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Koski 1 Terry Koski Teacher: Melissa Wilke English Compensation. 1 March 26, 2013 Best Friend versus Dogs Believe it or not, Friends and dogs have sufficient similarities. They will both make great friends and we here, they both equally play an important role in our daily life.

The real subject matter I would like to indicate is who’s actually an improved friend? I believe man’s close friends are more true than their human counterpart because you can trust them.

Try to question your self, who’s one who will always be there when your struggling, sad or sick? Now i’m not trying to say that every friends aren’t as loyal as each of our pet, although it’s arduous to find a friend that’s as dedicated to only you no matter what. If you happen to do have a friend that’s as dedicated, appreciate that person and prize it since it’s while rare since getting hit by lightning. Who is other people you know? My opinion, the answer then is: a person that reflects yourself while seeking in the reflect.

Having a best friend is the best sense in the world, really like they may be a part of you in a way that is truly hard to explain right up until you find this. A best friend is an individual you spend almost all your time with because they have the most common with you. They will go to all the actions you both talk about the love to get. Your dog won’t be able to contend with that the majority of enough time, but when you go back home they will be looking forward to you with the tail shaking acting like he or she have not seen you in years.

Koski a couple of I would like to think about the advantages of Man’s best friend, No disputes or drama, there is hardly ever a hidden agenda in being your friend. It’s pure Loyalty and Love for you as who have you are, not what you have or what you will give materially. All of the dog want’s is a little interest and most of most love. Every thing is so real with these people, there is absolutely no anxiety involved, which this day and age is actually a rarity. You cannot find any competition, no acting the somebody you are not to you should anyone, his or her don’t treatment.

You can be who and what you are all the time. No matter whether your putting on off manufacturer clothes, your hair isn’t performed or you only have a penny to your name, his passion is always there. There is never a awkward moment both, you can play with them to get awhile and once your performed, they are. It’s a simple coping with Man’s Closest friend, although there is not any verbal conversation from their area it’s as if they are talking to you by the look on the face and the tail shaking.

I guess it is now time to hit on the advantages of having a Best Friend, this can be tough personally because all to often a friend has let me down. The advantage of having a best friend is individual interaction, watching and likely to a sporting events together, traveling and creating memories that may last a lifetime. Asking for guidance during tough times and creating as well. Friends are home efficient, an individual feed them or maintain them, they will don’t count on you 100% for their well being

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