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In this essay, I will compare and contrast 3 significant occasions in the film of 300. First, I will discuss the actions of the doj leading up to the historical fight at Thermopylae.

Then, I will compare film production company version challenges at Thermopylae with famous accounts. Finally, I will contrast events following Thermopylae involving the movie and actual background. As I recall, when I saw film production company several months ago (it’s not available pertaining to reviewing once again from Successful until September 31, 2007), the most significant celebration before the superb battle was the visit with the Persian diplomats to King Leonidas giving him and his family wonderful wealth and position without having one receiving killed in a needless conflict, if he’d only post to Xerxes as ruler of a fresh Persian-Grecian Disposition.

When Leonidas and his blunt wife asked them about the maintenance of the Greek way of life, that may be, freedom and democracy, the offer quickly turned into a threat, the threat of total destruction for Traditional culture and a life of captivity for any Ancient greek survivors. When the diplomats scolded the better half of Leonidas for interrupting their “man-to-man” talk with her criticisms, Leonidas became therefore furious that these strangers came into a king’s home, insulted his california king, that he threw all of them down to their very own death in a large, incredibly, very deep well. There is no historical account that this may be the way promoted happened.

Nevertheless I think is was almost certainly a good speculate by Showmanship how talks may have gone except for the killings. I really believe that was Hollywood pure excess. It is historical fact that the Spartan girl was the many highly respected, independent female in all the Traditional city-states, although diplomats do not usually acquire murdered over verbal disagreements. After all, that they only carry the message.

They don’t make insurance plan. If these kinds of messengers don’t come back with your life, they won’t be directed. They were a critical means of connection between armies in those days. In most cases, just the existence of the Local million-man armed service scared the invaded metropolis or nation into surrendering or face certain defeat from numerous soldiers.

The fundamental movie is around two other armies, the Persians against the Greeks (led by 300 Spartans), appointment at the move at Thermopylae to determine if Greece might survive because the only democracy on earth or perhaps be conquered by the wonderful Persian Empire expanding into Europe. On the Persian area,  their military services had hundreds of thousands of troops ready to combat. On the Traditional side, they will only acquired approximately truck to defend the pass however only when Leonidas knew definitely that he would be ornamented and that defeat was probably, he delivered them all returning to safety apart from himself and 300 of his greatest Spartan players to defend the pass and slow down the Persian invasion whilst other Traditional armies ended uphad been organized.

In my opinion that this movie is quite exact according to the traditional events that took place during the time of 480 M. C. Yet , I think some events in the movie are certainly not accurate including all of those mystical-looking creatures that supposedly persisted back then and used in times during the war. This is bordering even more on imagination to make the film more appealing into a younger audience instead of just those who follow history. The part of the movie which I think is appropriate is Sparta’s army becoming very strong and disciplined. The Spartans had a good good leader in Leonidas, continuous combat teaching since they were children, together superior guns that were part of them.

The Persians, alternatively, had many soldiers although there weapons and insufficient armor were lighter due to long ranges the Persians had to visit get to Greece. The movie showed the Spartans to have outstanding weaponry such as longer spears to avoid charges, short swords pertaining to quick strokes during close-in combat to slice through Local wicker-type shields, larger material shields to deflect sword and arrow attacks. This is accurate, traditionally.

The movie as well showed the Spartans to be very muscular and in top physical shape. Again, this is true as the Spartan child (if he was not abandoned in the hillside for being physically defective by birth) can be taken from his home at the age of seven to acquire a very hard, military life-style until having been tweny-one years of age, at which time he would enter in the army being a fully qualified soldier prepared to do struggle for the glory of Sparta. I believe the movie was pretty much fundamentally over following your battle of Thermopylae was done but , historically, this kind of battle, even though it was a reduction, was only the beginning of the Ancient greek victory over Persia.

When word got back to additional Greek city-states, it so inspired these to unite jointly Greek land to defend their freedom and culture since the Spartans had looked after it, for the death. The Athenian navy finished off the Persian navy blue at the  of Salamis and destroyed the only method the Persians could have provided their army if Persia was to hold conquered terrain. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/300_the_movie300 The movie, by simply Warner Bros.

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