining to communities to expand the financial markets of existing firms and attract online businesses and commercial interests, and perhaps raise the general attractiveness of the areas since places to settle. However , “the nature of impacts varies with the era and position of the event and the size of the community by which it takes place (Wall and Mitchell, 1989, p132, cited in Lounge, 1992, pp 47).

An event such as Glastonbury Festival, however , may not catch the attention of the type of people or businesses that the local residents will approve of and this could create issues within the local community. There is a great deal of support intended for Glastonbury Celebration from the neighborhood who take advantage of it in lots of ways, which will be mentioned later on in this essay. The Glastonbury Visitor Information Center show their particular support pertaining to the festival on their website, “The town of Glastonbury features gained substantially from its relationship with the Glastonbury Festival.

In particular, PTA groupings, Carnival Night clubs, playschools, neighborhood charities and businesses are among the many organisations that contain benefited from the success. For that reason we, being a community, want to show the support pertaining to the festival and thank Michael Eavis for delivering us all these kinds of a wonderful event.  (Glastonbury TIC, 2002). However , in addition there are a number of community residents whom are in opposition to the event due to the problems caused by the quantity and quality of those going to. These views will also be reviewed later on through this essay by reviewing the minutes with the meeting by simply Mendip Area Council intended for the 2002 licence software.

Glastonbury Festivals Ltd. (GFL) have presented a great deal of information as to the way the festival monetarily benefits the neighborhood community. A summary of this information will follow. In total, via January 2000 to 12 , 2000, GFL donated? 703, 158. ninety-seven to various non-profit organisations worldwide. Of the total amount,? 289, 613. seventy two is make donation to local causes. These local causes vary from carnival golf equipment and colleges to various showing off clubs, many of which count on funding in the festival to keep.

A notification to Mendip District Authorities (2002), supporting the festivity, from an area child states, “¦we may loose the carnival in the event that he [Michael Eavis] will not do this [Glastonbury Festival], because a lot of carnival clubs go up generally there to raise cash to build their particular floats that cost countless numbers to make ¦ and coming from always had Pilton Pop Festival during the past. Three cheers to Michael Eavis.  Herbert (2001) states that, “in respond to the customer survey 74 percent of neighborhood residents asked say that the festival gives financial money for local charities and schools.

From your information offered by GFL it could be seen that it can be not just through donations the local community is benefited financially from the event but as well by an increase in business in the time the festivity. A total of 316 regional businesses received 3, 308, 625. 79, from January 2000 to December 2000, by immediate spending coming from GFL. This level of economic input from GFL is much needed by local companies especially because of their rural position. “We have got a lot of support regionally. The economy relies on the festival what with the demise in the agriculture market. The monetary case is incredibly, very strong, inches said Mister Eavis (BBC, 2002).

It can be more than likely that, yet again, several of these local companies rely on the annual spending from GFL. However , it is far from only through direct spending from GFL that regional businesses profit. All businesses associated with leisure and travel benefit from the festival, from accommodation to retailers and cafes, the publican from the Crown in Pilton said, “It was a magnificent boost to trade, with nothing misplaced, nothing taken and nothing damaged ” we all didn’t have to close the doors to anyone (GFL, 2002). In the several weeks prior to the festivity itself, individuals actually setting up the celebration site employ many of these neighborhood amenities.

A proportion of folks that come for the festival, including workers, artists and event goers, choose not to camp on site and look to local hotels and foundation and breakfasts for their accommodation (GFL, 2002). Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury and Wells Traveler Information Companies all state that all of the hotel on their catalogs is totally booked during the time of the festival.

You browse ‘Major Cultural Sporting Events and It’s Benefits’ in category ‘Essay examples’ In addition there are a number of neighborhood residents who have open all their homes up for paying guests over the event period. “As a result of the festival consequently , in excess of? two hundred and fifty, 000 is usually spent from your community about accommodation (GFL, 2002).

Local garages also benefit from the number of vehicles arriving upon site on the festival, “Mendip District Authorities quotes that there were a total of 57, 000 autos in the recognized and informal car parks in 2000. Several of these vehicles may have used local garages pertaining to fuel, assuming each car only put in? 10 this kind of amounts to? 570, 1000 spent on fuel (GFL, 2002). At the 2k festival GFL directly used 1600 persons, twenty five percent of whom were employed from the local area. “Over 347, 175 was spent on regional employment, this amounted to 55% of the total funds spent on salary for the 2000 festival (GFL, 2002).

Local business also gained by having joints at the 2k festival, with the 770 stalls at the festival fifteen percent were regional businesses. GFL (2002) says that, “It is each of our policy to try and accommodate regional traders in preference to those caused by further a field.  It really is clear to see in the information given by GFL that they make some considerable effort to involve the area community whenever possible in the festival and a lot of00 the immediate spending and donations from the profits proceed directly to the area community.

Glastonbury Festival can be described as cultural event it can therefore be declared it can help in promoting cultural travel and leisure within the local community. Cultural travel and leisure is described by The Community Tourism Organisation (1985, p6, cited in Hall, 1992 pp 23) as “movements of individuals for essentially cultural motives such as study tours, executing arts and cultural trips, travel to fests and other ethnical events, trips to sites and typical monuments, travel to study nature, folklore or artwork and pilgrimages. As the Festival is such a well-known celebration it most likely promotes tourism even when the festival is usually not actually on.

