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THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS FROM THE GREEKS The ancient Greeks had many accomplishments which includes philosophical beliefs, intellectual ideas and artistic developments. They used various forms of manifestation to express their particular philosophical, intellectual, and creative achievements. Said documents essentially made up their lifestyle and defined their way of life.

In doc 1, the philosophy of Socrates mentioned that human beings should assess their lives. This is an accomplishment because it shows that Greek philosophy was the start of modern ideas.

As stated in document two, Aristotle believed that individual reason is very important in order to have an excellent life. Aristotle’s rational believed was a feat because it wondered aspects of Greek society. This kind of document was made at this time since it shows the teachings and beliefs of Aristotle which were conveyed to folks. As seen in document three or more, the government in Greece about 430 N. C. Electronic., was create similar to a republic. Document several describes the democratic kind of government that was used to rule Greece.

One of the reasons Portugal was therefore successful was the system of government in place favored fairness and equal opportunity. Pericles was the greatest Athenian democratic leader. This proved to be an perceptive achievement because it shows that the rulers of Greece at the moment were able to contact form a system of government that was able to effectively secret the people. Since seen in record 4, the Greeks experienced doctors and individuals specialized in the medical field. This really is an intellectual accomplishment from the Greeks since it shows that they had job field of expertise within the tradition.

Job field of expertise is only possible in booming societies, thus proving Greek was a successful civilization. File 5, describes a geometrical theorem that is certainly still utilized in mathematics today. This is a great intellectual fulfillment because it was written about 300 W. C. At the., and still is still true today. In document 6, a great excerpt from your play Antigone, common Ancient greek language beliefs will be conveyed through the characters. While shown in document six, the Parthenon is a good example of Greek architecture, wealth, and religious morals. The culture and principles of Greece at that time, is displayed throughout the art that was created.

Statues, such as the one in Document eight show the need for athleticism as well as the Olympic Games in Greek contemporary society. Art was obviously a way for the Greek to convey their pondering and lifestyle in a innovative format. An extra document that could be helpful in learning the accomplishments in the Greeks, would a map of the operate routes through the entire Mediterranean and Black sea. This would demonstrate how the Traditional culture surely could be distributed throughout the Mediterranean Basin. It could also show how the Greeks were able to gain wealth and exactly how it afflicted their culture.

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