Individuals who have heard of the festival may want to visit Glastonbury at other times from the year. GFL are aware of the festival’s capability to promote travel in the local region, as stated by the Commercial Administrator, “the event brings big money into the local area, and gives that a boost in tourism (Commercial Manager of the Glastonbury Event, 2001, mentioned in Herbert, 2001). However , Van Harssel (1994, cited in Herbert, 2001) stated that a greater level of traveler activity may cause increased overcrowding and blockage, which in itself influences residents’ daily lives.

An investigation by Herbert in 2001, into community participation in the planning and management in the Glastonbury Festivity, shows that one of the main drawbacks recognized by the organisers and citizens is traffic congestion. She goes on to say, this can be supported by Murphy (1985) whom believes that one of the most frequently stated annoyance for the host community residents is definitely congestion between the community. This kind of a massive total annual influx of festival-goers into the area is going to easily cause heavy traffic jam in such a small rural place.

It is obvious that this large festival will have some kind of negative impact, equally economically and socially, to the local area. The main economic problem with the festival is the cost to the neighborhood of coping with crime and other associated concerns actually outside of the festival internet site and the pressure put on regional services such as hospitals and the police. This is certainly confirmed by simply Mendip Area Council (2002) “The Glastonbury Festival appeals to more than 100, 000 people every year.

This doubles the people of Mendip district and severely stretches the capacity of local services, such as the law enforcement, fire and hospitals. At the 2000 festivity a total of 3237 people were managed, 127 which were labeled local hostipal wards and the helicopter was used two times (Festival Medical Services, 2000). The event costs the NHS 40, 000 as well as many bare beds in case there is emergencies (Mendip District Council, 2002). The Somerset Open fire Brigade were called to thirty-four occurrences at the 2150 festival (Somerset Fire Escouade, 2000).

A study from Avon and Somerset Constabulary (2002), complied intended for the license application pertaining to the 2002 festival, declares that “it can be fairly predicted that recorded criminal offense in the Mendip District total will increase by simply 30 percent inside the financial year 2002/03 if the licence is granted. This kind of level of increase in crime puts a considerable tension on the local police, especially seeing as significant amounts of the crime is actually fully commited outside of the festival perimeter, “the car parks and areas immediately beyond the perimeter wall are gathering points for organised boasts and felony gangs (Mendip District Authorities, 2002).

One the major complications for the local police is usually controlling the huge number of people that arrive at the festival without a solution in the hope of getting over the fence. Several of these people congregate close to the celebration sites and unlicensed belgicisme attended by simply those who cannot get into the festival result in a considerable amount sound that impacts local citizens. “During the 2000 celebration 400 cars (2000+ people) arrived pertaining to an unlicensed off-site great.

Of the 98 noise issues that Mendip District Authorities received in the year 2000 coming from distressed residents, seven problems related to the required festival, the others derived from the off-site rave (Mendip District Council, 2002). The cost of policing the 2k festival was 1. twenty-five million. The festival compensates 40 percent, the people pay the remaining causing tremendous drain on police resources (Mendip Section Council, 2002). The event also allures the exploring community, many of whom then stay in the district and are also very difficult to move on.

Among the many reports submitted to the licensing board, coming from Mendip Region Council (2002), highlights a number of the detrimental results to the environment caused by the festival. The wildlife, wherever it still exists, will do a general exodus. The festival creates a , 000, 000 gallons of raw sewage, which helps to pollute the River Whitelake. 60, 000 cars and coaches enter into the section, which while using numerous fires and smoking machines etc help to build a haze like an industrial smoke over Pilton.

The festival creates 1000 tons of junk, very little which is recycled. From the details that has been examined for this dissertation, it is rather hard to determine total whether the great impacts in the festival surpass the drawbacks. It also depends on whom you speak to from your community in terms of how they feel about the event. Mendip Region Council acquire many albhabets and phone calls from local residents several showing support for the festival and other from citizens who happen to be wholly in opposition to it.

It is clear that GFL make a great deal of hard work to donate to community charities and to support local businesses, but it really seems that too little is being done to combat the detrimental effects caused by the festival. As stated by Herbert (2001) in her conclusion, “in basic, more members of the host community decided that the event brings more disadvantages towards the community than benefits, even though this could be superior with the community having greater involvement in the planning and management from the Glastonbury Festival.

The 2001 festival did not go ahead when it was felt by the licensing panel and the authorities that it may not be secure and following the 2000 event the festival organisers had been fined 6, 000 intended for breaches in the licence circumstances (Mendip Region Council, 2002). This has meant that the conditions of the licence for the 2002 Glastonbury Festivity are much more stringent, together with the festival organisers this year declaring “No Solution, No Festival (GFL, 2002). The festival organisers will be combating the large problem from the number of people turning up without seats, which appear to be those who trigger the most complications in the local region.

There will be stricter controls with regards to stopping those with no ticket getting everywhere near the festivity. Off web page car parks happen to be proposed with buses running to the celebration site to get only those with a admission (GFL, 2002), however , additionally clear before the festival truly happens as to whether this will be effective, it may simply cause more problems inside the local area. It is clear in the research performed that a great deal of effort have been put into planning to ensure that the down sides caused by earlier festivals are not repeated.

An organisation named Mean Fiddler have taken in the running in the festival, they have experience of controlling other considerable cultural incidents such as the Examining Festival and Homelands (www. meanfiddler. com, 2002). Hopefully this will help for making Glastonbury 2002 safe and fun and a lot more pleasant intended for the local community. If the conditions of the license are breached this year it is almost certain that Glastonbury Festivity will not be in order to continue, hence, it is up to all of those involved and all of those who support the festivity to make sure that it truly is successful.

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